Rescue Bots Cody Burns with Rescue Hose Toy Review

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Rescue Bots

General Information:
Release Date: August 2011
Price Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Rescue Hose vehicle


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Your CODY BURNS figure is ready to join the rest of his RESCUE BOT friends on another rescue mission, and all he needs is you! Choose from 2 modes - Rescue Gear and Robot Tool. Push the lever for pretend water blast action! No matter what dangers await, your CODY BURNS figure is ready to be a hero! Includes tear-away character card! For extra adventure, team him up with HEATWAVE THE FIRE-BOT figure! (Sold separately.) Comes with figure, vehicle and card. Ages 3 to 6.

As long as Transformers have been around, there have always been sub-lines of toys dedicated to a younger age group than the main toy line. In 2011, the "Rescue Bots" line takes this role. Focusing around Transformers working with humans on rescue missions using equipment ranging from helicopters to rocket packs. Unlike previous attempts such as "1-2-3 Transformers" and "Go-Go-Gobots" however, this line actually includes Generation One inspired characters in it. This line is firmly aimed at the younger set (ages 3-6 according to the packaging), so I'll say right away that older collectors may find it a bit lacking by their standards.

Cody Burns:
Part of the Burns family featured in the Rescue Bots series, Cody is a firefighter who has been paired with Heatwave. As part of that pairing, not only does he get to work with a Transformer, but he also gets equipment to work with that either he or a Transformer can use. In this two pack, Cody is featured in his firefighter uniform. The most traditional element is the helmet, which has the oval shape and brim often associated with fire fighters. Other elements also look like what you'd expect to see on firefighter uniforms including a very obvious belt in front, thick gloves that cover most of his forearms and a collar piece that looks like another helmet could go over it. He also has thick boots that look like they could protect him against a hot floor. The outfit is futuristic looking in the sense that it is very thin and skin tight. Normally firefighter outfits look bulky and stick out a bit here and there. This suit looks like it's streamlined but (presumably) still offering Cody proteciton in fires. Perhaps, the most futuristic element of this figure is the visor that Cody wears. It is a thin, rectangular visor that resembles the one worn by X-Men Scott Summers (aka Cyclops). I imagine all sorts of scanning software in there allowing Cody to rescue people buried in rubble or something.

Cody is cast in black and red plastic. Most of the upper body is red and his legs/feet and forearms are black. His head is painted black from the back of the neck to the visor. His nose/lower jaw area is painted a light, skin color and the eyes are a thin blue line. Black is also used on his belt design with yellow for the buckle. A bit of silver paint is found on his hip joints and waist. On the center of his helmet is a tampographed Autobot symbol. Overall Cody looks cool, like a futuristic fire fighter that you'd expect to see using high tech machinery.

Cody has eight points of articulation. His arms can each move in two different ways at the shoulder joint and his wrists can turn. His legs are one piece, so when you move them they move in tandem. His hands are designed to grip the handles on several of the Rescue Bots toys. His feet have holes on the underside to allow you to attach pegs from Rescue Bots vehicles as well.

Rescue Hose Vehicle Mode:
The Rescue Hose's vehicle mode is a rather interesting blend of a tri-wheel scooter with a bit of a truck aesthetic thrown in. The vehicle itself rests on three wheels, two in front and one in back. The front end has two large wheel wells with angled covers over the wheels in front. In the center is a section shaped like the front of a truck, complete with a vertical grille. In some ways its reminscent of one of the Cybertronian vehicle modes Optimus Prime has been given over the years. The rear wheel is covered by a curved section of armor, adding a bit of sleekness that contrasts to the bulk of the front end.

The top half of the vehicle is connected to the front section by a hinge. This section is a neck with a hose sculpted into the front. On top of that is a handle, and sticking out the sides are handles for a Rescue Bots human figure to grasp. At the end of the hose is a "stream" of water, which sticks out a bit and curves at the end. It's a very cartoonish type of water stream, but we are talking about a toy line with rather cartoonish proportions on its figures to begin with. The "hose" portion is emphasized with a string on the right side that goes from the base of the neck to the base of the vehicle.

The Rescue Hose is cast in red, black, translucent blue and yellow plastic. Most of it is red including the front end and most of the hinged section. The wheels and hose are black while the control handle at the top is yellow. White, black and silver paint provide detailing. White is mostly used in the front, where it paints a pattern on the wheel well covers and a large Autobot symbol in the middle. Silver is found on the base of the hose section and the curved cover over the rear wheel. Black paint can be found on the ridged sections where the human figure would stand behind the hose. The translucent blue plastic is used for the stream of water at the end of the hose. The color scheme matches up very nicely with Heatwave, who uses many of the same colors and it is appropriate to the fire fighting duties the characters of Cody and Heatwave specialize in.

In terms of functionality, a peg on the ridged plastform sections allowsy ou to securely attach one of the Rescue Bots human figures to the vehicle. The figures can also hold on using the red, horizontal handles on the sides of the hose section. For a bit of action, push the yellow control handle forward and the translcuent blue water stream spins around. It's a cue feature and fits within the fire fighting theme of the vehicle and characters associated with it.

Transformation to Robot Tool Mode:

  1. Push the base of the hose section back.
  2. Swing the hose section forward.
  3. The yellow handle on the underside of the vehicle should pop out automatically.

Rescue Hose Robot Tool Mode:
The Rescue Hose's "tool" mode is a compressed version of the vehicle. Now looking more like a hose attached to machinery instead of a vehicle, it looks good when hooked up to a Rescue Bot such as Heatwave. You can still use the yellow handle to spin the water stream. No new colors are revealed except for the yellow handle.

Final Thoughts:
As an accessory the Rescue Hose is cute. I do enjoy the way it tries to create a cute vehicle while introducing some more "tough" aesthetics such as the truck-like front end. I like the spinning water stream action and the attempt at creating an actual "hose" using the string is appreciated. Recommended, but you relaly need a larger figure to go with this toy to make it fully "work".