Transformers Prime Happy Meal Knock Out Toy Review

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Transformers Prime

General Information:
Release Date: March 9, 2012
Price Point: $1.99 (Estimated)
Retailer: McDonalds Happy Meal Offer
Accessories: None


Knock OutMarch of 2012 saw a release of Happy Meal toys at McDonalds restaurants in the United States based on characters from the "Transformers Prime" television show. Each of these non-transforming toys represented the characters in their vehicle forms with some type of gimmick. Though some restaurants only offered one or two at a time, the reality is that all the figures were available at one time. The line up of vehicles focused on the feature characters from the television show, one of which was the vain and cruel Knock Out.

Knock Out's vehicle mode is a sleek sports car akin to the Audi R8, a vehicle used for the Decepticon Sideways in "Revenge of the Fallen". Like the Audi, the vehicle has a rounded shape, looking like it was (to borrow a phrase) poured, not built. The front end has some really modern styling including a grille with horizontal grille lines with a piece of armor overlapping on top. Above those are two small headlight bulbs on both sides. On either side of the grille is a small vent design. Other details include rear lights and detailed wheels with five spokes visible on each side. Overall this is one super cool looking vehicle and you can see Knock Out's vanity coming through with his choice of this car as his vehicle form!

Knock out is cast in red, grey, dark grey and black plastic. The red plastic makes up a bulk of the vehicle, with the wheels cast in black. If you flip the vehicle over, you'll see a dark grey plastic (with a bit of blue in the shade) and there appears to be an odd hollowed out section. However, this is part of the construction which allows the grey-blue plastic on the underside to also become the windshield and windows, removing the need to paint them separately. I like this bit of design as it effectively gives the windows color without having to use paint. On figures at cheap price points such as this, every cent counts so I appreciate this from a design and cost perspective. The front grille is grey plastic. Four paint colors are present on this vehicle. Red is used to paint some obvious panels on the hood of the car. This is necessary since these are the weapons, which are cast in translucent plastic. A purple Decepticon symbol is painted on the top of the cabin section. Running alon gthe sides is a nice tribal tattoo style pattern painted in a dark, smokey color that helps the color almost "fade" into the red. The sides of the wheels are painted bright orange, offering some nice contrast with the darker red and grey colors.

Press the grille piece and two machine-gun like weapons flip up from the hood. Made of translucent plastic, these pieces may look like machine guns but they have the feel of a science fiction blaster weapon. I like the idea of vehicles having weaponry in the "Transformers" world since they probably fight driving on roads as much as they do in robot form, and for a sleek car like this these vehicles look like a perfect fit.

Final Thoughts:
Knock Out is a really sleek and cool looking vehicle. The colors used on the toy really grab the eye and I like his gimmick quite a bit. If you're looking for "Speed Stars" style action with a "Transformers Prime" toy, this one's for you. Recommended!