Rescue Bots Charlie Burns with Rescue Cutter Toy Review

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Rescue Bots

General Information:
Release Date: August 2011
Price Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Rescue Cutter vehicle


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Your CHIEF CHARLIE BURNS figure is ready to join the rest of his RESCUE BOT friends on another rescue mission, and all he needs is you! Choose from 2 modes - Rescue Gear and Robot Tool. Press the button for cutting action! No matter what dangers await, your CHIEF CHARLIE BURNS figure is ready to be a hero!

Includes tear-away character card! For extra adventure, team him up with OPTIMUS PRIME figure! (Sold separately.) Comes with figure, vehicle and card. Ages 3 to 6.

As long as Transformers have been around, there have always been sub-lines of toys dedicated to a younger age group than the main toy line. In 2011, the "Rescue Bots" line takes this role. Focusing around Transformers working with humans on rescue missions using equipment ranging from helicopters to rocket packs. Unlike previous attempts such as "1-2-3 Transformers" and "Go-Go-Gobots" however, this line actually includes Generation One inspired characters in it. This line is firmly aimed at the younger set (ages 3-6 according to the packaging), so I'll say right away that older collectors may find it a bit lacking by their standards.

Chief Charlie Burns:
The Rescue Bots human aesthetic has certain common features. The head, hands and feet are out of proportion with the rest of the body (they're all huge!) and the characters have a very cartoonish design with four fingers instead of five and generally bright colors. Charlie Burns is definitely wearing human clothing, but he takes some design influences from Optimus Prime. It appears Charlie is wearing a jumpsuit, but over it he has a red vest and a belt and knee armor. I'm particularly fond of the detail on the vest and belt, which feature a zipper and raised, angled sections respecitvely. On his head he is wearing a cap with goggles and a mask that wraps around his chin, but keeps his face exposed. I also like the way the ends of his jumpsuit section is sculpted. On both his wrists and ankles are cuffs folded in, giving him a workman like appearance. These are the more "human" elements.

From Optimus Prime, he borrows the central crest design on the top of the cap. His vest has several horizontal segments, the top two of which remind me of Optimus Prime's windshield chest design. The goggles he wears have lenses shaped very similar to the design of Optimus' eyes as well. Finally, his belt is very rectangular in shape, reminding me of Optimus Prime's hip section. I really like this continuity of design between Charlie and Optimus Prime since the two are "color matched" and meant to be paired up.

Color-wise, Charlie is cast in red, blue and black plastic. Blue makes up most of the figure including his head, arms and legs. The vest section is red and his hands and feet are black. There are quite a few paint colors used on this little figure including red, light blue, black, yellow, silver and flesh tone. The red is used on the crest on his cap, light blue on his goggle lenses, black on the rim of the goggles and yellow on the belt. Silver is used in two places: the zipper on his vest and his knee armor. Yellow is used to paint the belt, wrapping around the back. The flesh tone is used for the part of his face that is exposed on the head. Overall, it's hard to look at this figure and not think about Optimus Prime!

Charlie Burns has the standard eight points of ariculation for Rescue Bots human figures. This includes his head, two points of articulation on the shoulder, the wrists and his legs (which move in tandem with each other). His fists are shaped to fit over the handles on his vehicle and do so quite well. He also has two holes on the bottom of his feet to allow him to interact with vehicles from the line.

Rescue Cutter Vehicle Mode:
The Rescue Cutter is a ground vehicle set on treads with a gigantic claw in front. The base platform has an area for a Rescue Bots human figure to stand on, including a peg on the left side that can plug into the hole on the bottom of one of the feet. The area where the feet go have raised areas for traction. The bottom of the vehicle have (non functional) treads with four small wheels on the bottom. The sides have several details that show joints connecting the platform to the treads. On the front of each of the treads is a curved section resembling a headlight.

The claw on the vehicle is connected to the platform by a neck in the center. The claw itself is relatively large, big enough to grab another human figure! Each of the claws have several details including a blade like section on the inside and piston like details on the top. Behind the claw are handles for Charlie to hold on to. Overall, the vehicle is definitely sculpted with utility in mind. I like the look of the vehicle quite a bit, it looks almost like a beetle with giant mandibles on treads.

The Rescue Cutter is cast in red, silver, blue and black plastic. These colors will no doubt ring a bell. Like Charlie himself, this vehicle is meant to color coordinate with Optimus Prime, forming an association between not just the Autobot leader and the vehicle, but Charlie Burns as well. Paint applications are done up in silver, y ellow, white and black. The silver is found on thesides of the claws. The white is used to paint a large Autobot symbol at the base of the claw. Yellow is found on either side of the claw base, indicating where you would press to activate its "claw action". Black is used on the treads to go with the black plastic on the wheels on the underside of the treads.

As mentioned above, all you need to do is press the yellow tabs on the sides and the claw outward. It's ig enough accomoate aanother of the human figures in the Rescue Bots toy line. A spring inside snaps it back into place when you let it go. Also, by virtue of the vehicle's transformation scheme, you can tilt the claw up at an angle.

Transformation to Robot Tool Mode:

  1. Swing the claw so it is pointing up.
  2. Push the claw down so it is level with the rear section.
  3. A handle will swing out from the bottom as you transform the vehicle.

Rescue Cutter Robot Tool Mode:
In its Tool Mode, the Rescue Cutter is remiscentin concept to the "Jaws of Life", a device that looks like a claw used in rescue operations. Optimus Prime (or another "Heroes" Autobot figure) can hold this tool via the handle on the bottom. The handle is really the only newly revealed part, and that's cast in black plastic.

The functionality of the Rescue Cutter is intact, just press the yellow tabs and the claws swing out. When attached to Optimus Prime, the colors match up very well and it looks great, especially with the gigantic Autobot symbol at the base of the claw!

Final Thoughts:
The Rescue Cutter is a neat little vehicle and accessory. It definitely harkens back to the days of the Action Masters when Transformers figures had small vehicles or partners that transformed into weapons or tools through a relatively simple transformation scheme. The Charlie Burns figure is cute too, I like the way it borrows design elements from Optimus Prime. Highly recommended if you're looking for a tool for Optimus Prime to use with a neat human figure to boot!