"Rescue Bots" Boulder the Rescue Dinobot Toy Review

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Rescue Bots

General Information:
Release Date: May 2014
Price Point: $4.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


*Images with asterisks and text in italics from Amazon.com:
Give your little hero a dino that will roar to the rescue as a Rescue Dinobot triceratops! This fierce Rescue Bots figure converts easily from dino to robot and back again, so your little guy can have Transformers adventures his size in 2 modes. When he pushes the figure in dino mode, the dino charges! Send your little guy on one rescue mission after another with his Boulder the Rescue Dinobot buddy.

Rescue Bots continues in its third year as the segment of the "Transformers" line aimed at kids 7 years and below. Unlike last year's line, which focused on a bulk of the characters being retools and redecos of the previous years toys, this year introduces a whole new set of sculpts along with a new size. Included in these new scales are small figures akin to the Legion Class figures from lines like "Transformers Prime". These figures also serve as part of a new segment of the Rescue Bots which focuses on our favorite characters transforming into dinosaurs instead of vehicles! While these figures were available at regular venues like Toys R Us, they were also made available at smaller chain stores such as Family Dollar.

Beast Mode:
Taking a cue from the first Boulder being a bulldozer, this incarnation transforms into a robotic triceratops (who no doubt has no problem pushing things out of his way just like a bulldozer). Unlike the characters from "Beast Wars", this is a purely mechanical dinosaur who has features that echo the construction vehicle Boulder became before taking on this form. These details include treads on the front beast mode legs, horns shaped like drills on the head and the edges of the frill around the head which resemble the teeth on saws. Like the dinosaur versions of Blades and Heatwave, Boulder sports diamond shaped designs on his back as armor. He also has a tail with bumps on top. Overall it's a cool dino sculpt and I dig the way aspects of the construction vehicle were worked into the design.

Boulder is cast in two shades of green, his signature color. There's a light and dark green. The lighter color is found on his head and the central part of the body. The legs and tail are made up of the darker green plastic. Yellow and black are used for "hazard stripes" along the edge of the frill. Yellow is used for the eyes. The horns are gunmetal grey and the "armor plates" on his back are light blue. It's a cool color scheme and it fits the character perfectly.

You can move the two front legs in this mode. Also, if you press down on the tail, the head moves forward a bit as if the horns are being used in an attack. It's a cute attack feature and aligns with the other mini-dinosaur Rescue Bots figures.

Transformation to Beast Mode:
Holding the top of the rear legs, pull down and the back of the figure will swing down. Snap the figure into place to complete the transformation.

Robot Mode:
The main feature on this figure that makes him Boulder is the head sculpt. It's pretty much the same head design used on all the other Boulder figures including a construction worker helmet styled design on top and a mouth with a huge lower jaw. The rest of the body is relatively new. The torso is curved in design (instead of being more angled and squared off than the other versions). This includes what looks like shoulder armor curving over the shoulder area. The front beast mode arms have giant fists sculpted into the inside of the arms. The legs have some additional details including raised rectangles and pistons. In the center of the chest is a large, sculpted Rescue Bots Autobot symbol. Due to the way the figure transforms, the legs are at a slightly bent angle which looks a little funny from the side, but from the front it's fine.

All the same colors seen in beast mode appear here. The symbol on the chest is painted light blue. The eyes are yellow and the area around them is silver. I do wish there were more paint applications but given the low price point of the toy this is about what you'd expect.

In this mode Boulder can move his arms up and down. Oddly, the right arm on my copy of this figure can stan up, but not the left.

Final Thoughts:
Of the three figures of this group (Blades, Chase and Boulder) this is my least favorite. I like the sculpting, but functionally he needs to be better. The part of the transformation where you pull the legs is a bit tough and I felt like I was going to break it a couple of times (I didn't). Also one arm being tighter than the other is a bit irksome. Not recommended.