"Robots in Disguise (2015)" Legion Class Optimus Prime Toy Review

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Robots in Disguise (2015)

Optimus Prime General Information:
Release Date: December 2014
Price Point: $8.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, K-Mart, Target etc.)
Accessories: None


*Images and text below from Amazon.com:
Deceptions beware, because Optimus Prime is ready to lead the Autobots into battle against them one more time! This Autobot warrior figure converts in 5 steps from robot mode to charging semi truck mode and back. Can his Deception enemies stand against him? Not as long as you keep converting him back and forth! Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

In early previews of "Robots in Disguise", it was revealed that Optimus Prime would play a role in the series. At first it seemed it would just be as a spirit adviser to Bumblebee. However, screenshots from episodes that have leaked since seem to point to Optimus having a physical presence in the series. With that in mind, it's no surprise that Optimus will be seen in toy form in the "Robots in Disguise" line. The first toy of the character to be released in the line is the Legion Class figure.

The "Robots in Disguise" Legion Class figures are packaged on blisters connected to a card. The bubbles are not the normal kind that extend outward. Instead, each is vacu-formed to fit the shape of the figure underneath. The packaging features the new artwork of Optimus Prime. Since this is the only figure of Optimus in the line so far, this artwork isn't shared on any other figure (yet).

The back of the packaging has no tech specs information at all. The instructions are printed there and below that are disclaimers in multiple languages with a blurb for the "Robots in Disguise" app in the center. As packaging goes it's rather dull on the back, but looks great from the front. As a long time fan this bugs me, but honestly most kids are just going to toss away the packaging so I get the desire to not invest tons of money into the back of the card.

Robot Mode:
The few screenshots that we have of Optimus Prime from "Robots in Disguise" indicate he has changed his form since the days of "Transformers Prime". The change is not overly dramatic. In many respects, this design has many of the elements of his "Transformers: Prime" appearance. This includes the wide shoulder armor with points sticking up, the knee armor sticking out a bit and the lower legs being mostly smooth and extending out a bit around the ankles. Other details are definitely different, including a V shaped windshield on his chest. Of course, this is a simplified version of the Autobot leader, so larger versions of the character will probably have more details. Regardless, the sculpt of this figure is distinctly Optimus Prime, from the window on his chest to the design of his head (which includes the traditional crest, antennae and mouthplate).

Optimus is cast in red, blue and black plastic. Silver, black and blue paint are used to provide detailing. Silver is used for the mouthplate/nose area, the middle of the arms and his thighs. Black is used on his chest and feet while blue is used to paint his forearms. The left shoulder has the scannable Autobot symbol tampographed on it. There's more paint on this figure than I would have expected from a lower price point and I think the figure is better for it.

There are six point of articulation on Optimus in this form. This includes two in each arm and one at the hip joint for each leg. His hands are slightly open in a curved position, allowing his fists to hold 3mm peg weapons such as those from the "Transformers Prime". Even though he does not come with any accessories of his own, I'm glad he can hold accessories at all.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing each forearm up to the sides.
  2. Push both legs together.
  3. Swing the head back.
  4. Swing the robot arms in and connect them at the shoulders.
  5. Swing the robot legs up, connecting them to the arms (there are tabs on the legs that line up with slots on the arms).
  6. Swing the front of the vehicle down.

Vehicle Mode:
Optimus Prime's new vehicle mode is not just a truck cab (as he was in "Transformers Prime") but instead appears to be both the cab and trailer of a longnose truck. The front of the truck has echoes of his "Transformers Prime" design, featuring a longnose cab design and sleek lines. However, the windshield is a long one in a wide "V" shape and the grille has a distinct set of lines that run in a pattern that runs across, down then across again. Each side features smokestacks with small circles in them. There is also a section on top of the windshield with lights sculpted into it, reminding me a bit of the Star Convoy vehicle mode design. The rear section is mostly rectangular in shape, featuring angled sections where the robot arms connect with the legs. The front section has two wheels while the back has four. From an aesthetic perspective I really like the look of the truck. Its only flaw is the very obvious sight of the robot mode thighs from the side, but at this scale this type of design compromise is not surprising.

This mode features all the same colors as the robot mode with most of the red plastic in front and on the top while most of the blue plastic is on the bottom half of the vehicles rear section. The wheels are all cast in black plastic. A bit more black appears on the section between the cab and the trailer. Some blue paint appears on the top (via the forearms) and silver is used for the smokestacks. The windshield is black. The color scheme is simple, but distinct and it looks good.

The vehicle rolls on all six wheels. Each side features a 3mm port that allows you to attach Cyberverse weapons, giving him some offensive capability in this form.

Final Thoughts:
Legion Class Optimus Prime is a neat little figure. There's nothing particular extraordinary about the figure, but there's also nothing extraordinarily wrong with it either. If you're a big Optimus Prime fan then this figure won't disappoint. Otherwise it would probably be more worthwhile to wait for either the Warrior Class or large One Step Changer dude this year.