"Q Transformers" Lambor Toy Review

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Q Transformers

Lambor General Information:
Release Date: December 2014
Price Point: $7.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: Japanese Exclusive
Accessories: None

The "Q Transformers" toy line takes its character assortment from various "Transformers" toy lines from over the years. Not only does the line tap sources like the recent "Age of Extinction" movie for its inspiration, it also goes way back to the beginning of the "Transformers" toy line. In the first wave of "Q Transformers" one of these G1 inspired characters is Lambor aka Sideswipe outside of Japan.

The "Q Transformers" are small Transformers figures, true to the "Choro Q" toys that inspired them. Each figure is in a bubble that slides into a cardboard backing. The packaging is about 4 inches (approximately 10 centimeters) high and almost 3 inches (approximately 7.6 centimeters) wide. The cards used on the figures depend on the where the character originates from. In the case of Lambor he uses artwork from the "Q Transformers" web series featuring more "cute" versions of characters like Optimus Prime.

Vehicle Mode:
In G1 and now in "Q Transformers" Lambor transforms into a Lamborghini Countach. This distinctive car was made from the 70's all the way to 1990. Featuring a sharply anged design and very low profile, this vehicle became a standard for the designs of many high end cars over the years. This figure takes a lot of design elements of the real life vehicle and works it into the sculpt. Among these details are:

  • The front end has distinct, rectangular lights with rectangular patterns behind them. The front grille also has two lights built into it.
  • The windows have distinct shapes, especially the windshield which is six sided.
  • The sides of the vehicle have a triangular shape sculpted into the area above the rear wheel well to the door.
  • The rims on the vehicle have circles inside them mirroring the design of the real life vehicle's rims.
  • The back features a thin, high spoiler.
  • The back section is relatively thin with a row of three rear lights on either side.
  • There are four exhaust pipes in the back. They are paired up and separated in the middle.

Overall the sculpt is fantastic and I'm very impressed by how many details of the real life Lamborghini made their way into this mode.

Of course, this is a "cute" line of Transformers so while he has many of the details of the Countach, the proportions are definitely not those of the real life vehicle. Instead, the front curves down. Add to that the relatively compressed look of the vehicle and you have a very cute interpretation of Lambor. It's a pretty great balance between G1 accuracy and "cute" styling on one of the original Autobots from Generation One.

Lambor is cast in red and black plastic. The red is a rather deep shade of the color and the black is used for the wheels. Gunmetal grey is used to paint his windows and front grille. Silver is used to paint the headlights and the sides of the mirror. On the back you'll find the outer most rear lights are painted orange. The final touch is a tampographed Autobot symbol in white on the center of the hood. Overall I think this little guy looks fantastic!

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Turn the vehicle over and swing down each robot leg and straighten out the feet.
  2. Split the rear section of the vehicle and swing the halves forward.
  3. On each of the rear vehicle halves, swing out the robot arms.
  4. Swing down the cabin section to reveal the robot head.

Robot Mode:
Lambor's robot mode has the same basic structure as all the "Q Transformers" figures with the torso being formed by the front of the vehicle and the back of the vehicle forming most of the arms. Even given this common body design Lambor has some features that are inspired by his G1 counterpart. The most obvious is his head, which features a small central crest and antennae on the sides like the G1 version of the character. His forearms have a ridged pattern on them like G1 Lambor's and the feet each have a raised, rectangular section on them that harkens back to G1 Lambor's animated model. Even with the super deformed proportions there's no mistaking this guy for anyone but the Autobot warrior (and before you think it, Red Alert would have a lightbar on his back).

This mode shows off some silver plastic that wasn't visible in vehicle mode. You'll find this on the shoulder joints, thighs and the panel the head sits on. the head is cast in red and has heavy paint applications. the head is gunmetal grey, the face is silver and his eyes are light blue. The feet are painted silver. Throw in the deco from the front of the vehicle mode and this is one nice looking robot mode. If I were to add one more deco it would be the forearms, which were silver in the original figure.

Like all the "Q Transformers" figures Lambor has seven points of articulation. The shoulders, hip and knee joints are all ball joints, allowing for a wide range of articulation. The head can also be turned side to side.

Final Thoughts:
Lambor is an awesome looking "cute" version of G1 Sidewipe/Lambor. The detail level of this line continues to impress, and I love the choice of using Lambor's most retro version for this figure. Highly recommended!