Revenge of the Fallen Activators Megatron Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: June 2010
Price Point: $9.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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MEGATRON has worked for years to accomplish his evil ends. His body is a living weapon, designed for one purpose – to conquer the universe. He has been defeated many times, but never beaten for good. He will fight forever until the AUTOBOTS are destroyed and he rules over all.

Spring into action with this quick conversion vehicle-to-robot villain! With just the press of a button, this mighty MEGATRON figure changes from alien tank vehicle mode to robot mode through super speedy spring-loaded action. Convert him back to vehicle mode and push the button to convert him to robot mode again and again as the robot battles rage on! Ages 4 and up.

It has become accepted over the past few years that Transformers need to be marketed to several age ranges, not just the standard "7-12 year old" crowed. Over the years, simplified Transformers have taken on many forms including the now defunct "Go-Go-Gobots" line as well as the Fast Action Battlers. This year introduces an old name with a new concept into the mix, aimed at a younger audience. Activators, a term used for simplified, but show accurate versions of characters from "Animated" now has been recycled for use as a sub-line of Movie based figures. Among the first of these releases is Megatron, based upon his movie appearances.

Robot Mode:
It's certainly no surprise that in a wave with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee there would be a Megatron figure as well. Activators Megatron is based on his appearance in "Revenge of the Fallen" complete with his tank tread legs and asymmetrical arm designs. While Activators Bumblebee emphasized a very cute and chunky design, Megatron looks more like an overall simplified version of the larger figures based on this CGI model with slight exaggeration on some parts. Like the other versions and his on-screen counterpart, he has a jagged, angular look all over his upper body and head. In many ways, Megatron is the embodiment of the "Michael Bay-former" aesthetic. There's a lot of detail to be found on this mode. His head and chest in particular have a lot of sculpted angular details. His arms have lots of tubes and overlapping designs leading to claw hands. The new "exaggerated" Activators aesthetic comes into play with the head and arm designs. While they are faithful to the movie designs, the head is slightly larger in proportion to the rest of the body than one may expect and inversely his arms are a lot skinnier (though overall "Revenge of the Fallen" Megatron's arms aren't exactly "beefy" by anyone's definition). Megatron's legs are mostly made up of his tank treads and armor pieces such as those over his legs and look fairly accurate to the CGI model.

In all fairness to the designers, there's a lot of wonderfully sculpted detail here. I really dig the head and chest designs and the tank tread designs are very well done. I dare say that these sculpted details are the highlight of the figure. However, the tiny arms and the slight exaggerations in the design don't work very well together since they don't make Megatron look particularly threatening, but instead make him look a bit odd instead.

Megatron is cast in grey, brown and black plastic. The grey makes up most of the body parts with the brown parts making up smaller bits such as the knee armor. The black plastic is a soft plastic that is used for sharper looking pieces such as the claws on his hands. Paint applications are done in gold, gunmetal and red. The eyes are bright red, which looks fantastic. A lot of the upper body is painted gold, including the shoulders and chest pieces. The gunmetal paint is found on the sides of his legs, adding some nice metallic looking detailing to the flat grey plastic color. Despite his spindly arms, the paint apps really do look nice, especially the gold ones, some of which are sprayed onto the figure, fading a bit towards the waist and upper legs.

You've probably sensed a bit of hesitancy for me to go bonkers over this figure, and that's mainly because a lot of the positive stuff has already been said. Megatron has fifteen points of articulation in this mode. Many of them are good ones, including ball joints on the elbows and two joints on each shoulder. However, his feet are meant to be angled parts of the tank treads, with only a tiny heel piece keeping the legs upright. Unfortunately, since the figure is a bit back heavy you have to play with him quite a bit to get him standing right. Compounding this problem is that his knees are not tight, so he tends to lean back unless you lean him forward slightly. I know Megatron had a weird foot design in the movie, but other iterations of this character have managed to make the feet more solid and I wish that had been done here.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Move the arms down to the sides and swing each claw hand in.
  2. Move the head so it is facing upwards.
  3. Swing the tank section on the back up, then swing it over his head and shoulders.
  4. Swing the robot feet back so they line up with the rest of the treads.
  5. Swing the bottom half of the legs forward and clip them underneath the tank armor.

Vehicle Mode:
Megatron's tank mode in the movie was a very flat design that looked almost like the vehicular equivalent of a turtle with a curved armor shell on top and treads on the bottom sticking out like a turtle's flippers. This figure manages to replicate a lot of the key design features including the treads with jagged line details on the sides, the cannon in the center having claw like protrusions at the end of the barrel as well as thrusters in the back of the vehicle. Like the robot mode, the detailing looks fantastic here. The sides of the treads have circle, angular and tube details. Each segment of his treads are sculpted nicely and the curved sections of his armor have nice line designs leading to cool looking thrusters in the back. He also has smaller guns on the left and right behind the main cannon, each of which have cool detailing on them.

My one complaint with this mode is with the black portions. Because they are small and potentially dangerous bits of plastic, they are cast in very soft plastic. Instead of a more hard rubbery plastic, this plastic is super bendable and tend to stay in their bent shape. That means right out of the packaging, my Megatron's cannon "claws" were already a bit warped. I understand the safety considerations involved, but I wish a slightly stronger rubbery plastic had been used to make these parts instead.

In this mode Megatron has all the same colors as the robot mode, but we get to see one additional one: purple. The button that activates his transformation is on the back. Press it and the back armor piece flips back the the main body shifts up. The Decepticon symbol in that button is painted purple while the some of the circular designs on the sides of his treads are painted purple as well. This is a welcome splash of color on a figure that is mostly made up of rather bland colors.

Final Thoughts:
I'm not a big fan of this figure. It looks awkward and functionally it does not impress. It's a bit sad as I think there was some genuine potential here as evidenced in the nicely sculpted bits and nicely done paint applications. Not recommended.