Revenge of the Fallen Mudflap and Skids Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: August 2009
Price Point: $12.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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AUTOBOT SKIDS and MUDFLAP have always been close, but this is a little ridiculous. Equipped with experimental combination technology, they use their newfound ability to help the other AUTOBOTS hunt rogue DECEPTICONS wherever they hide. Unfortunately, they have so much difficulty hanging onto each other in vehicle mode that they spend more time struggling to stay on the road then they do fighting.

These AUTOBOT buddies are twice the fun! In robot mode, these two figures are ready to take on whatever those DECEPTICON forces can dish out! In vehicle mode, they’re keeping their “cool,” combining to form an ice cream truck! Recreate exciting movie scenes or roll out your own adventures!

Months before the opening of "Revenge of the Fallen", leaked pictures from the set of the movie revealed several vehicles including a somewhat oddball choice: an ice cream truck. It was seen being used during shooting and some speculation ran about that this was actually a fake vehicle put on the set to confuse set spies. Of course, months later we would learn that this in fact was a real Transformer! To be more accurate, Transformers. The ice cream truck was actually the vehicle form of the two Autobots Mudflap and Skids combined. In its own way, the two harken back to Generation One sub-groups such as the Multiforce or Duocons, all of whom involved two Transformers combining into a single form.

Vehicle Mode:
The ice cream truck mode is largely based on a 1930's modified truck. It has several of the key design elements often seen in that age. This includes high curved wheel wells in the front of the car, large cone-shaped headlights and a tall vertical grille. Several of its curved details including the windshield, tires, hood and front bumper all evoke an almost classic cartoonish look. What's even better is how accurate the vehicle is to its real life counterpart. The front end is high with the huge curved wheel wells on either side. This leads to a vertical windshield that angles back a bit, leading to an even higher rear section. What's better is that a lot of the vehicle's smaller details are also reflected in this figure including:

  • The design of the grille has a thick, middle section with horizontal grille pieces on the sides.
  • The sideview mirrors have a light pointing forward with a mirror pointing back for the driver to see.
  • The wheels have an old fashioned design, with a ring around the hubcap leading to thin tires.
  • The windows on the side are curved rectangles, with the back side windows having a vertical line indicating where one window can pulls back in true ice cream truck tradition!
  • On the section right over the windshield, there is a megaphone that actually plays a role in the movie as Mudflap and Skids speak over it in vehicle form.
  • At the very top of the vehicle is a plastic piece that looks like soft serve ice cream poured/swirled right on the top of the vehicle.

There's another interesting sculpted detail. If you look carefully at certain parts such as the left side wheel well and the panels underneath the back windows you'll see patches where the plastic has a "rough" pattern. No doubt this was to simulate the rust that is seen all over the real life vehicle this toy is based on. Oddly, none of these rust details have been painted, which is a real darn shame because the details wind up blending right into the other colors without something to distinguish them. I have to say that for this mode, this was a huge disappointment to see since clearly at one point there was an intention of releasing this with more paint deco. It's not a huge deal breaker, but I'm not happy about the omission either.

Mudflap and Skids' vehicle mode is cast in pink, white, grey, translucent blue and translucent grey colors. The pink and white make up most of the body, with white making up moset of the top and pink making up most of the bottom. The windshield and side windows are cast in translucent grey while the headlights are translucent blue. The grey plastic is used on the wheels and the megaphone on the top of the vehicle. Paint applications are done up in white, blue and red. The front section has white paint on the areas on the top of the cabin that align with the white plastic on the back section. The windows on the sides and the back are painted blue. Red is used for an Autobot symbol found on the back of the vehicle, right where the top section curves down. Silver and pink details are painted onto the wheels, matching details from the on screen vehicle.

As seen in the film, the ice cream truck form had several details painted on it including an ice cream cone on the doors, a snow cone and a rather silly sticker that has a Decepticon symbol on it with the words "suck" and "popsicle". Clearly that particular detail isn't kid-friendly so it isn't found on this figure. What is found is an ice cream cone on the side that resembles the one used on the vehicle from the movie, but isn't 100% accurate. The words "Creamy Ice Cream" are printed across the the top of the sides, over the side windows. The word "Creamy" is in script and red while the words "Ice cream" are in blue and regular text. This corresponds to a detail seen on the movie's vehicle. Another detail that carries over from the movie vehicle is the sentence "Made fresh for you!" on the top of the wheel wells in the front. I am very happy to see details carried over from the movie vehicle, but I wish there were more. In concert with the non-existant rust details (despite having them sculpted) it really feels like this deco pattern is more of a first pass than a final product.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
The first step to transforming this vehicle to its robot modes is to split it in half. Grab the front and back halves and pull gently, this will separate the two halves that are held together by tabs and pegs. Mudflap forms the rear half and Skids forms the forward half.

Mudflap Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing out the side panels with the blue windows on them.
  2. Swing out the sections with the words "Creamy Ice Cream" on them.
  3. Move the panels with the ice cream design on them forward and swing out the left hand.
  4. Split the lower half of the vehicle where the feet are.
  5. Separate the rear window sections from the pink sections.
  6. Move the small panels with the Autobot symbol on the left and its equivalent on the right forward and turn them around, attaching them to the chest.
  7. Swing down the legs and swing up the waist.
  8. Move the panels with the words "Creamy Ice Cream" on them over the shoulders.
  9. Swing the panels from the sides of the vehicle back and up, folding the part with the small blue windows over so they face front.

Skids Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Swing down the front fender.
  2. Swing down the pink panels on the side and move them forward to form the robot arms.
  3. Push the robot arms up.
  4. Swing down the waist piece along with the robot legs.
  5. Swing the robot feet down and turn them around to point back.
  6. Rotate the waist piece around.
  7. Push in each of the side windows, then swing the back panel down, revealing the robot head.
  8. Rotate the back panel around and push it in against the back.

Mudflap Robot Mode:
Since the vehicle mode for Mudflap and Skids is a deluxe scale vehicle, the resulting two robots wind up being roughly Scout Class sized figures. Mudflap is the larger of the two, owing some of his bulk to his large lower legs and feet and the armor pieces over his shoulders which extend out to the sides far beyond his arms. I really like this look. In concert with the panels on his back he looks like some aerodynamic warrior (though the character does not actually fly in "Revenge of the Fallen").

While the rear half of an ice cream truck may be quite far from transforming into a Chevrolet Trax, a lot of the robot mode features seen in his Trax based robot mode are found here as well, creating some cool design continuity between this form and the form he took on later in the movie. Key details that originated here include:

  • The head design is the same as the one found on other versions of this figure, with two asymmetrical eyes, beak like mouth and vertical "ears" on either side. It's accurate to the movie design and ugly.
  • The flaps hanging on his back are analagous to the car doors that will hang off his back from the Chevrolet Trax vehicle mode.
  • There are two headlights on the top of his chest (and yes, I'm aware how awkward that sentence is). What's curious is that Skids forms the front of the vehicle so it's kind of odd that particular detail would wind up on his chest in robot mode.
  • The two white panels that go across his chest are very close to where there are two large horizontal panels from his Chevrolet Trax mode appear.
  • Like his later robot mode, his left arm is oversized compared to the right.
  • The robot legs have wheels on the sides and feet with two huge "toes" sticking out in the front, all features found on Mudflap's future Trax-based form.

Despite being based on a fairly simple looking vehicle, the robot mode has quite a bit of detail. In particular the torso and legs have quite a bit of layered detail. The aforementioned headlights sit on top of pieces that form a bit of a frame around the headlights and then extend down to the chest. Behind the white panels are vertical line details and there are curved armor pieces on the waist. His hip section has tube details and the legs have a multi-layered design with armor layers on top of hinges. Overall I'm very happy with how nice the sculpt for this figure is. With an alternate mode of an ice cream truck I wasn't quite sure what to expect so this was a nice surprise!

The main colors of white and pink dominate in this mode. Unlike the vehicle mode where the two colors were clearly segmented into halves of the vehicle, here they seem to alternate. For instance, his head and neck piece is white but the chest piece it is connected to is pink while the waist piece is white and so on. This was a good choice as such inconventional colors could look very bland if not separated out. Also, he does not have a ton of paint details in this form, so not lumping all the colors together keeps them from becoming too uniform. The only newly revealed paint decos are silver and blue found on his face and eyes respectively. The other details were all visible in the vehicle mode including the red Autobot symbol on his chest and the words "Creamy Ice Cream" on his shoulder armor.

Mudflap has fourteen points of articulation in this form. This includes ball joints on his shoulders and head. Oddly, his head is mounted on a piece that is spring loaded. If you push his head down, it springs up, but it doesn't do anything else so I'm thinking this may have been part of some gimmick that was abandoned before the figure went into production, but that's just speculation on my part.

Skids Robot Mode:
Like his brother, Skids' robot form reflects many design elements that would appear in his robot form later on after he takes the vehicle mode of a Chevrolet Beat. These features include:

  • The head design is the same as the one found on the CGI model. The oddball eyes, the details that look like "hair" sticking up and his ears sticking out on the sides are all present. His buckteeth are also visible, meaning it's every bit as ugly as the other iterations of this character.
  • There are two white plastic pieces angling back, resembling similar armor panels that sweep upwards to his shoulders on the Chevy Beat based robot mode.
  • The right arm is larger than the left arm.
  • The robot feet are wide in the middle and pointed towards the front, similar in design to those on the Chevy Beat based robot mode.

Other features are more unique to this robot mode including the large wheel wells over his shoulders, the antique grille that forms most of the front of his torso and flat panels of armor over the front of his upper legs. While parts from the vehicle are rather smooth in design, you'll find quite a bit of mechanical detail on the insides of his arm panels. His right hand is also quite intricate in detail and his left arm has tube and and piston details sculpted into it as well. Skids is a pretty small figure (even by Scout Class standards) so it's nice to see such intricate details worked into the sculpt.

Skids shows a lot more pink in this mode than white. The head, shoulder armor and the panels on the lower arms are all pink. There's additional pink on the sides of his lower legs. Other parts such as the upper arms and legs are white. Grey plastic is found on his chest, right arm and feet. While there is quite a bit of pink on the upper body, it's broken up in just the right places to keep the figure from looking too monotonous.

Silver and blue paint are used for detailing in this form. The robot head is where most of the silver is used, while the blue paint is found on the eyes. The chest has silver on the grille panels. On the arm panels you'll find white paint from the vehicle mode.

Skids has seventeen points of articulation in this form, which frankly surprised me because he didn't look quite so articulated when I first transformed him. That said, I have to say it is a bit delicate trying to pose him since his feet aren't that wide and he's a bit top-heavy. In terms of play value however he can definitely be put in some nice action poses to bash Decepticons!

Final Thoughts:
I've said before that I'm not a big fan of the designs of Mudflap and Skids, especially the head designs. I think part of me feels that cool vehicle modes like the Trax and Beat should have really gone to better designed robots. In this case however, the alternate mode of an ice cream truck and such oddball robot modes fit these weird characters perfectly. The one thing I'm not happy about are how many details are left unpainted, especially the sculpted rust details. I do like this toy, but it seems that a redeco is slated to come out as a Toys R Us exclusive, so if you want a more "show accurate" one you may want to wait for that version. Recommended with reservations.