Rescue Bots Optimus Prime and Cody Burns Two Pack Toy Review

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Rescue Bots

General Information:
Release Date: Q2 2013
Price Point: $6.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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It’s Optimus Prime and Cody Burns to the rescue, and your little hero will love being in charge of their daring missions! This robot warrior has a rescue saw for tough rescues, and he and his human ally are sized just right for little hands. Your little one will team them up every time emergency strikes!

Pack includes 2 figures. Ages 3 to 7 years. Product does not convert. Playskool, Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

In 2013 the "Rescue Bots" toy line expanded its scope and released non-transformable PVC figures of characters from the television show. The figures were released as two packs, each of which included one Transformer and a human character. The Transformers in these two packs were also packaged in baggies and sold separately at the same time for a few dollars less. This review focuses on the two pack of Optimus Prime with Cody Burns. While he is not a central figure in the cartoon, Optimus' presence is definitely felt throughout and it is he who unites the team at the beginning of the series. Cody Burns is the youngest son of Chief Charlie Burns, the head of the human rescue forces in the television show. The pairing makes sense, having the "leader" and "father" figure of the Autobots with the "gateway character" for kids offers a nice thematic contrast.

Cody Burns


Cody Burns' appearance in the first year of Rescue Bots toys differed quite a bit from his animated counterpart. This time out the designers aimed to strike a balance between the exaggerated aesthetic of the Playskool "Heroes" toy line and the "Rescue Bots" television show. The result is a figure that definitely resembles the character from the show. Cody is sculpted with his trademark bomber jacket and cargo style pants. While his proportions in the show are somewhat normal, here he has a large head and hair which then extends out into arms with huge fists at the end, a relatively narrow body and then legs that lead to huge feet. This aesthetic is pretty consistent across the entirety of the Playskook Heroes toy line so it's not a shock at all. It's a nice compromise between the two forms and provides a lot of the requisite detail including the "fur collar" (here molded plastic) around his neck and the spiked portions of his hair. There's even a zipper sculpted in the middle of the jacket and knee pads on the legs that look built into the pants.

Cody is cast in a pink-ish skin colored plastic. His eyes and eyebrows are painted black and the hair is yellow. His jacket and shoes are painted brown while the collar is an off-white. The pants are painted beige. Overall these colors do a good job of representing how he looks on the show.

The human figures in this series just stand in a static pose and don't have any working limbs, so there's no real functionality here to speak of.

Optimus Prime


Like Cody's figure, this figure takes elements of the television show model and mixes it up with the aesthetic of the Playskool Heroes line. The "Rescue Bots" version of Optimus Prime is heavily influenced by other Optimus designs over the years. This includes angled windows reminscent of the ones from "Beast Hunters" Optimus Prime, blocky arms and legs that seem inspired by G1 Optimus Prime and a head design that definitely comes straight out of Generation One. However, many of the proportions are exaggerated. His arms are huge in comparison to everything else. His mouthplate extends out a bit from his face in a way the same detail in most other Primes does not. Instead of his smokestacks being on his arms like G1 Optimus, they're on his back like "Prime" Optimus. There are some really nicely sculpted details including pistons and vents on his legs and a tube running to the sawblade machinery on his left arm. This figure stands at about twice the size of Cody in height and width. While it's still wildly out of proportion with Cody, it does get the point across that Optimus Prime should be the larger character.

Optimus Prime is cast in blue and red plastic. The red makes up most of the torso and arms. Blue is used on the head, fist and legs. A lot of the detail comes from silver paint, which you'll find on his head, smokestacks, waist area and thighs. His eyes are painted yellow and some circuitry deails on his right forearm are painted light blue. Black paint is used on the sides of his forearms and legs to color the wheel details sculpted on those sections. A bit of white is used on the bottom of the chest area and his eyes are yellow. Many of these are iconic "Optimus Prime colors" so they work very well on this figure. The "Energize" portion of this figure is the large sawblade that replaces his left hand. While it's most likely for "rescue" purposes, it looks like it could be quite a formidable weapon in battle as well!

There are six points of articulation on this figure. Two in each arm and the head. The legs are one solid piece hinged into the waist, so they can kick forward and back simultaneously. This is actually more articulation than your typical Deluxe scale "Rescue Bots" figure!

Final Thoughts:
I think it's great that the "Rescue Bots" line has affordable figures that represent characters from the TV show well. This is probably the closest we've come to a toy that represents Optimus Prime's robot form from the show accurately. You won't get much transforming action out of this pair, but I can totally see it being a fun set that kids can carry around with them in their backpacks to school or on a trip. Recommended if you like PVC style figures of your favorite "Rescue Bots" characters.