"Robots in Disguise" (2015) Weaponizer Mini-Con 4 Pack Toy Reviews

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Robots in Disguise (2015)

General Information:
Release Date: August 2016
Price Point: $24.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: Limited Release (Target, Online retailers)
Accessories: Lancelon (Helmet, Torso armor, Swords x 2, Antennae x 2); Lord Doomitron (Shoulder armor x 2; Torso armor; Arm armor x 2)

One of the themes for "Robots in Disguise" in early 2016 was the "Weaponizer" gimmick. In broad terms this referred to Mini-Cons that could become some type of weapon for larger Transformers. This made them different than the "Torpedo" and "Buzzsaw" type Mini-Cons such as Ratbat and Slipstream respectively. As part of the promotion of these new Mini-Cons a four pack was released, featuring redecos of figures that would also be released in individual packs. That said, as of October of 2016 the Weaponizers have not received wide distribution. Many figures shown at Toy Fair 2016 including Tricerashot and Bashbreaker (in blue colors) have yet to see any type of mass release. Indeed, even this four pack has only largely been released at Target stores and some online retailers. That makes this four pack one of the primary ways for fans to get their hands on Weaponizer figures pending a wider release of the other figures.

This four pack is a window box, with all four Mini-Cons showing in the window. The two with weapon trees are on the bottom with the other two on top. On the bottom is a green border with a cog symbol that says "Mini-Con Weaponizers" on it. On the other side is the vertical Transformers logo with the "Robots in Disguise" logo above it. The side has art featuring the four characters inside the set. Interestingly, Lord Doomitron is colored grey and purple, which is the color of the mass release instead of the one in this four pack. The back of the packaging features all four Mini-Cons in both modes and of course a pile of legal information in multiple languages.


Bashbreaker is an interesting design. For the most part he's a pretty generic looking Transformer, with a head featuring a crest in the center, raised antennae like protrusions on the sides and circles sticking out the sides of the head. The center of the torso has a large circular cog on it and the legs are curved with knee armor sticking out over the knees. What makes him distinctive are the arms which feature giant hammer heads on them. They're not really sculpted like arms or hands at all. They are simply the ends of the hammer forming the arms. He's a cute little guy, but you wouldn't want Bashbreaker punching you!

Metallic brown and black colors are used for this figure. The brown faces the front with the black on the back. Silver paint is used for the face while purple paint is found on the crest and eyes. The cog detail on the torso has a scannable Decepticon symbol on it. This unlocks the character in the "Robots in Disguise" mobile app.

Swing out the peg on the back of the legs, then pull up the other peg to auto-transform the arms into the head of a hammer. Larger figures can hold the 5mm peg at the bottom.

Hammers are not the most common weapon among Transformers toys so it is cool to have Bashbreaker transform into one.


Dragonus is a curiosity in this set. First, he's the only Autobot. Second, his previous version was a Decepticon! There is no explanation given as to why he's an Autobot now. From a pure marketing perspective I'm going to guess the designers just needed to include an Autobot in the pack and Dragonus just happened to be the one chosen. The funny part is, there was a redeco of this sculpt shown at Toy Fair 2016 where the character was a Decepticon again! I guess fans of the character can have it both ways depending on the release they pick up.

This version of Dragonus looks a lot less curved and organic than the first one. This time out almost every part of him has machinery sculpted into it including the wings and the central portion of his body. His head looks almost bird-like except instead of a beak he has a mouth with a pronounced underbite. Like the other Weaponizer Mini-Cons he has a circular cog detail on the center of his body. One of his most distinctive features are two huge cannons that point forward, one on each wing. In many respects Dragonus' design reminds me of all mechanical beasts from G1 such as Laserbeak and Ratbat and I love that.

Dragonus is cast in blue and red plastic. The blue makes up most of the figure with red used for the joints that connect the main body to the wings. The eyes are painted light grey. The weapon barrels are painted red on top. The final touch is a scannable Autobot symbol on the top of the figure that unlocks the character in the "Robots in Disguise" mobile app. Overall I do wish he had a few more deco points on the wings, but Mini-Cons in this line are not generally heavy on deco so this is not a surprise.

There are several slots on this figure for armor, but they are not included in t his set. Instead those are intended to be part of the single release (where he becomes a Decepticon again). To transform him, push the wings in. Then swing the peg on the back down.

Dragonus' alt mode is a large dual barreled blaster and it looks super cool. As weapons go, he's pretty huge so be warned some figures may have a harder time holding him up than others. While it "crosses lines", I actually like using him as a gun emplacement on either Titan Class Fortress Maximus or Metroplex!


Lancelon's name is a reference to Lancelot, the Knight of the Round Table. Given that his design resembles Medieval armor. The most distinctive part is the head design which features a Y shaped opening, a high central crest and horns on the sides. It also has a visor piece on the top of the helmet section complete with vertical lines. The body has shoulder armor that angles outward and he even has a sword and shield sculpted into the arms. He has a lot of nicely sculpted details including a cog shaped circle on the torso, pointed knee armor and small details on his feet. It's a really cool looking sculpt though its proportions are rather thick and almost "super deformed" looking.

Lancelon is cast in metallic yellow and lavender colors. The colors go nicely together, and I love how rich the yellow color looks. Red paint is used for the eyes and the cog on his chest. A bit of silver is used on the middle of the body. The final deco point is a scannable Decepticon symbol on his chest. This unlocks the character in the official "Robots in Disguise" app.

This set includes weapons for two of the Mini-Cons, and Lancelon is one of them. His armor is cast in translucent red plastic. Two of these pieces form large horn-like structures that flank the head. The helmet and torso pieces connect together and attach to the torso. Finally there are two blades that attach to the arms. There is no articulation on this figure so this is about it in terms of the robot mode's play value.

Push the peg on Lancelon's back up and swing the peg near his feet down to form his sword mode. Larger figures with 5mm ports can hold the sword as a weapon. He looks good as a sword and I like the way the figure "auto-transforms" as you push the peg on the back down. Note: the peg is long enough that you can attach it to larger "Power Surge" figures to activate their sound features. When I tested this on Starscream, he actually recognized Lancelon as the Mini-Con attached, yelling "Mini-Con Lancelon Power Up!". That's a pretty fun feature and I was surprised by it.

Lord Doomitron

In many respects Lord Doomitron is similar in design to the Mini-Con Bludgeon in design with the sides of the cannonball form making up the arms, a round torso section and small feet. He even has spikes on the arms, much like Bludgeon. His head however is quite different. It features a creepy looking face with a toothy snarl and three claws on top of the head. Also like Bludgeon his torso has a skull-like design on it. Lord Doomitron may be a round little Mini-Con but he definitely has a creepy look.

Lord Doomitron is cast in flat yellow and green colors. Most of the upper body is yellow hile his hands and legs are green. Green and red paint are used for his face and eyes respectively. The right arm has a scannable Decepticon symbol on it that unlocks the character in the official "Robots in Disguise" app. The armor pieces included with this figure are cast in translucent red. The shoulder armor resembles flames while the torso armor looks like a fanged skull. The pieces that attach to the arms look like small blade weapon. Since this figure does not have any real meaningful articulation attaching these pieces is the primary play pattern for the robot mode.

Swing the forearms up, then push the shoulder armor back and the figure collapses into a ball. Lord Doomitron is similar to one of the "Cyclone" style Mini-Cons that work as projectiles with Overload. However due to the design he cannot be launched. Instead there is a peg on the back of the weapon mode that allows a larger figure to hold him in a 5mm port. The claws from the robot mode head point forward now, effectively turning Lord Doomitron into a claw weapon with a bonus blunt ball built into it. The skull like designs on the torso now face front, giving the weapon a very unnerving appearance. For those wondering, you can keep all the armor pieces attached to this form including the blade that sticks out in front.

Final Thoughts: