Revenge of the Fallen Ravage Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Infovmation:
Release Date: June 2009
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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Bulleting down through the atmosphere at better than 15 times the speed of sound, RAVAGE considers the data he has already amassed on the small, soft creatures that inhabit this planet. They seem weak and fragile, yet they are the ones that destroyed MEGATRON. That is a fact he will keep in mind as he penetrates their most sensitive installation. Against such an unpredictable enemy, stealth will be his watchword.

Recreate exciting movie scenes or stage your own living room battles with this DECEPTICON defender! Convert this fierce-looking figure from panther mode with snapping “jaw” to reentry mode – and gear up for hours of battle excitement!

One of the most iconic characters from Generation One is Ravage. Originally introduced as a Decepticon who transfovmed into a cassette tape, his sleek, black feline fovm became synonymous with Decepticon spies and the Decepticon communicator Soundwave. In "Revenge of the Fallen", we meet this universe's Soundwave, and in keeping with some type of cosmic symmetry, Ravage is one of his minions that he can "eject" from his chest. This deluxe scale figure represents Ravage as he appears in the movie. Ravage is packaged in his robotic beast mode, so that will be where this review starts.

Beast Mode:
Ravage was never exactly a cutesy cuddly kitty (ok, there was one episode where Soundwave affectionally put his hand on his head...). More often this Decepticon spy and saboteur was all claws and teeth when it came to going on the offensive. The way I see it, some designers deceided that taking the basic "template" of Ravage and amping it up with the stylings of H.R. Giger would be the way to go for this figure, and the result is one freaky yet awesomely scary looking beast mode. Never mind being attacked, I'm not sure I'd want to brush past this Ravage if he were real for fear of losing a limb. All over this figure you'll find angled and sharp looking details including:

  • His head has rows of sharp, pointed teeth along with blades on the sides and undersides of his jaws. Even his ears look like blades and his head comes to a point at the end.
  • His back has a series of spikes running down the center flanked by two rows of spikes that rise even higher. These are made of soft plastic however so there should not be safety or breakage issues.
  • All four of Ravage's paws have two large claws in the front with two smaller claws togethe rin the back.
  • There are three pointed pieces of armor sculpted into the center of the figure on top that look almost claw-like in shape.
  • Ravage's tail is the part that looks most inspired by H.R. Giger's "Alien" design. The entire piece has three sided segments that look like extended parts of a spinal column. The end of the tail has a double edged blade with a separate blade in the center.

Put simply, Ravage looks awesome in this form, and even better? His sculpt is very movie accurate. He has only one eye at the center of his head and like the movie version (as well as his G1 counterpart) he has two weapons mounted on him. On the G1 Ravage they were rocket launchers mounted on the sides. Here they are machine guns mounted on the top of the hips in the rear.

Ravage's details aren't all just about gnashing teeth and bladed tails. He has a fair amount of other detail as well including several raised lines and armor sections on his guns, along with tubes connecting it to his main body. The area in between the panels on his back have small tech details inside of them and each arm has mechanical detail on the inside, protected on the outside by armor plates. Among my favorite details are the hinged pieces connected to his rear legs. There several smooth/curved lines lead to the hip joint looking sleek and elegant.

Ravage is cast in black, translucent purple and light silver plastic. Black makes up most of the body while the light silver color is used for smaller parts such as his lower legs in the rear, the hinges his weapons are mounted on and the spikes on his back. Translucent purple is used to cast the eye and the light piping plastic piece on the top of the head. Silver, purple and metallic blue paint are used for his color details. The metallic blue paint is used to wonderful efect for solid details such as the armor plates running down the length of is back, parts of his guns and lines on his chest. Elsewhere they are used as beautifully done spray ops on his sides and rear legs. Purple paint is only used on one spot, a Decepticon symbol on the top of his back section, between the two guns.

What's interesting to me about this entire color scheme is that it is not movie accurate at all. Ravage was, for the most part, silver and dark grey in the movie. However, the way I look at it, not only are these colors more aesthetically pleasing, but they simply fit the character better. On top of that, black, purple and silver are three of the iconic Decepticon colors, and using them on an iconic Decepticon only seems to make sense. It wouldn't surprise me if a movie-accurate" version of Ravage was done down the line in more gritty, silver colors with black wash, but for the first version of the Decepti-kitty, I love these colors.

One of the joys of a well done beast mode is that you can get a lot of articulation. Ravage has a total of twenty six points of articulation. This includes five in each rear leg and five in the tail alone. His guns are also able to move up and down on two separate hinges. His head does not have articulation, but rather shows off an action feature. Pull back the silver tab on his back and his neck extends forward, his mouth opens and his ears retract, a classic move cats make when expressing aggression. This fits in perfectly with the character and gives you a look at his nasty looking teeth. I like action features like this that give a toy character, and this does the trick. Ravage has a simple "Mech Alive" feature you can see by rotating his lower legs out and and in. The lower legs are attached to his upper leg by a silver piece with ridges on it resembling a gear. As you turn it it looks like the gear is turning. It's a simple, but nice touch.

Transfovmation to Robot Mode:

  1. Push the front and rear claws of the front paws together so they point down.
  2. Point the claws on the rear feet down.
  3. Straighten out each leg.
  4. Rotate the front legs up and point them straight ahead. Slide the blades on the sides of Ravage's head into the small slot in the front lower legs.
  5. Swing out each half of his chest/abdomen section and swing the small wings out.
  6. Each rear leg is on a hinge in the back. Swing that hinge forward and tuck he rear legs onto the underside of the figure.
  7. Swing the tail forward and tuck it between the two rear legs.

Vehicle Mode:
Officially dubbed his "re-entry mode", this mode is meant to represent Ravage as how he looked when all balled up and diving into Earth's atmosphere. I also call it a vehicle mode since he manages to use it twice in the movie, once to enter Earth's atmosphere and then again to go meet up with the Constructicons to recover Megatron. What I find interesting is that this Ravage represents what we may have considered a "Protoform" in the first movie, the form before he takes on any sort of Earth form. Clearly Ravage was fine with his "natural" form, but it is interesting to see even he needs a different mode of transport now and then.

Of course, let's be real, this is a "because we say so" mode (as many fans call them). The figure has to transform, so the designers needed to come up with something that looked better than simply a balled up mess of claws and spikes. This is a good compromise. Sure it's not a disguise in any sense of the word, but the wing and thruster portions on the sides make it clear this is his way of transporting faster and in the air. The guns mounted on the back show he still has offensive capability in this form, so kids can even imagine this being his aerial attack mode (which is neat for a Transformer that has a land-based robot/beast form).

The newly revealed details are focused on the parts that swing out to the sides. On the underside you'll find thruster sculpted into his chest pieces. The top side has panels with vertical line details that swing forward at an angle. What's neat about these panels is they look a bit like solar panels on a satellite, which gives him a bit of a connection to Soundwave (who spends all of "Revenge of the Fallen" in satellite mode). The other newly revealed details are curves and wire like lines carved into the area that is covered by his rear hip panels in beast mode.

The only new colors shown here are light blue, found on the solar panel portions of his wings. This is the same blue found on the rest of the figure and looks quite bright and vibrant.

Final Thoughts:
I find a bit of irony in my final analysis of this figure. I love this figure a lot even though I was a bit put off by his "cyclops eye" at first. He also isn't movie-accurate color-wise and his alternate mode is a bit weak. Still a lot of craft went into this figure and his beast mode is golden. Highly recommended!