Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Arcee Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: August 2009
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Sidecar/figure stand


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ARCEE jumped at the chance to join up with IRONHIDE and the other DECEPTICON hunters on Earth. She proved such an effective warrior that she was quickly given command of her own strike team, made up of robots similar to her in attitude and design. Together with the AUTOBOTS she leads, she stalks the DECEPTICONS in silence, creeping close enough to look them in the optics before she strikes.

Get ready to roll out with this AUTOBOT ally! This advanced conversion figure shows off her spinning gears in robot mode before converting to a sleek motorcycle in vehicle mode! With a sidecar that becomes a snap-on blaster for blasting DECEPTICON forces or a figure stand for displaying this super-cool figure, you’re ready for whatever the competition can dish out!

The character of Arcee is a curiosity in Transformers history. She's not often treated as an "A-lister", yet whenever she appears as a figure fans get very excited. Despite having several figures devoted to the character over the years, it took about two decades for fans to even get an official figure that resembled her G1 incarnation and that version sold out everywhere. In the live action movie universe, Arcee was intended to appear in the first movie, but she was taken out and replaced with Ironhide. Despite being removed, there was a figure produced in 2007 matching her original CGI model. In "Revenge of the Fallen", Arcee finally gets her due in live action but in a whole new form.

Vehicle Mode:
Despite having a completely redesigned robot mode, Arcee's vehicle mode remains a motorcycle. This time, her alternate form is based on the Ducati 848, a "ninja style" motorcycle. Licensing issues prevented the designers from creating an exact replica of the Ducati in toy form, but they certainly got very close with this figure. Key design elements from the Ducati on this figure include:

  • The angled front end slopes down with a curved windshield piece in the center.
  • The panels on the sides of the vehicle angle back, forming a wide V shape in the front and back.
  • Parts of the vehicle engine stick out on the sides behind the aforementioned panel.
  • The seat slopes up to the back to a section where the exhaust pipes are mounted right under a raised panel on the rear of the vehicle.
  • Small details such as circular panels on either side of the front wheels and chains on the rear wheel gear are all present.

While there are similarities, there are some key differences from the Ducati as well:

  • The Ducati's headlights are mostly flat and angled, but have a large section in the middle whereas Arcee's are just slits.
  • There is a small opening between the two headlights on the figure whereas the real life Ducati has two vent like openings, one under each headlight.
  • The spokes of the wheels are curved and there are only five whereas the real life vehicle has five spokes that each split off in a Y shape into two more.
  • The side panels on the Ducati have an indentation towards the top, while the figure has this as well, this indentation has raised lines coming out , pointing to the back of the vehicle.

Arcee includes a small sidecar, which was not featured in the movie (that I can remember anyhow) but serves as both an accessory and a means to help balance the motorcycle easily (though the motorcycle can balance on its own thanks to a kickstand on the left). The sidecar has a fantastic amount of detailing for an accessory. The seat section has details including layers of armor, wires and circles. The outside has tube like details and beveled rectangular shapes. On each side there are barrels for a machine gun pointing forward. A peg on the right side connects the accessory to the left rear wheel. While the scales are a bit out of whack, you can seat a "Human Alliance" human figure in the sidecar or even certain Mini-Cons!

Arcee is cast in red, black and clear plastic. The red plastic makes up most of the vehicle including the front end, side panels, center and the top of the motorcycle's rear section. Black is reserved for the wheels an dmore of the inner workings of the figure. The sidecar is also cast in black. The clear plastic is used on the front end for the headlights. Red, black and silver paint are used for detailin work. Silver is found in light sprays on the side panels and the middle of the vehicle. You'll also find a silver Autobot symbol behind the seat. Black is used for Cybertronian glyphs on the side panels which overlap the silver paint on each panel. The glyphs definitely look like the style of those used in the movie, but they are not the exact same glyphs. The red paint is used for the sides of each wheel, matching up with the red on the rest of the figure. The red color is a very bright shade, border lining on pink but coming closer to a neon color.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the sidecar if you have it attached.
  2. Lift the side panels off of the front wheel on both sides.
  3. Swing the hing in the center to move both wheels out to the left side.
  4. Swing the right side panel forward, then down. Split the front section of the motorcycle so the arm can extend down, then fold the side motorcycle panel in half.
  5. Swing the section with the motorcycle seat up to the side to begin forming the right arm.
  6. Swing out the panel on the left arm with the Autobot symbol on it, revealing the right hand.
  7. Rotate the forearm around on the right side and rotate the knife weapon base around.
  8. Fold in the side panel with the feet/tires on them.
  9. Extend the body's mid-section up a bit, staning the figure tall.
  10. Attach the wheel/feet to the stand if you want to display the figure with both wheels do the ground.

Robot Mode:
Harking back to the Beast Machines Vehicon Thrust, Arcee's design has her rolling on her two wheels without the traditional legs you'd expect to see on a Transformer. Taking the unusual design even a step further, Arcee's mid-body angles to the right side, so she is off center. The upper body is perhaps the most "normal" section of the body. The center of the motorcycle forms the chest, she has two arms (though asymmetrical) and a head on the top of the chest (connected by a small neck). Overall, this shape matches the CGI model including larger details such as the front panels from the motorcycles forming left shoulder armor and her weapons being mounted on the right forearm. She even has a blade like protrusion coming out from the right shoulder.

The detail work on this figure is fantastic. Most of it is concentrated in the mid to lower body where a lot of mechanical details come into play including pistons, circles, tubes and even gears. The chest is perhaps the most "solid" lookin gportion, but even it has several angled patterns laid over mechanical detail that leads up to the robot head. The robot head design is very sleek, with an extremely angular helmet section coming to a point at her chin. The way the crest and the sides of the helmet sweep back are reminscent of wings on a bird. In my mind it evokes the design of figures such as Airazor from Beast Wars. Both arms have some great detail, focused mainly around the thin arms and her claw hands with three fingers on each. The right forearm turns the two exhaust pipes into blasters and the weapon on top reveals a blade when you press the trigger on the back. The blade itself has a nice design with a serrated edge and a sharp looking triangular point.

All of the colors from the vehicle mode carry over here. Newly revealed parts include the arms (which are painted black) and the robot head (cast in red). The new color introduced in this form is translucent blue, used for the blade in her knife weapon as well as the eyes, designed for light piping. Silver paint is prominant here on the chest and on the head. The only shame in my opinion is the lack of paint apps on the black mechanical parts in the middle of the body. Some silver spray or brush work would have helped to bring out some of the sculpt more, but it's not a horrible omission by any means.

Arcee has thirteen points of articulation in this form. They're not exactly your normal kinds, especially the ball joints that make up the middle of the body that angles to one side (you can alternate what side it angles towards). This alows you to move her body as if it were snaking side to side, similar to how she moved in the movie when chasing Sideways. The head can turn side to side and be moved forward and back and her knife weapon can turn in a circle. One bit of warning: the ball joint on the left arm seems to pop off rather easily on mine, not so much during play but when I transform the figure back into vehicle mode.

Final Thoughts:
I'm into rather wacky Transformer designs, and this one certainly qualifies. It's not the easiest figure to transform back into vehicle mode, you have to be quite exact with the placement of each part and the arm popping off is a bit annoying. If you can deal with these things, I'd recommend this figure. If not, she's not going to be for you. Recommended with caveats.