Rescue Bots Boulder Toy Review

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Rescue Bots

General Information:
Release Date: August 2011
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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It’s you and your BOULDER THE CONSTRUCTION-BOT figure to the rescue! Your figure easily converts from robot mode to bulldozer mode and back again, so it only takes a moment to switch modes when the situation calls for it. Convert your figure from robot mode to bulldozer mode and back so he can save the day! Includes figure. Ages 3 to 6 years.

Since the days of Generation One almost every Transformers team has had its "tough" character who had brute strength to spare. For the Rescue Bots this character is Boulder, the "Construction-Bot" (note, not a "Constructicon"). You can check out his official profile on the official web site of "The Hub".

Robot Mode:
Everything about Boulder's design says that he is one powerful Transformer. He has a wide torso, a wide head, thick arms and gigantic lower legs and feet formed from the shovel of the vehicle mode. Like the other Rescue Bots, Boulder's head design is meant to act as visual callbacks to his vehicle mode. The helmet section of his head is designed to look like a construction worker's helmet, with a round shape, a small brim in the front and raised sections on the sides with a thin, central crest. His torso has some nice detailing including raised sections on the sides of his chest and two tubes running along the edges of the driver's section from the vehicle mode. His back has some distinct piston details with lots of smaller machine like details surrounding them. Overall, I really like Boulder's sculpt. It conveys his personality and abilities very well.

Boulder is cast in silver, black and bright green plastic. The green makes up most of the body with silver forming his thighs. The treads on his arms are black. Paint details are done in yellow, black and silver. The yellow and black work in concert to form hazard stripes on his feet and chest. Silver is found on his arms, chest and face. A silver Autobot symbol is painted on his chest. I find this interesting as his prototype has two Autobot symbols on either side of his chest instead of directly in the center. I think this looks nice, but the other way would have helped the Autobot symbols stand out more in vehicle mode. His eyes are also painted yellow. These colors really work well with the green color. The yellow and black offer some nice contrast while the silver creates the look of machinery.

Boulder has no articulation to speak of (typical for the Rescue Bots line) but his fists do have hles in them designed to accomodate the various tools/vehicles included in two packs with human characters from the toy line. I do find myself wishing there was elbow articulation on the figure since the arms are big enough to add in a hinge without affecting the transformation. This didn't bother me as much with say, Optimus Prime since his arms are sculpted with his forearms up.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Push the robot arms together.
  2. The head will move down into the chest and the thighs will slide into the torso and the feet will come together to form the front shovel.

I really like how smoothly the auto transformation works in this figure. Both motions happen together and I can see kids enjoying watching the figure transform almost like it was alive.

Vehicle Mode:
Like his robot mode, Boulder has a really powerful and somewhat scary looking vehicle mode. Here his exaggerated features give him huge proportions relative to a real life vehicle of the same type. Structurally it actually doesn't make a lot of sense. His shovel in the front is huge, so tall and wide that it actually blocks both his headlights and part of the view form his driver's area. The shovel itself has tons of teeth on it on both the top and bottom (not something you often see in a construction vehicle). From an angle view or front view he looks almost like he's threatening to eat something with ihs giant teeth. I actually find it quite comical and over the top, which I guess is part of the point.

All the same colors from the robot mode are featured here, but with him basically lying down now you can see certain colors much clearer. The headlights have yellow painted on them and his driver's area windows are painted light blue. The silver on the sides draws a bit more emphasis to his tread machinery in this form. The only details I would have liked to see painted silver are hinges/screws on the sides of the shovel. That's a bit nit picky I admit, just a personal preference.

Boulder has treads, but they're plastic and aren't functional. Instead, he has two small wheels on the bottom of the treads and two more on the underside of the shovel. He rolls well on them, but I can imagine the bottom getting quite scraped up if you run it over rough ground (something possible given he's a construction vehicle).

Final Thoughts:
Boulder is a great looking 'bot. I do find myself wishing he had shoulder articulation so he could point any rescue tools he holds forward so he loses some points for that. I do however love his aesthetic design and transformation. Recommended but with reservations.