"Robots in Disguise" (2015) Warrior Class Quillfire Toy Review

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Robots in Disguise (2015)

Quillfire General Information:
Release Date: April 2016
Price Point: $14.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, Walmart, Target etc.)
Accessories: Blaster

*Images and text below from Hasbro's Web Site:
The porcupine-like Decepticon Quillfire believes that he is the leader of a revolution. (He's still waiting for everyone else to believe the same thing.) Now that he's out of his prison stasis pod, he's ready to rally his brothers and arms and meet the Autobots with hearty opposition. His quills contain a poison that affects every target in a different way. When Quillfire hits an Autobot with one of his quills, no one knows what the poison will do. They just know it isn't going to be good.

Quillfire was introduced in the first season of "Robots in Disguise" as a Decepticon anarchist with a few screws loose. Quillfire has previously appeared in this toy line as a "Tiny Titan" PVC figure and a One Step Changer but this is the first Warrior Class version of the character.

Quillfire is packaged on a blister card. The backing card uses the standard promo art for the character showing with his mouth open looking rather threatening. If you are facing the card you will see the red "Transformers" logo set vertically on the right with the "Robots in Disguise" logo above it. The figure is packaged in robot mode inside the bubble. The insert has a photo of the vehicle mode and the art for the character on the side. Interestingly, the official photos of the figure in packaging show the insert with a different design. On that design, there is a green border has Quillfire's name on the bottom, but above it is a gear design with a robot outline and the term "Mini-Con Weaponizers" with curved arrows going from the robot to the words. This is referencing the ability for 2016 "Weaponizer" Mini-Cons to connect to larger Transformers using 5mm pegs. The actual product however does not have this insert, instead having a more traditional one lacking any reference to "Weaponizers". The back of the packaging has photos of the figure in both modes indicating 8 steps to transform the figure. It also has the instructions to the side.

Robot Mode:
Like many of the Decepticons in "Robots in Disguise", Quillfire's robot mode incorporates animalistic elements. Specifically he is based on a porcupine. Mind you this is not a cute and cuddly Transformer. Instead he has a face that looks almost reptilian and scary and the quills on his back look like they're designed to do some damage! He has a short but wide appearance, giving him a squat but strong appearance. Indeed in the cartoon he more than held his own against the Autobots in combat!

Quillfire has a lot of details taken directly from the animation model. Large sections such as his head, the quills on his back, shoulder armor, forearms and legs all match up very well with his animated counterpart. There are some slight differences however. For instance on the animation model the forearms clearly have the side mirrors and side view mirrors hanging off the sides. On this figure the same parts are there, but they are upside down when compared to the animation model. Another difference is the shape of the "hood" over his head, which is much more rectangular and blocky here than it is in the cartoon. That said, these are really minor differences. The sculpt does a great job of representing the character.

Color wise it is interesting to see just how different the figure is between the animation model and the figure. In the cartoon Quillfire is mostly brown with some dark grey and black parts. Instead, this figure seems to take Quillfire's animation model more as a starting point and then jumps off into a very different deco. There are some metallic brown parts such as the "hood" over his neck and head as well as the forearms, but a majority of his parts are a tan color. This includes his shoulder armor, chest and lower legs. The parts that would be dark grey on the animation model wind up being silver here instead (such as the hands and thighs). Some black is used for his head, waist/hip area and feet. Even the quills on his back are colored differently than the cartoon. There they are brown, but here they are silver. I'm not sure what accounts for this relatively big departure from the animation model (especially when the One Step Changer got it right for the most part) however I will say it looks good. The colors are nice, the metallic brown is great, it's just not what I expected to see.

Some paint applications are used in t his form. The head has silver on the lower jaw and eyebrows and red on the eyes. Gold is used on his waist/hips and feet. The chest panel is painted black with a scannable Decepticon symbol on top. The headlights on his shoulders are painted orange.

Quillfire has nineteen points of articulation, which is actually quite a bit for a Warrior Class figure. this includes four on each arm, three on each leg and even the ability for his jaw to open and close. The figure includes two accessories. One is a blaster that has small quill designs on it, matching up with Quillfire's own design. This can be held in either hand. The other weapon is a quill/dagger. He is seen using these on the show to draw his "mark" (resembling a series of quills sweeping back). This piece has a 5mm peg so he can hold it in his hand. He can also stow it away in two places on his back. You can attach it to the panel from the vehicle mode on his back to form a tail or you can attach it to the center of the quills on his back. I like how this calls back to the way the character deploys his weapons in the cartoon. I'm also glad the quill has a peg so figures can hold it.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the weapons and set them aside for now.
  2. Swing the robot hands into the forearms.
  3. Swing the robot feet back.
  4. Rotate the hip/waist section around.
  5. Connect the two lower legs together.
  6. Swing the back panels out and down.
  7. Attach the dagger into the quills behind the head section.
  8. Swing the panel behind the head open and swing the head back, then close the panel.
  9. Swing the middle of the body back on the central hinge.
  10. Swing the part with the windshield forward, attaching it to the hood section.
  11. On each arm, swing the forearms back up against the shoulder armor.
  12. Push the arms (now the sides of the vehicles) in. There are clips on the sides that attach to grooves on the top of the cabin section.
  13. Swing the robot legs (now the rear of the vehicle) up, then push it in. There are tabs on the legs near the knees that fit into grooves on the doors.
  14. Swing the back panel down.
  15. Flip the vehicle over and attach the blaster to the slots on the rear of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
From a sculpting perspective Quillfire looks fantastic. He matches up very nicely with the animation model. This includes the relatively small grille in front, the angled headlights and boxy Humvee like appearance. I really love how boxy and powerful this vehicle looks and I'm happy to see so many of the details from the animation model represented in the toy.

While his sculpt is very much screen accurate, the colors are not. The tan and brown plastic colors dominate this mode, and that's the issue. The colors don't match up at all to the animation model. There are also lots of unpainted details including the grille and the lights mounted on the top of the cabin section. There is gold used on the lights under the headlights and the sides of the wheels. This latter detail in particular is surprising since this has been an oft ignored detail on "Robots in Disguise" figures. The windows are painted gunmetal grey, which gives them a nice shine.

Final Thoughts:
Quillfire is really well sculpted. I love the look of the figure and his weapons. The transformation scheme is also great. Intuitive yet more complex than many others in the "Robots in Disguise" line. Unfortunately it falls short in the deco department. Recommended if you want to add another Decepticon to your ranks without breaking the bank.