"Rescue Bots" Boulder (Dump Truck) Toy Review

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Rescue Bots

General Information:
Release Date: March 2015
Price Point: $9.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None

*Images with asterisks and text in italics from Amazon.com:
Your little hero will save the day with this Rescue Bots hero! It's easy for his little hands to convert his Boulder the Construction-Bot figure from fierce robot warrior mode to dump truck mode. Then he can roll his Boulder the Construction-Bot dump truck to the rescue! He'll love converting his robot warrior back and forth for awesome Transformers adventures! Playskool, Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Rescue Bots continues in its third year as the segment of the "Transformers" line aimed at kids 7 years and below. Unlike last year's line, which focused on a bulk of the characters being retools and redecos of the previous years toys, this year introduces a whole new set of sculpts along with a new size. This line of "Rescue Bots" figures is about 2/3 the size of the previous figures. This still makes them big enough for kids to manipulate, but also reduces the cost (and for collectors, storage room) of each toy. These new sculpts continued to be released into early 2015. One of these was Boulder, now taking on the vehicle mode of a dump truck.

Robot Mode:
Boulder's new robot form is a bit reminscent of the G1 Constructicon Long Haul, who also transformed into a dump truck. The grille and front of the vehicle become his torso, the truck's rear section forms his legs and the sides of the front end form his arms while the head pops up from the torso section. There are some differences however. He has chunkier features including his feet and lower legs, which are rather wide. Proportionally speaking his arms look a tad small, but at least he has fists that are pointing forward. The grille design on the torso looks great, with a Rescue Bot Autobot symbol sculpted into the center of the chest. The part of the sculpt that solidifies him as Boulder is the robot head, which has the familiar round shape with a mouth that has a huge lower jaw piece.

Boulder is cast in neon green, silver and black plastic. The green makes up most of the figure, with silver used for smaller parts like his thighs. Black is found on the wheels from the vehicle mode, all of which are visible in this form. He has several paint applications that help elevate his deco. There are silver details on the panels over his fists, on the sides of the shoulders, on the chest and his face. Yellow paint is used for headlights that wind up on his arms and the robot eyes. A set of yellow and black hazard lines are found at the bottom of the torso area. The paint details really help elevate the figure. I did find myself wishing the legs had some paint on them to bring out the sculpted details, but Rescue Bots in general are not known for being super detailed in that regard so this is hardly a surprise.

In general Rescue Bots figures are not known for their articulation, and Boulder is no exception. His lower legs can kick back and that's about it. While the hip joints are hinges, the legs cannot swing outward. Interestingly Boulder has two 5mm holes in his fists allowing him to hold weapons from the main Transformers toy line. Previous Rescue Bots didn't have his so I was quite surprised.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:
Push the robot legs together, then swing them back and up. A clip on the robot feet pushes into a slot behind the robot head, causing the head to move down and the arms to swing in. It's a quick, easy motion that worked several times in a row when I was reviewing this figure.

Vehicle Mode:
I have to say that looking at Boulder's vehicle mode makes me just think "How cute!". First, this figure is smaller than the Rescue Bots from the first couple years of the line, so he's pretty compact looking. Add to that his super-deformed inspired proportions and there is something very cute looking about this truck. That said, there are some nice sleek lines on the vehicle. The front end is curved on top, angled out on the sides and the cabin section is thin and set in the middle. Many of the details from the robot mode carry over here, but become vehicle mode details instead like the headlights. The bottom of the feet now form the back of the truck, and they're deep enough that you could stand smaller figures inside such as the smaller ones from the non-transformable figure two packs.

Like the robot mode, the green color takes center stage in this form. The black wheels also become more prominent, now showing off on the sides of the figure. Most of the colors you saw in the robot mode appear here, but now you also get to see a bit of extra yellow on the vehicle's top section and the blue on the cabin section's windows. With the extra paint apps showing in this mode along with the ones that appeared in robot mode the deco looks great in this form. Yes, I still wish the back section had some deco but I'm willing to let that go given how nicely the front end is painted.

Boulder rolls on all four wheels in this mode. Interestingly enough there are two tiny wheels on the underside of the front section. This rolls along with the larger wheels and keeps the front end from getting scraped up. Being a dump truck, it's natural for you to want to move the mechanism in the back as if he was dumping sand or something, and you can do it but since that section holds the head down (and the arms in) he basically pops into robot mode if you do so.

Final Thoughts:
Boulder is a cute little figure and a nice alternative mode for the character. It's a fun toy for little kids who want a quick and intuitive transformation that works reliably. Recommended!