"Rescue Bots" Featured Bot Heatwave Toy Review

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Rescue Bots

General Information:
Release Date: February 2015
Price Point: $4.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


*Images with asterisks and text in italics from The Official Hasbro web site:
Your little hero will save the day with this Rescue Bots hero! It's easy for his little hands to trigger this Heatwave the Fire-Bot figure’s rescue response. With the press of a button he can make the bot chop with his rescue axe and save the day! He’ll love sending his Heatwave the Fire-Bot figure on one mission after another!
Includes figure.

"Rescue Bots" continues into 2015 with a new wave of figures released early in the year. Among these are a wave of toys known as the "Featured Bots" in the official product descriptions featuring non-transformable action figures with an action feature built into an arm. The first wave of these toys features one of the main Rescue Bots: Heatwave!

Since this figure does not have to transform, the designers can take liberties with the robot form that they normally would not be able to. In this case they were able to look at the animation model of the character and sculpt the figure based on that. The result is a figure that stands at about three inches but is rather heavy and wide for its size thanks to exaggerated features like wide feet and big fists. He has many of the details of Heatwave's animation model including:

  • The head design features visor eyes and a helmet section that looks like a firefighter's helmet.
  • There are lights sitting on either side of the head.
  • The chest features a Rescue Bots symbol in the center with the windshield of his vehicle mode forming the center.
  • The mid-body area has a stylized version of the grille from the vehicle mode.
  • Each of the arms has wheels sculpted into the sides of the forearms.
  • The legs feature raised line details on the front and each has a wheel sculpted into the sides of the lower legs.
  • On the back is a ladder one of the more prominent details in the animation model.

Overall Heatwave's sculpt looks great. His proportions are a bit bulkier and wider than the cartoon model, but that serves to make him look more dramatic and it works for the figure. There are other details that add in to the play value of the figure. The right arm has three nozzles on the wrist are (he's got to put out those fires somehow right?) and the left arm has a large axe embedded in it. This plays into his action feature. Press the button on the left shoulder and the axe comes swinging out. It is spring loaded so it collapses back in. Keep pressing the button and you get a fun "chopping" action!

Heatwave features four points of articulation: the head, shoulders and the legs. The legs swing together on a central hinge.

heatwave is cast in red plastic that is a bit softer than the usual plastic used for transforming Rescue Bots toys. The ladder on his back is white plastic. Since the figure doesn't transform, the designers were able to give this figure a pretty great deco for a "simpler" toy. Light blue is used for his eyes and chest window. Silver is the most heavily used color. You'll find it on his face, fists, nozzles, axe and thighs. Yellow is used in several spots too including the lights on top of his chest and the button you press to activate the axe weapon. All four of the wheels sculpted into the figure are painted black.

Final Thoughts:
Rescue Bots are aimed at kids 3-7 and I think figures like this are best for kids at the younger end of the spectrum (3-4). They can have the character they love in toy form along with a cool action feature, but not worry too much about transformation (and there are plenty of transforming Heatwave figures for that). A cool figure for a younger kid who wants to focus on an action feature and not transformation.