"Rescue Bots" Capture Claw Chase Toy Review

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Rescue Bots

Chase General Information:
Release Date: January 2016
Price Point: $19.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Trailer/Role Play

At the beginning of 2016, new "Rescue Bots" figures began to appear on the market. Among them were familiar characters paired with trailers that could transform into role play tools. One of these characters was Chase who came with a trailer that transformed into a "Capture Claw".

Vehicle Mode:
Chase has taken on many forms over the years (even a Dinobot style form!) but this time out he's a much more conventional vehicle: a truck cab that looks like a pickup truck. The design is meant to be chunky and appeal to younger kids, so he looks a bit like a "super deformed" vehicle similar to the "Q Transformers". The front end of the vehicle looks like it is "squished" in a bit and his overall shape is rather wide. However he has many realistic details including a grille in the front, an air intake on the hood, side view mirrors and an emergency light bar on top of the cabin section. The back has a hitch for the trailer to attach to. I really like some of the smaller details such as the headlights, fog lights and the lines on the grille section.

The trailer looks like it is meant to be some type of mobile command center. It has a sleek and angled design where the sides are flat, but the top section angles towards the middle. On either side are doors, giving a rough sense of the trailer's scale (assuming those doors are meant for humans). Next to the doors are small panels that look like they house The trailer has two wheels on either side and a peg to attach it to Chase's hitch is found in the front. On top is are two large lightbar strips with what could be seen as a speaker system of some sort in between them.

Chase is cast in blue and black plastic. Paint colors on this figure include yellow, red, blue and white. White is used on the raised section of the hood and the doors. Yellow is used on the windows (including, pleasantly enough, both side windows). The light bar has red and blue paint on it. The blue may seem redundant, but it is actually a lighter shade than the blue plastic used on the figure. Red is also used for a large "Rescue Bots" Style Autobot symbol on the hood. Overall it's a good color scheme for a figure aimed at the Playskool crowd.

The trailer uses the same plastic colors as the cab with blue being the dominant color. There is also some white plastic on the top of the trailer in the form of the "Rescue Bots" symbol and light bar. Red and blue paint is used on the light bars. Red paint is used to paint the sculpted Autobot symbols on the sides of the trailer. Grey makes an appearance on the sides for the doors. Overall the deco looks good. If I had to nit pick (and this is extreme nit picking) I'd add some more grey for the tubes on the top and the small panels on the sides.

The trailer hitch accommodates a 5mm peg. You'll find a small one that swings out in the front of the trailer. Chase also has two 5mm ports on the top of his lightbar. These are intended to accommodate the "Rescue Bots" Mini-Cons that are coming out at the same time as this figure. However, those figures are big enough that I'm not exactly sure how you could fit two of them side by side. That said, you can take your standard weapons from lines like "Generations" and they can fit side by side. There is also a 5mm attachment point on the top of the trailer towards the front. I like the way the design is meant to work in concert with the Mini-Cons. I'm also happy to see the Mini-Cons use 5mm pegs.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
To transform Chase, hold on to the front of the vehicle, then push the rear section down. The figure will "auto transform" revealing the head and arms. Separate the legs.

To transform the trailer, hold the handle on the bottom and push the sections on the sides with the doors forward. A claw will slide out.

Robot Mode:
While he is a new figure, Chase's robot mode serves as an interesting callback to the first series of "Rescue Bots" characters (such as Heatwave). He has a very "thick" look. His legs are wide, his arms are huge and stick out at angles on the sides while the chest and head are formed from the cabin section of the vehicle. Several new "robot parts" are revealed in this mode This includes his head, which is based on his animated appearance complete with a police shield on the top of his head and visor eyes. The middle of the body has a section that resembles the grille of the vehicle form and the insides of his forearms have two huge fists sculpted into them. Chase really looks like quite the brute in this form compared to some of his past versions.

This mode uses most of the same colors from the vehicle mode. Some silver plastic appears on the face and mid-body area. The head has yellow paint on the shield and blue on the eyes. Sadly, the lower body isn't painted at all, and here is one place I would say the figure is lacking in the deco department. The trailer only reveals grey plastic in the form of the claw.

Chase has no articulation to speak of, but it is good his arms are bent forward so he doesn't look like his arms are down to the side all the time. On the bottom of each fist is a 5mm port, allowing him to hold the Mini-Cons in their alternate forms. That said, when I had him holding both Drake and Servo, he did tip over so weight distribution is an issue. He holds one Mini-Con just fine however.

The trailer turning into a role play toy is a brilliant idea. Holding the handle and pulling the trigger causes the large claw pincers to close. They are designed to pick up the small "Rescue Bots" figures such as Cody. I was able to do that and pick up one of the slightly heavier "Rescue Bots" Mini-Con figures with it. The handle isn't really meant for adult hands however. It's kind of short and really best held by kids.

Final Thoughts:
While he loses some points for the robot mode deco, overall this is a solid "Rescue Bots" offering. The Chase figure looks great in both modes and I love the concept of having a role play toy integrated into the trailer. Recommended for any fan of the "Rescue Bots" series.