"Rescue Bots" Mini-Con Drake the Dragon-Bot Toy Review

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Rescue Bots

General Information:
Release Date: December 2015
Price Point: $4.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: "Water" projectile

Official images and text in italics from Hasbro.com:
The huge thrills of Transformers, Marvel, Jurassic World, and Star Wars get scaled to a size perfect for preschoolers in Playskool Heroes. With some of the most awesome story universes to choose from, little adventurers can roll to the rescue with the Rescue Bots, save the day with Super Heroes, track and capture dinos in Jurassic World, or zoom into hyperspace to defeat the empire in Star Wars. Every figure, vehicle, and playset has big, easy-to-do features, inviting kids to create their own amazing adventures with their favorite friendly characters. With so many paths to go down and stories to create, the possibilities for little hands and big imaginations are almost endless!

Mini-Cons were a sub-group of Transformers introduced in the "Armada" series. These small Transformers were highly sought after for their potential to unlock power in larger Transformers or become powerful weapons. Moving away from such dramatic origins, "Rescue Bots" has now introduced Mini-Cons into its storyline focusing on adventure and rescue. Thematically these Mini-Cons are more akin to the "Beast Machines" Deployers such as Rav and Dillo who were larger than the typical Mini-Con from "Armada" and were intended to act as tools or weapons for larger Transformers.

Beast Mode:
Drake the Dragon-Bot is very different from many of the other Mini-Cons released so far in that he's based on a mythological creature rather than a real one. Drake has an interesting design. His proportions definitely skew towards being "cute". His head is rather large, his legs are curved and short giving him almost a "super deformed" style appearance. However, a lot of his sculpted details are pretty serious looking including a row of spikes on his tail, blade like sections on top of his head and sharp looking teeth (though the mouth is closed). He also has two wings with angled areas in back. On the chest is a "Rescue Bots" style Autobot symbol. I really like the look of this figure. It manages to blend both cute and cool looking details very well.

Drake is cast in red and translucent light blue plastic. Red makes up most of the body with the blue used on the wings and the hinges and peg that serve as part of his water cannon mode. Yellow paint is used on the neck, the Autobot symbol and his legs, helping to create a fiery appearance. His eyes are painted light blue and the top of his head has gunmetal grey on it.Red is used on the edges of the wings, which contrasts nicely against the translucent blue plastic.

This mode is pretty static. The head can move up and down as part of the transformation and that's about it, but that fits with the limited functionality represented across the "Rescue Bots" line.

Transformation to Water Cannon Mode:
Push the head down and swing the peg inside out. Push the tail forward and then insert the "water" missile.

Water Cannon Mode:
In a seeming effort to prove that irony is not dead, Drake transforms into a water cannon to put out fires. More than meets the eye indeed! The cannon is pretty much a "because we say so" mode but it looks neat. It has the wings flanking the cannon barrel and he can rest on his head and front beast mode legs. The cannon has a thick barrel that resembles the opening on a fire hydrant. There are new decos revealed in this form but you get a better look at the translucent blue trigger for the cannon.

Drake's "water projectile" looks like a cartoonish splash of water. This is cast in the same light blue as the wings. You push it into the cannon, press the trigger and it launches. Sadly there is nowhere to store this projectile in the other mode, but to be fair I think it would look awkward so I don't miss that functionality much.

Final Thoughts:
Drake is a really cool little toy. He's not for everyone. I don't think most "Generations" collectors will care for him, but if you (or your kids) are into "Rescue Bots" this is a great companion piece to go with the likes of Heatwave.