Revenge of the Fallen Swerve Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: October 2009
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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SWERVE is highly intelligent, though you wouldn't know it to watch him drive. His duties as a metallurgist and fabricator for the AUTOBOTS expose him to a lot of toxic chemicals, which his circuits have been constantly exposed to for years. He has trouble holding a straight line as a result. The other AUTOBOTS prefer to keep him far away from battle, since he aims about as well as he drives.

Add another warrior to your action-packed robot battles with this awesome SWERVE figure. Start the excitement in robot mode with his deployable "blades" and MECH ALIVE shifting battle armor and then convert him to Corvette Stingray concept car mode so he can really race into combat!

Following true Transformers tradition, "Revenge of the Fallen" Swerve is both a redeco and retool of a previously released Transformer. G1 Swerve was a redeco and retool of the G1 Gears figure. In later lines he would appear again as a redeco of previous figures including Alternators Swerve and Cybertron Swerve. Even Swerve's bio above takes its influence from a previous version, specifically G1 Swerve, who was also a metallurgist. This version of Swerve is a redeco of "Revenge of the Fallen" Sideswipe. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Vehicle Mode:
Swerve not only takes influence from his predecessors in that he is a redeco/retool, he also borrows from their color schemes as well. The silver plastic in the vehicle mode has been replaced with red. The translucent blue color is still there, but it is a slightly different shade. The wheels are still cast in black plastic. The rubbery plastic used to create the sideview mirrors is black as well, replacing the silver color used on Sideswipe. At the back of the vehicle you'll find black plastic for the exhaust pipes and translucent orange plastic on the rear lights. The vertically oriented headlights on the front are cast in translucent clear plastic with silver parts underneath, giving them the appearance of real life headlights.

Like Sideswipe, paint applications are minimal on this figure, mostly because they're not really needed. Some vehicles have a lot of wide space on the sides for elaborate details and graphics, but the ultra sleek and futuristic looking shape of the Corvette really doesn't need those types of details to look good. The sides of the wheels are painted gunmetal grey, a muted tone that works well with the red color that makes up most of this form. Since some of the translucent plastic in this form makes up parts of the vehicle that would normally be part of the red plastic sections, sections of them are painted red, most notable the T-shaped section in the back. The grille in the front is colored black, which always looks good contrasting against red. Smaller details are painted as well. The checkered flag logo on the front is painted gold while the license plate is painted white with an Autobot symbol against it in black.

There's no doubt that Sideswipe's silver color is very striking and looks fantastic, but I have to say that red is an awesome color for this vehicle form. Most high end and popular vehicles generally wind up with a variant on the color red, so it's no surprise to see this vehicle in this color. It's kind of cool to see a bit of vehicular lineage here since Alternators Swerve was also a Corvette, albeit one that actually went into production. Personally, my preference would have been for the license plate to say "Swerve" or some variant on the name to look more like a real life license plate since that would add to the "real world" nature of the vehicle, but that's a very minor gripe in an otherwise well conceived redeco.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Separate the door pieces from the main body of the car.
  2. Push down on the rear wheels to slide the robot arms out from under the body of the car.
  3. Swing out the robot hands on each arm.
  4. Push down on each front portion of the headlights to separate the robot feet from the main body.
  5. Swing the right side hood panel down a bit, then out to split the hood into two halves.
  6. Swing the rear, center panel of the car (with the rear, translucent blue windows) up.
  7. Swing the robot waist section down and then up against the piece where the robot arms are hinged on. Pushing the tab into place will push the robot head up.
  8. Swing the hood panels down to form wing-like structures on the back.
  9. Fold the panel with the exhaust pipes down and point the exhaust pipes forward.
  10. On each foot, swing the round inner panels down, and then rotate the silver panels out of the way so you can swing the wheels down to connect to the inner panels.
  11. Swing the front panels on the feet to the sides.
  12. Swing the panels with the sideview mirrors back, then swing up the door panel on its hinges so it's vertical against his back overlapping the panel with the sideview mirrors.
  13. The blade/panels on each arm can be swung forward to form his sword weapons.

Robot Mode:
Like Deluxe class Dead End, Swerve uses a base body from a previous release and then uses a new head sculpt to create a whole new character. Swerve's head sculpt is a really interesting one. Unlike many of the head sculpts in the line that have an almost insectoid or animal appearance, Swerve's head design is a very humanoid looking one. The base design of the head is very reminscent of the general head design used on many Transformers from other lines. The center of the head is a face which seems to have a helmet wrapped around it. The shape is not squared off but rather sleek and curved design. In some ways this looks like a Movie universe style rendering of G1 Swerve's head. G1 Swerve's head was also curved, and had a ridge of sorts on his brow along with parts on the sides of the helmet that wrapped around the cheek area. Swerve features similar design elements, cinluding a central crest, cruved parts on his brow and angled plates that wrap near his cheeks. The face design is an exaggerated design with narow eyes, a nose pressed against the face and a chin that extends far out from the face. I really like the head design a lot. While the whole "creepy insectoid head" thing is neat, it does get a bit repetitive after you see it several times in the same toy line. It's nice to see a break from it every now and then.

The rest of the figure has not been modified. The color swaps in this mode are not exactly one to one. For instance, on the robot chest, all the plastic is red, whereas on Sideswipe there are two different shades of silver. Certain parts that were black on Sideswipe are still black on this figure including the lower arms, fists and his feet. The blades on his arms and the small panels on his feet are cast in red, but his upper legs are cast in black while his lower legs are cast in silver. It's a really great combination of colors. The red/black/silver combination is one of my favorite color combinations for Transformers, and it looks fantastic here.

Silver, red, black and gold paint are used to provide detail on this figure. Silver is found on the robot face and the area right above the knees on the legs. Red paint is found for highlights on the head and panels on the arms and upper legs. Black is used waist section. While that area is cast in red, the back and parts of the front are painted black to offer contrast and detail. Gold is found on the center of the body, both on the Checkered Flag symbol in the center of the body and on the parts on the sides that look like horns. I like the continuity of minor color details from the vehicle mode to the robot mode, especially the gold color.

All of Swerve's joints are just as tight as those on my Sideswipe figure. Perhaps the most critical parts are the legs, which have very oddly shaped feet making tight joints on the ankle joints very important.

Final Thoughts:
Sewrve is a fantastic figure. I already loved the Sideswipe figure, but between the excellent new head sculpt and the colors on this figure, this is a must buy in my opinion. Highly recommended!