Revenge of the Fallen Rampage Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2009
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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The stink of diesel fumes and hot tar follows RAMPAGE wherever he goes. His treads are packed with metal shards stripped from his victims, and the countless scratches covering his chassis are testament to hundreds of brutal battles. He lives to pound his enemies into submission, and thinks of little else. His idea of beauty is the sight of sun glinting off the raw edges of shredded AUTOBOT armor.

Team up with this devilish-looking DECEPTICON warrior and get ready to take on AUTOBOT forces! In attack mode, this 4-legged robot figure’s treads become whips – ready to swing into battle! Then, with a few twists and turns, change the robot figure to jackhammer mode and check out the moving pistons! Finally, gear up for a serious ground attack when you unleash a bulldozer mode that’s ready to flatten the competition!

Convert this detailed robot-to-vehicle figure into any of three cool modes, including jackhammer mode that features MECH ALIVE gearing for moving jackhammer pistons! Treads become whips in attack mode!

One of the most popular Transformers teams of all time are the Constructicons, a team of construction vehicles that could each transform into a robot and then combine together to form a larger robot known as Devastator. In "Revenge of the Fallen", Devastator was given a new incarnation as a gigantic robot formed from seven construction vehicles. One of these vehicles is Rampage, a Decepticon who transforms into a bulldozer. While this version of him only received limited screen time in the movie, a red version of the robot with the same design appeared in a cool battle scene with Bumblebee towards the end of the movie. Interestingly, both versions of the character were called "Rampage", so either he decided to repaint himself part way through the movie or the Constructicons of the same model can also share names in the movie universe (that's got to be confusing at roll call).

Vehicle Mode:
Rampage's vehicle mode is based on a real life construction vehicle, the Caterpillar D-11 Bulldozer. This is a rather powerful and fierce looking vehicle in real life, making it ideal as the vehicle mode of a destructive Transformer. One of the most defining parts on any bulldozer is its large shovel, and in this case the D-11 has a tall and wide shovel that obscures most of the vehicle if you look at it directly from the front. The outer edge of the shovel curves forward on the top and sides while the bottom has an shape slanting downward, no doubt helping it carry out its duties. All these features are reflected on Rampage, including a row of circular details set in rows going across the bottom of the shovel. Among the other real life features of the D-11 that are reflected in this figure are:

  • Two large pistons directly behind the shovel.

Railings both on the front and sides of the vehicle.

  • Smoke stacks in front of the cabin section towards the back.
  • Treads with that are high in the back and slope downwards towards the front.
  • Claws mounted onto the back of the vehicle, though on the real life vehicle there are two huge claws while the figure has four.

    In addition to the larger features, there are lots of smaller details sculpted into this figure as well. On the sides are small panels with machinery details including wires and dials. There are several panel details on the rear behind the cabin, including rectangles for the vehicle's rear lights. You really get the sense of a functional piece of equipment with this figure and it looks really nice.

    Rampage is cast in a dull yellow color as well as silver and translucent red plastic. The treads are made from a rubbery, black plastic. The yellow plastic makes up most of the vehicle mode, with the silver plastic used for smaller parts such as the connector pieces on the shovel and three tubes on the middle of the vehicle. Black, silver, gunmetal and red paint are used to paint in details, most of them quite minor. Black is used for the cabin section and a Decepticon symbol on the back of the vehicle. Silver is used for a strip of detailing on the front of the shovel. The gunmetal color is used to paint the grille on the front of the vehicle, and the red color fills in the rear light details. While they are not used all over the figure, the details are added just at the right points to enhance the overall deco. It's not like construction vehicles are the most ornate vehicles to begin with. I do wish however that some black spray ops may have been used to give the vehicle a more "dirty" look, as if it's been at a real construction site. I think that would have enhanced its appearance a lot.

    Due to the way his robot arms are designed to use the treads as whips, Rampage does not roll on his treads. Instead, he rolls on four tiny wheels connected to his robot legs, which are tucked into the underside of the vehicle. The shovel can move up and down, but since it connects to the front grille panel on a hinge, its rather limited in its movement. Oddly, you'll also see that the two large pistons are not attached to the shovel at all, which leaves the middle piece flopping around if you manipulate it. It's a bit disappointing, but overall it doesn't not significantly affect the functionality or appearance of the figure in this form.

    Transformation to "Jackhammer" Mode:

    1. Detach the bars on the sides attached to the treads and swing them up.
    2. Swing the shovel forward.
    3. On the top of the vehicle, swing the two panels with smokestacks on them out to the sides.
    4. Swing the cabin panel up.
    5. Swing the treads out.
    6. Disconnect the long tread halves on the sides and pull the long section out.
    7. Swing the smaller wheel with the small tread piece on it down.
    8. Swing the two claws on the tread/arms together.
    9. Swing the outer halves of the shovel into the center, then swing the entire piece back onto the top of the vehicle, attaching the small slits in the shovel to the clips on the cabin section of the vehicle mode.
    10. Swing out the rectangular pieces on the shovel section and swing out the claw-like pieces.
    11. Swing the robot legs out, keeping them together. Bend them slightly at the knees.
    12. Swing the piston pieces down, and connect the ends to the thighs.
    13. Swing the claws on the back up against the back.

    Jackhammer Mode:
    In the "Revenge of the Fallen" movie, Rampage's big scene comes towards the end of the movie when he battles Bumblebee in an all out brawl. The form he took in that scene is the one represented by the "Jackhammer" mode. Indeed, at one point his credits listing was "Skip Jack". This mode is reminscent of Jetstorm from Beast Machines when he is in "hover mode", with both legs stuck together creating an almost triangular shape. Of course, this means the upper body wings up looking much wider as a consequence, creating an oddly sleek appearance for a character whose vehicle mode is a construction vehicle. Many of the movie designs reflect very "experimental" looking Transformer designs, and while this one harkens back to Beast Machines, it still fits the bill as a design that is uncommon in the Transformers toy line.

    When it comes to Rampage's robot mode, I will say right now that it would be all but impossible to make a completely "movie accurate" figure at this price point. The CGI model has a ton of panels and strips of metal hanging all over it. The sheer level of detail is kind of mind boggling, so with this figure I expected only an interpretation or approximation of what was seen in the film. The details that are closest to the design of the CGI model are:

    • Head design: Perhaps the most accurate piece. Rampage's head is an insectoid looking head with an oval shape turned sideways. There are several strips that start at the front of the face and sweep back. Instead of a regular humanoid mouth, there are two mandibles dangling down and his eyes are oval shaped, looking insectoid as well.
    • The robot arms have a similar design to the CGI model. The wheels from the treads in vehicle mode become gears here, seemingly used to manipulate the treads. The attached treads were used as whips in the movie, and they serve the same function here. He also has claw hands, like the CGI model.
    • The robot feet are connected together, and in the middle where the knees are is a five sided design that looks like a shield. A similar design can be found on the CGI model, though that one is a bit more condensed and looks like it is outlined with tubes.
    • The chest has pistons mounted onto it on either side in the same place as the CGI model, however they are much larger on the figure than they are on the movie version.

    I don't want to give the impression that Rampage lacks detail. He has quite a bit of sculpted detail, but a lot of it seems to have been made more for the figure than taken from the CGI model. This includes machinery and bolt details behind the head, and several layers of panels on the robot arms with tubes connecting them together. On the main body where the arms are connected, there are some really nicely done tube shapes with wires that hint at the machinery that keeps this robot in disguise moving. The robot legs have an interesting design, where there are segments of armor that angle upward at the end of each segment. The result are insectoid like legs that really keep with the theme of his insectoid appearance from the head and hands.

    Yellow is the primary plastic reflected in this mode. A bit of dark translucent red is found on his eyes and black plastic is found on the arms from the treads/whip weapons. He also has some silver parts, most notably his shoulder armor and the joints on his hands. Matching this silver color are several paint details including some on his waist and legs. The legs are the most prominant. A bit of black rubbery plastic is found on the ends of his feet, presumably allowing you to "bounce" the figure on his jackhammer feet.

    Rampage has ten points of articulation. This includes three points on each arm and the ability for his legs to move at the waist in a "bouncing" type motion that makes it look like he is jumping up and down as he did in the film. This also causes the pistons on either side of his head to move up and down, creating a really cool effect.

    Transformation to Robot Mode:

    1. Disconnect the T shaped piece from the legs and attach them to the silver section of his chest.
    2. Split the robot legs apart.
    3. Swing the sides of the shovel on the back out at angles and swing down the claw like pieces on the back.

    Robot Mode:
    Rampage's robot mode is really just a variant of his Jackhammer mode. He gains three more points of articulation between the legs and his waist, which can now turn thanks to the T shaped piece having been moved up to the middle of his body. This takes away the piston moving action, but it does free up his legs to move independent of each other both at the hip and knees. With the extra clawed "legs" at the back, he looks like some type of funky insectoid centaur, which I really like. I actually like this mode more than his "Jackhammer" mode even though it didn't appear in the movie.

    Final Thoughts:
    Rampage is a relatively complicated figure for a deluxe scale figure. I found him very ambitious in design and he looks really cool in both modes. The figures' greatest weaknesses revolve around the changes in the sculpt. His cabin panel doesn't fully fold down in vehicle mode (though it still looks okay) and his shovel comes off way too easy for my tastes since it's not locked in with a pin. That said however, I still dig this as a figure even though it's not perfect. Recommended, though for a movie accurate version I'd wait for the upcoming red redeco.