Rescue Bots Heatwave the Rescue Dinobot Toy Review

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Rescue Bots

General Information:
Release Date: May 2014
Price Point: $5.00 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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Give your little hero a dino that will roar to the rescue as a Rescue Dinobot brontosaurus! This fierce Rescue Bots figure converts easily from dino to robot and back again, so your little guy can have Transformers adventures his size in 2 modes. When he pushes the figure in dino mode, the figure’s powerful jaw chomps! Send your little guy on one rescue mission after another with his Heatwave the Rescue Dinobot figure!

Rescue Bots continues in its third year as the segment of the "Transformers" line aimed at kids 7 years and below. Unlike last year's line, which focused on a bulk of the characters being retools and redecos of the previous years toys, this year introduces a whole new set of sculpts along with a new size. Included in these new scales are small figures akin to the Legion Class figures from lines like "Transformers Prime". These figures also serve as part of a new segment of the Rescue Bots which focuses on our favorite characters transforming into dinosaurs instead of vehicles! While these figures were available at regular venues like Toys R Us, they were also made available at smaller chain stores such as Family Dollar.

Beast Mode:
Heatwave's beast mode is listed on the packaging as a "Brontosaurus", which technically doesn't exist. When I was a kid, the name "Brontosaurus" was used for the dinosaur that is more commonly known nowadays as the Apatosaurus. There is still debate nowadays about whether using "Brontosaurus" is "correct" or not, but I'll push that debate aside and just go with the idea that the Rescue Bots live in a fictional world and who knows what wacky critters lived on that version of Earth? I'm willing to push aside a bit of scientific nomenclature for some fun involving a plastic space robot.

While Heatwave is a dinosaur in beast mode, he still has heavy mechancial influence in his detailing. This is no techno-organic Transformer. Much like the G1 Dinobots, he's all machine and it shows. His neck and head have angular designs and the sides of the beast mode have detailing that resemble water cannons, storage tanks and armor plating. His legs are a bit more rounded and smooth in shape, but the rear legs have wheels, a carry over from his firetruck mode. There are some elongated hex shaped patterns on the back of the figure. These appear to be a common feature among the Rescue Bot "dinosaurs". Similar details appear on both Blades (from the same assortment) and the much larger electronic Optimus Primal figure.

Heatwave is cast in red plastic. Silver, light blue and yellow paint are used to give him detailing. The silver is used on his head, neck and tail. The liht blue is found on his back, eyes and the Rescue Bots symbol on his chest. There's a lot of unpainted detail, but this is meant to be a cheaper price point and a simpler scale so I'm not expecting crazy deco on this scale of figure (and a Rescue Bot to boot). I think it looks good, though I did find the eye deco a bit odd. It's clear the eyes were sculpted as triangular shapes, but the eyes and the area around them were painted instead, giving him "visor eyes". I speculate this may have been to make the link between the robot mode head design and the beast mode head design more solid.

There is no posability to speak of in this form, but the neck/head section can move up and down a bit. This is done by pressing the button on his back (with the light blue details). Pushing the button makes the head move up and down a bit. His tail can also be moved a bit.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Split the halves of the head/neck section.
  2. Push the halves of the head/neck section down and the figure will auto-transform into robot mode.
  3. Push the tail in the back down.

Robot Mode:
Almost all the details of the beast mode show in robot mode, but there are a couple of newly revealed parts. First is the head sculpt, which is the same head sculpt used on other versions of Heatwave including his fireman's helmet, visor eyes and large lower jaw. On the outer parts of each arm (formed by the dinosaur neck/head) are sculpted details that represent his arms and fists. It's a tad abstract, but the character art shows he is meant to have fists there. We also get to see his rear beast mode legs now serve as his robot legs.

In terms of deco, the head reveals new deco, specifically blue for the eyes and silver for the face. The yellow from the beaset mode chest now shows more prominently as details on his chest and the Rescue Bot symbol is set right in the middle of his robot chest. Overall, he looks good. Keeping in mind both his price point and intended market of course.

The neck/head moving gimmick works in this mode as well, but it seems a bit less practical as all it does is basically make Heatwave look like he's doing a little bow over and over.

Final Thoughts:
This is a cute little figure. It's not meant to satisfy those looking for something like a "Generations" style figure. Instead, it's meant for younger kids who want to have a little Rescue Bot to carry around with them and transform quickly. In that respect, the figure succeeds and provides a fun, new form for Heatwave at the same time. Recommended for Rescue Bots fans.