Transformers Prime Happy Meal Breakdown Toy Review

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Transformers Prime

General Information:
Release Date: March 9, 2012
Price Point: $1.99 (Estimated)
Retailer: McDonalds Happy Meal Offer
Accessories: None


BreakdownMarch of 2012 saw a release of Happy Meal toys at McDonalds restaurants in the United States based on characters from the "Transformers Prime" television show. Each of these non-transforming toys represented the characters in their vehicle forms with some type of gimmick. Though some restaurants only offered one or two at a time, the reality is that all the figures were available at one time. The line up of vehicles focused on the feature characters from the television show, one of which was the hulking Decepticon Breakdown.

Breakdown's vehicle mode is a gigantic off-road vehicle that looks like it means business. What's interesting about the vehicle is that it's not necesarily as wide as say, Bulkhead, but instead it's a very tall vehicle, so it looks slightly elongated in a vertical direction, but that's actually how it looks on the show, so this vehicle is show accurate. The sculptors did a really great job of following the various patterns seen on the television show and adapting them to this sculpt. This includes the shapes of his windows and the raised armor panels running along the sides of the vehicle. I was pleasantly surprised to find smaller details present such as the rear lights, the steps leading up to his side doors and the rails on the top of the vehicle. There's even a sculpted Decepticon symbol right on the hood. It's not common for symbols to be sculpted onto figures nowdays since it takes away potential redeco value, but the odds of this toy ever getting a redeco are rather sparse so this works out perfectly. Another pleasant surprise was the amount of detail on the underside of the vehicle which includes axles and tube details. Breakdown has a really nice sculpt for a "simple" Happy Meal toy.

Breakdown is cast in dark blue, grey and black plastic. The blue is the main color with the grey plastic making up most of the underside of the vehicle. The black is used on the four wheels the vehicle rolls on as well as the spare tire mounted on the back. The paint colors on this vehicle are purple, red and grey. The purple is used to paint the Decepticon symbol on the hood. The red paints slim lines over the rear wheel wells (a detail straight from the CGI model) and finally the windows are painted grey. It's a great paint job for a toy in a class that traditionally doesn't get a ton of attention to detail (though that seems to be changing in recent years). Overall I'm very happy with Breakdown's deco.

On Breakdown's CGI model he has a spare tire mounted on the back of the vehicle, held there by brackets. Those brackets are present on the spare tire in this form but it actually serves a different purpose! They help act as grips for you to turn the tire. When you do so, the top of the vehicle rotates to reveal a cannon inside! The design of this cannon is loosely based on his cannon in the television show. It's relatively flat at the base and has a triangular barrel (a stylistic choice often seen on "Transformers Prime"). The cannon is cast in translucent yellow, giving it a striking visual contrast to the dark colors on Breakdown.

Final Thoughts:
Breakdown is one powerful looking vehicle and everything about him screams "dangerous". I love the hidden cannon gimmick. Along with the sculpt and paint job, this is a really nice addition to this Happy Meal toy set. Recommended.