Revenge of the Fallen Deep Desert Brawl Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2009
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Missile x 1


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Hidden deep in the driest desert on Earth, DECEPTICON BRAWL hid and waited for a new DECEPTICON leader to emerge. Though the AUTOBOTS searched for him, they never even came close to finding him. It enraged him that he was forced to hide in defeat. Now that MEGATRON has returned, he is ready to do battle again, and determined this time to destroy as many AUTOBOTS as he can. Gear up for battle with this devious-looking DECEPTICON ally! This detailed robot-to-vehicle figure is armed and ready for action. When he's set to roll out, convert him from robot mode to a tough tank in vehicle mode. The battle is on and this guy is ready--are you? Detailed robot-to-vehicle figure converts from robot to tank mode and back again! Ages 5 and up.

Ah, an expanded toy line for any Transformers line allows for infinite possibilities. Need to reuse the Optimus Primal mold from the 10th Anniversary of Beast Wars? Easy - turn Optimus Prime from Cybertron into a gorilla on the Beast Planet. Need to bring a character who was destroyed in the 2007 Transformers movie back? Just give him a new deco! This trick worked for Jazz in the first movie, and this time around the logic has been applied to Brawl. While the titanic Decepticon was brought down by the Autobots and humans in the film, he's returned to wreak havoc in the deserts. This figure is a redeco of the Brawl released in 2007. For a more detailed look at this sculpt, check out the review for the first Brawl figure from 2007. This review will focus on changes made to the figure for this review.

Vehicle Mode:
As his name indicates, the theme for this Brawl figure is the desert. This isn't the first time the theme has been applied to the character as his 2007 Leader Class figure had been given a second deco as a desert themed tank. However, this is the first time the deluxe class Brawl figure has been given this type of makeover. The desert theme makes perfect sense as the cimactic battle at the end of "Revege of the Fallen" takes place in the desert, and it's not hard imagining Brawl joining the battle with this new deco.

The dark green color from the first Brawl has been replaced with a tan plastic color. His smaller parts are cast in translucent orange, black and gunmetal. The translucent orange is used for the robot mode, apropriate as orange can be meant to represent head, something the desert has plenty of! The black is found on the treads as well as the two small quad-guns mounted to the turret. Gunmetal is used for the two cannons on the top of the turret as well as smaller parts like the posts that the quad-cannons connect to.

Paint decos are done in brown and black. The brown is used for string-like camo decos found on the turret and the main body of the tank. Black is used for a Decepticon symbol in between the two cannons on the top portion of the turret. The pattern is different from that of the 2007 Brawl figure, which is nice to see. I like the way this deco looks, but it's not Earth shattering in any way. I think a few more decos (perhaps a "dirt" spray op) would have done this vehicle mode a lot of good.

All the joints on the vehicle mode are tight, including the ball jointed quad-cannons.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing the turret back.
  2. Move the panels on the side of the turret out, then swing out each arm.
  3. Rotate the base piece that the turret is conected to.
  4. Swing each forward half of the tank's sides back.
  5. Separate each half of the tank's rear section.
  6. Swing the rear tread sections back so they angle outward.
  7. Swing the front of the tank down. This will fold the front portion of the tank treads up along with the robot head.
  8. Swing the turret up and attach it to the back of the upper body piece.
  9. Attach each shoulder section by the diamond shaped pieces on the shoulder panels to the diamond shaped holes on the chest piece.
  10. Swing the front of the robot feet up and swing the drums at the rear of the vehicle back.
  11. Swing the dual turrets so they point up and swing the smaller cannons up and point them forward.
  12. Slide the tank turret up on the right arm.

Robot Mode:
There are no sculpt changes to Brawl in this form, so all the sculpting from the first version of the figure carries over into this one. As you'd expect, the color scheme is heavily oriented towards a desert color scheme instead of the dark green of the first Brawl. Unlike the vehicle mode, there is less emphasis placed on the camo pattern and more on different plastic colors coming together to create a new visual for the sculpt. The primary plastic colors in this form are tan, gunmetal, black, light yellow and translucent orange. The tan color is the most prominant, forming parts including the chest, forearms, most of the legs and the cannon his right arm. The gunmetal color is used on smaller parts such as the knee armor pieces, the blades on his left arm and several joints including those that form the hinges on his leg armor. Black also forms small parts including his feet, heel pieces and the treads that wind up near his shoulders. Light yellow is used on small sections including the weapon on his left arm, his shoulders, head and waist. The color that is used the least is translucent orange, which is only used for the light piping eyes and his missile.

Paint decos are done in black, tan, brown and silver. The black color is found on the treads and arms. Tan is used on parts of the arms, allowing the yellow and tan colors to alternate on the upper arms. You'll also find some tan paint on the treads, most noticable on the treads on either side of his head. Brown is used for camoflage deco on his chest, mid-body and waist. Visually this offers a link to the vehicle mode which is important, and he would have looked rather plain otherwise. Finally, a dash of silver can be found on the robot head, where it is used to paint the area underneath the eyes. I was a bit surprised that there weren't more brown camo patterns, however I believe this may have been due to cost since the vehicle mode deco is rather elaborate by most deluxe figure standards. While not super different from its predecessor, the color scheme is slightly different from the first Brawl. There are no paint decos on the front parts of his lower legs and the pattern on the arms is different near the shoulders, and of course the camo patterns on his chest and waist differ from the paint details on the first Brawl.

All the joints on Brawl are still tight including the cannon on the right arm and his shoulder joints. However, I had a bit of difficulty fitting in the diamond shaped piece from the left underarm section into the matching hole on his chest. I haven't seen this widely reported so I can't go so far as to say this is a flaw in all the Brawl figures in this line, but it is worrisome from a quality control perspective. The problem is that the raised diamond shaped peg is a bit too large, causing me to have to push fairly hard to get it just partly into the hole.

Final Thoughts:
Deep Desert Brawl isn't the best redeco ever, but nor is he a total disappointment. Frankly he's just a bit dull. If this type of scheme hadn't already been done once I'd probably be a bit more into it. Also, considering this sculpt has been released a couple times before, I would have hoped a few more deco points could have been added in. Add to that the issue with the diamond shaped peg on the robot arm points to possible quality assurance issues. Sadly, while I like the sculpt a lot, this singular issue drove me from a "Mildly recommended" status to "Not Recommended". I suppose if you just want a Brawl figure for your Decepticon army and missed his previous releases, this will do in a pinch.