Hunt for the Decepticons Sidearm Sideswipe Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: September 2010
Price Point: $12.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Blasters x 2
Item Number: 19813


  • Robot Mode (Close up of arm)
  • Robot Mode (Close up leg, front)
  • Robot Mode (Close up of leg, back)

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    SIDESWIPE generally prefers his swords, but just recently, IRONHIDE has convinced him to give blasters another chance. As it turns out, the flare launchers he's been practicing with will be perfect against DECEPTICON hand-to-hand specialist AXOR. The evil warrior thinks he's going blade to blade against his AUTOBOT counterpart, but he's in for a nasty surprise.

    Turn the tables on enemy forces when you throw this warrior into the fight! Your SIDEARM SIDESWIPE figure is dedicated to destroying any opponent and his dual blaster accessories will help you two get the job done. If robot combat turns into a car chase, convert your hero into Corvette StingRay concept car vehicle mode, deploy the weapon accessories and send him racing off to rule the "road"!

    Battle-ready robot-to-vehicle figure converts from robot mode with dual blaster accessories to Corvette StingRay concept car vehicle mode with deployable "weapons" -- and back again! Ages 5 and up.

    Several characters from the "Revenge of the Fallen" film have been given several redecos. Among them is Sideswipe, whose first release was then given a new deco and released as Strike Mission Sideswipe, Swerve and more recently as part of the Hunters Rumble two pack. After this many redecos, another Sideswipe would seem a bit redundant, but what this figure has to offer is a brand new sculpt. This figure is not a redeco or retool of previous figures, it is a whole new Sideswipe figure.

    Vehicle Mode:
    Sideswipe may have changed his weaponry, but his vehicle mode remains the same: the Corvette Stingray Concept from 2009. I won't bore you with gushing over the details on this figure. Suffice it to say the designers have managed to keep all the requisite Corvette details that appeared on the previous versions of this character including:

    • The raised Stingray symbol on the back of the vehicle and smaller ones on the sides of the vehicle towards the front.
    • The "Checkered Flag" symbol on the edge of the hood at the front of the car.
    • The distinctive grid pattern on the grille.
    • The distinct "rectangular strip" headlights in the front.
    • The high front wheel wells.
    • The sharply angled sideview mirrors.
    • The four large exhaust pipes on the rear of the vehicle.

    Hasbro has proven its ability to sculpt a fantastic representation of the Corvette. However, any question you may have about whether this figure is a retool or not should be answered just by looking at it in this mode. The first Sideswipe sculpt did not have many lines indicating the distinct dividing lines between panels on the robot mode since so much of the vehicle was made up of large chunks of the vehicle. In this toy however, there are many more panels that break out of the vehicle to form the robot pieces so you see a lot of those lines in this mode. This is one of those times when you have to really take into account that this is really two toys in one and while the lines do distract slightly on a visual level it's not so great that it ruins the figure. Of course, if this were a Hot Wheels car or something this wouldn't be acceptable, but here it works out just fine.

    The only missed opportunity here is the color scheme in my opinion. Like the real life Corvette vehicle, most of this version is silver. The windows are cast in translucent red plastic, much like the Strike Mission Sideswipe figure. On the front of the vehicle are fierce looking red paint details that curve to a sharp point on the headlight section and come to sharp points in the middle of the vehicle. A black Autobot symbol is painted on the license plate and the exhaust pipes are painted grey. The wheels are cast in black but left unpainted. I guess in my book after so many versions of the figure in silver (including his Legends and Human Alliance form) I really wish they would have done something different with the color scheme. Another of the iconic Corvette colors such as blue or yellow would have been awesome for instance. It doesn't look bad by any means, and I like the red paint pattern on the front and the color is nice and metallic looking.

    An added feature to this vehicle centers around his blasters. The panel that makes up the rear windows can lift up and his blasters can be swung out to point forward or even out to the sides if you want. It's a neat way of incorporating the weaponry into the vehicle mode. It's not something that many of the movie figures do so it's cool to see.

    Transformation to Robot Mode:

    1. Swing the panel on the back of the vehicle up and remove the two guns.
    2. Swing the doors out to the sides.
    3. Split the front of the vehicle in the middle and swing them out to the sides.
    4. Flip the vehicle over and swing out the legs.
    5. Hold the rear half of the vehicle and rotate it around so you can see the robot head and mid-body section.
    6. Lift the mid-body section up, then swing that and the section with the rear lights over the head, connecting it to the T shaped tab on the waist. The panel from the car hood goes behind the mid-body panel.
    7. On each leg, swing the thin pieces by the wheels out to form the foot and heel pieces.
    8. Swing each lower leg back and down a bit to form the "chicken walker" type pose for each leg.
    9. Move the door panels to the back.
    10. Push down the panel with the license plate on it.
    11. On each arm, swing the robot fists out, then swing the panel with the halves of the car grille down.
    12. The guns can be held in each hand.
    13. Swing each robot shoulder section up on its hinge.

    A note regarding the transformation. When I first transformed Sideswipe and I tried to rotate the rear portion of the vehicle back into vehicle mode, it would not rotate fully. I discovered this was due to the robot head not lowering enough to clear the opening. If I used a paperclip and pushed it in, it did turn, but you should not have to do that every time you return him to vehicle mode. Wondering if this was a one off defect, I traded the figure in for another and the second one I opened did not have this issue. I recommend trying your figure out in both transformations (robot to vehicle, vehicle to robot) right after you get it to be sure it does not share the defect my first one had.

    Robot Mode:
    It's probably a compliment that many people thought this figure may have been a retool of the first Sideswipe after seeing photos of it. It definitely has a lot of features in common with the previous versions including of course the central body design, the distinctive head design and the "chicken walker" style legs. Many of the details are the same as previous releases as well including the tubes that connect his waist to his legs, the sharp, angled rear lights from the car on his chest as well as the four exhaust pipes winding up behind his head. All that said, there are some key differences in structure on this version of Sideswipe:

    • The head sculpt may be the same, but the size of the head is much smaller than the other one, by roughly a third I would say.
    • The proportions of the chest, mid-body and waist areas are quite different from the first figure, with the chest more pronounced and the waist area trimmed down.
    • The legs have a similar shape to the first figure, but there are much more sculpted details on his legs including springs, circular bits of metal and hinges. On top of that, the piston details from the first figure have been replaced by flexible tubes.
    • The robot feet are not formed with panels that lay flat agaisnt the wheel, instead this time the wheel is pushed out to the side allowing the thin foot and heel pieces to form a more stable footing.
    • The robot arms are vastly different. The blades have been removed and instead you wind up with details from the front of the vehicle on his arms (he headlights being most prominent) and he of course is using blasters instead of swords as his primary weaponry.
    • Like the legs, the arms have quite a bit of detail that didn't appear on the previous deluxe version of this character including tube details.

    What's interesting about the slight change in the proportions of this figure versus the first one is that he looks distinctly tougher. The wider forearms and wider chest area plus the shrunken down head make him look like he has a ton of upper body strength (something that you'd expect for a character that used swords as weapons).

    Like the vehicle mode, a bit of color disappointment creeps into this mode. With dark, silver plastic taking up most of the upper body and legs, he does look distinct from his vehicle mode, and a bit of black via the upper arms helps, but overall he still looks pretty plain in this form. It is fortunate that his curved, red painted details wind up on his forearms, but I had hoped there would perhaps be more details such as these say on his head or legs. As it stands, Sideswipe is rather dull color-wise.

    There are nineteen points of articulation on Sideswipe in robot mode. I am being somewhat generous as I'm counting his foot and heel pieces as one point of articulation each. Still, he has four on each arm (with ball joints at the shoulders to boot) and three on each leg if you discount the foot/heel pieces. Overall, I find him more stable than the first deluxe figure and I kind of like how you can attach his blasters to their spots on his back to almost look like he has some sort of retro rocket pack on.

    Final Thoughts:
    When talking about this figure with a friend, we both agreed that if a whole new set of tooling were to be created, we wished it was a new character first of course (such as Hailstorm) but even if it had to be Sideswipe, the colors could have been better. I like the sculpt and transformation of this figure a lot, and the Corvette is a winning alternate mode. I guess after so many versions of Sideswipe, most in silver, I'm getting a bit of character fatigue. Of course, if they give him a new deco in yellow as Sunstreaker, I'll be all over that! Recommended with some reservations. I will say this, if you don't own any deluxe version of Sideswipe, pick this one up first!