Hunt for the Decepticons Sea Attack Ravage Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Infovmation:
Release Date: June 2010
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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RAVAGE has been beaten by BUMBLEBEE enough times to know he’ll never win a straight fight. That’s why he’s enlisted INSECTICON to help him stalk the AUTOBOT warrior. The two beast-bots stalk through the shadows, remaining hidden and letting the brash, yellow robot come to them.

Gear up for an intense robot battle with this SEA ATTACK RAVAGE figure! This warrior is ready to face down his toughest opponents with his snapping “jaw” in robot panther mode. Convert him to reentry vehicle mode so he can tear after any fleeing adversaries in hot pursuit!

Awesome robot-to-vehicle warrior converts from robot panther mode to reentry vehicle mode — and back again! Ages 5 and up.

When Ravage was sent to Earth by Soundwave, he wound up in the water and making a dramatic splash onto land (literally). Inspired by that scene, the designers created a new deco for the deluxe Ravage figure, giving he much loved Transformer new life in the "Hunt for the Decepticons" series. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release. For a look at the sculpt in more detail, check out my Ravage review from last year.

Beast Mode:
Sometimes a redeco can surprise you. When I had seen preview pictures of Sea Atack Ravage and even the figure itself through the glass case at Botcon, I thought the plastic colors were changed rather extensively in this version. However, upon closer examination it turns out Ravage is indeed still mostly black plastic, just like the first Revenge of the Fallen Ravage figure. A majority of the central body and leg segments are black plastic. The other parts that are the "sharper" ones including the spikes on his back, the claws on his legs and the tail are cast in a metallic light blue plastic. While the color is consistent, each section is slightly different plastic. The feet are hard plastic, the spikes on the back are soft and the tail is a semi-flexible plastic that seems to fall between the plastic on the feet and the spikes on his back. A bit of translucent red plastic is found on his head where it is used for light piping on the eyes. These blue sections really pop visually since they're set against a black background. It looks really great on its own, but the paint scheme is what makes the figure.

There are a lot of metallic colors used in the paint decos on this figure. Silver, blue and gold colors are all used in metallic shades. The silver is the most dominant color, covering up almost every section of the figure including the top of the legs, the head, the top of the back on the front and back. There's still plenty of black peeking through, but it's not as much as the previous version of this figure. In particular I dig the silver paint on his guns which leave the ends of the gun barrels black, giving a nice color pattern. The silver also harkens back a bit to Ravage's G1 weapons which were vacuum metallized silver. Gold is used for detailing such as the circles on the sides of his rear legs and the tube details on the sides of his neck. A bit of black paint is used for two Decepticon symbols, one on each rear leg. This figure has a deco that differs quite a bit from its source figure and I really like the way this mode looks.

All the joints on this figure are still tight. The action feature that allows the neck to extend, ears go back and mouth open still works like a charm.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Push the front and rear claws of the front paws together so they point down.
  2. Point the claws on the rear feet down.
  3. Straighten out each leg.
  4. Rotate the front legs up and point them straight ahead. Slide the blades on the sides of Ravage's head into the small slot in the front lower legs.
  5. Swing out each half of his chest/abdomen section and swing the small wings out.
  6. Each rear leg is on a hinge in the back. Swing that hinge forward and tuck he rear legs onto the underside of the figure.
  7. Swing the tail forward and tuck it between the two rear legs.

Vehicle Mode:
With so much of the beast mode showing in vehicle mode, there's not a whole lot of color variance here. Indeed, the only newly revealed color is a deep red used on the top of the wings. Thanks to the strength of the color scheme from the beast mode however, it still looks fantastic. All the transformation related joints are tight and nothing flops around in this mode at all.

Final Thoughts:
What I enjoy about this deco is how true it stays to the Ravage character while looking different from the first version of this toy (which itself was true to Ravage as well). The silver and black are both "source" colors from G1 Ravage and the red eyes connect him to his G1 cartoon incarnation. Add to that the design of the colors look great and differ greatly from the first release and you have a winner. If you're into redecos, this is highly recommended!