"Rescue Bots" Servo Toy Review

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Rescue Bots

General Information:
Release Date: December 2015
Price Point: $4.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None

Official images and text in italics from Hasbro.com:
The huge thrills of Transformers, Marvel, Jurassic World, and Star Wars get scaled to a size perfect for preschoolers in Playskool Heroes. With some of the most awesome story universes to choose from, little adventurers can roll to the rescue with the Rescue Bots, save the day with Super Heroes, track and capture dinos in Jurassic World, or zoom into hyperspace to defeat the empire in Star Wars. Every figure, vehicle, and playset has big, easy-to-do features, inviting kids to create their own amazing adventures with their favorite friendly characters. With so many paths to go down and stories to create, the possibilities for little hands and big imaginations are almost endless!

Mini-Cons were a sub-group of Transformers introduced in the "Armada" series. These small Transformers were highly sought after for their potential to unlock power in larger Transformers or become powerful weapons. Moving away from such dramatic origins, "Rescue Bots" has now introduced Mini-Cons into its storyline focusing on adventure and rescue. Thematically these Mini-Cons are more akin to the "Beast Machines" Deployers such as Rav and Dillo who were larger than the typical Mini-Con from "Armada" and were intended to act as tools or weapons for larger Transformers.

Beast Mode:
In an effort to provide stronger "kid appeal" and frankly, to add a fairly ridiculous level of cute to the "Rescue Bots" show, Servo's beast mode (in lieu of a Beast Mode) is a dog. I'm no dog expert, but to me Servo's design looks like it is based on a Doberman Pinscher. Like the real life dog, Servo has a long snout with sharp looking ears that point upward. The front of his body is fairly thick leading to a slightly smaller back section and a small tail in back.

This is no techno-organic Mini-Con however, he is all mechanical. All his details look like machinery from the angled lines on his head to raised circles on the legs indicating where hinges would be if the figure was more articulated. The front of the neck section has a small "Rescue Bots" style Autobot symbol sculpted into it. Other small details include indentations that look like digits on the paws and armor sections on the back of each leg with curves and indented lines. For a relatively simple figure Servo looks great.

Servo is cast in yellow plastic. Much of his detailing comes from paint detailing. The snout has white on it while the eyes are green. The Autobot symbol on his chest is red. The most heavily used color is gunmetal grey. It's used to paint the legs and his nose. The use of this color was very smart as it adds to the mechanical feel of the figure and it contrasts very well with the yellow.

There is no posability in this form unless you count his tail. In this form he's basically a static robot dog. Given the limited functionality of most "Rescue Bots" figures this is hardly surprising and fits with the rest of the line.

Transformation to Drill Mode:
Swing the head and the back panel forward then tuck into the belly area. At the same time the drill will swing forward.

Drill Mode:
This mode is intended to be a drill, but it is mostly just the beast mode with a drill replacing the head. Still, it fits the rescue theme and I imagine Servo transforming into a walking drill so he doesn't necesarily need anyone to carry him as a tool. I photographed him "upside down" to make him more "tool like". If someone were to do so, he has a 5mm peg as his tail, so any figure with a 5mm port can connect to him.

The drill is cartoonish looking, with a thick drill bit and some raised edges running along the cylinder. The plunger shaped button on top that activates the action feature has a small Autobot symbol sculpted into it. Press the button and the drill spins.

Final Thoughts:
Servo is a cute figure and he makes for an excellent "companion" figure to go with the "Rescue Bots" humans and/or Autobots. This is definitely a figure aimed at the younger crowd, but as a fan of cute Transformers I can totally appreciate what the designers were going for.