Revenge of the Fallen: Constructicon Devastator Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: July 2009
Price Point: $99.99
Retailer: General release (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None
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Constructicon Devastator

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The ultimate Decepticon weapon has arrived on Earth, and nothing will ever be the same. Constructicon Devastator is the biggest robot, ever - towering above Autobots and Decepticons alike. As his Vortex Grinder snaps open and glows with power, all before him quake in fear, knowing the destruction is inevitable!

  • Six detailed vehicles combine to form the mighty CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR
  • Figure with electronic speech and motion-activated sounds
  • Lights and destruction sounds show his enemies he means business
  • Recreate exciting movie scenes right in your living room with this super-cool figure

Towards the end of the live action "Transformers Revenge of the Fallen" film, several Constructicons gathered and combined into a gigantic Transformer named Devastator. Unlike the more blocky, tall warrior fans had come to know over the years, this was a crazy conglomeration of parts that formed a more animal-like creature reminscent of a gorilla in posture. Like his G1 counterpart, this Devastator was a titanic force of destruction! As part of the "Revenge of the Fallen" toy line, a Supreme scale Devastator was released with a limited combining gimmick. He is made up of six vehicles (as opposed to the nine featured in the movie) that all combine into one robot, but the vehicles themselves do not have individual robot modes. What this toy lacked in complexity, it balanced with a gigantic size, electronic gimmicks and detailed vehicles.

Constructicon Devastator was packaged in a gigantic, thick cardboard box with a large window in the front. The figure was packaged in robot mode, A hole in the window allowed you to try out the electronic feature. Listed along the left and right sides of the robot were photos of each individual Constructicon and its name. The cardboard backdrop features a light yellow stone like pattern with heiroglyphs and Autobot / Decepticon symbols emphasizing the connection to the pyramids as seen in the movie. It's very striking packaging partly due to its size and at the time, most "Transformers" figures were not packaged in robot mode, making this quite unusual.

Robot Mode:
In the "Revenge of the Fallen" film, Devastator is formed by several construction vehicles basically unfolding and mashing together. While there is a symmetry to the robot form, there is also an almost haphazard type of look to many of the parts. This mixture of design sensibilities is worked into the sculpt of this figure nicely. Where the figure requires symmetry, there are really nicely sculpted parts. Where the sculpt needs to look a little "thrown together", you have mismatched looking vehicles forming asymmetrical limbs. The combination is an unsettling mixture of vehicles that form a striking looking robot.

The asymmetry in the robot comes from the limbs, which are each made up of a different type of vehicle. Scrapper and Hightower form the arms (which can be swapped). While each arm has "finger" like sections, the overall design is quite different, w hith Hightower's crane arm distinguishing him from Scrapper's more detail filled top section. Scrapper breaks up his shovel into three claw-like sections while Hightower has a three clawed section that swings out from the underside of the vehicle. While his top two "claws" also resemble parts of a shovel like Scrapper's, they're smaller and his third claw (or thumb if you prefer) is not sculpted to look like part of a shovel. The legs share this type of asymmetry. Long Haul forms the right leg, and you'll find a ton of mechanical detail leading to a foot with several angled sections. Rampage on the other hand forms a leg with two distinct pistons sticking out at the knees and ending on a foot made up of the vehicle's treads. It is important not to confuse the term "asymmetry" with "bad". Given the on-screen version of this Transformer did have this appearance, it would be odd if it were altered drastically so all his parts were just mirror images of each other. Also, despite not being exactly the same, each limb still looks to be in proportion with the other.

Where Devastator does have some symmetry is the torso and shoulder area. Most of the main body is made up Scavenger and Mixmaster combined (true to the CG model in the movie). Scavenger forms most of the shoulders, chest and waist area. Mixmaster forms the upper chest and head section. The shoulders provide a great examnple of details that reveal how crazy and intricate the various parts that form Devastator are. The shoulder details have pistons, wires and other details overlapping with armor plating on top. It's a really nice sculpt and you can imagine that these were internal systems of some Constructicons helping the form the greater whole. The connection points on his hips also have some nice detailing. each is cone shaped with tubes running across horizontally.

The head design warrants a whole discussion in of itself. The head has the same creepy appearance of the CG model, complete with two angled eyes and what appear to be mandibles on the bottom of the head. Each section has several layers of beveled details, many set at angles giving a sleek appearance to an otherwise bulky looking robot. In the movie, Devastator could create a "Vortex Grinder", a giant vacuum with his mouth where he literally sucked in at destroyed objects as big as cars! This became the inspiration for Devastator's electronic gimmick. Press the silver tab on his chest, and several things happen. First the head raises up a bit. As it does so, the mouth opens wide, simulating how Devastator's mouth looked in the movie. What's beautiful is how the armor plates that make up the sides of Mixmaster's drum expand with it. They are all spring loaded so they expand and contract according to how much you are pressing the tab. While all this happens, his eyes light up green and parts of the inside of his mouth light up as well! While all that happens, he also says one of several phrases (some of which sound like the same words and mix them up):

  • A villainous "Heh ha ha ha!" laugh.
  • The classic G1 transformation noise followed by "I am Devastator!"
  • Machinery sounds followed by the words "Crush Autobots!"
  • "I am Decepticon!"
  • Pure machine noises, like he is finishing his transformation.
  • "Devastator destroy Autobots!"
  • A "Heeya!" yell, like he is throwing something heavy.

It is worth noting that the mouth is big enough to fit a Legends/Legion Class action figure inside of it. Indeed, the back of his head swings up, allowing the figure to pass through the "vortex" and out the back (as was shown in the movie).

On top of all this, Devastator features twenty one points of articulation. Mind you, that doesn't mean he's able to hold a lot of poses. The figure is quite heavy, so he pretty much winds up standing on his legs most of the time with his arms out. However, from a play perspective this gives your Devastaor options if he's thrashing Autobots about. I am counting the ability of his head to lift up here when his gimmick is activated, though technically parts of his head such as the side panels and face plates move as well. Note that most of Devastator's major joints (such as the shoulders and hips) are ratchet joints, allowing them to lock in place nicely despite his bulk and weight.

Devastator is not only ecclectic in form, but also in color. Unlike the G1 Constructicons, not all his team members are the same general colors. Long Haul is mostly green while Rampage is dark yellow. Scrapper shares the same yellow as Rampage, but Hightower is a much brighter yellow. The center section of the robot is much more unified in that Scavenger is mostly red, so the torso, waist and shoulders wind up being mostly red in color. The head section is mostly dark grey and silver since those are Mixmaster's primary colors. Mixed in with all these main colors are plenty of black and grey portions that make up various chunks of the vehicles such as their wheels and treads.

Paint applications are used throughout the figure. The ones that stand out most are neon green details on the head and shoulders as well as gunmetal grey on the hip connection sections. His shoulder armor features dark yellow which roughly matches up with the colors of Rampage and Scrapper. A bit of dark grey and black tones are used on a lot of the tread details such as the ones on his chest and on the left foot. Overall, this arrangement of colors may sound terribly messy but it is in fact really well done. Just as the sculpt manages to make a mismatched set of vehicles look "right" somehow, the colors do the same.

Transformation to Vehicle Modes:
Start Devastator's transformation by detaching each of his arms and legs. They each pull off with ease, so no excessive force is necessary. Mixmaster comes off rather easily too, just gently pull the drum section up. Below I'll cover the transformation of each part back into vehicle form.

Swing each of the treads out to the sides (all the way up). Swing the Devastator hand under the vehicle then swing the treads into place on the sides. Swing the crane arm and the panel behind it forward.

Long Haul:
Swing the upper aprt of the leg up. Then hold the center (the knee joint area) and swing it down. Now sing Devastator's foot forward to form the bottom of the vehicle and swing the top part all the way down.

Push the front of the vehicle against the back of the head section so it snaps in. Swing the two antennae on the top of the drum section back. Swing the panel on the underside of the vehicle back and lock it into place so it covers Devastator's face.

Swing the leg back against the foot. Straighten out the leg then fold the two halves of the vehicle together.

Swing the chest panel from Devastator down. Swing the panels with the shoulder on them up, connecting the shoulder pieces together. Swing the shovel arm forward.

Swing the rear wheels down. Rotate the front section around. Swing the parts of the shovel on the ball jointed arms up and over the front wheels to connect them with the center section.

Vehicle Mode Reviews:
Each of the vehicles used to make up Devastator were featured (even if briefly) on screen in "Revenge of the Fallen", but none of them were shown as robots in the combining scene and none of them were called by name in that scene. In other scenes however certain Constructicons were shown with robot modes (such as Mixmaster and Rampage) but again, they were not named in those scenes. It's generally accepted that Constructicons are not just a sub-group of six(ish) individuals but rather a legion of construction themed Decepticons, and that these vehicles just represent a portion of that group.

Hightower is a Constructicon who appeared on screen briefly and another Legends Class figure was made of the character (who you can see in this gallery).

Long Haul:
Many of the Constructicons had previouly received the toy treatment as other classes of figures. One such figure was Long Haul, who was also released as Voyager Class figure. This of course only represents him as a vehicle with no robot mode. Like the other iteration of Long Haul, this one is a tall dump truck. Look closely at the sculpt and some details will give you a sense of the scale of this vehicle including the size of the doors on the side and the need for guard rails on either side of the front section. The sculpting here is on point, with several sections of the front end included such as the driver's section and the engine pieces next to it. The "hopper" (the portion where Long Haul would carry his load on the back) is probably the weakest part of the design since it can't move in this form and it has the hex shaped Devastator connection piece sticking out the right side. Still, for what it is, I like the sculpt, but it is one of the weaker ones in the set.

Long Haul is cast in green and black plastic. Most of the vehicle is green with black used for the wheels. A brown spray pattern is found on the sides of the hopper, giving him a "worn" appeaance. The headlights are painted yellow and the windows are dark grey. A Decepticon symbol appears in the front as well.

Long Haul rolls around on his four wheels and that's about it in terms of functionality.

Like Long Haul, Mixmaster is another Constructicon that was made into a Voyager Class figure for the "Revenge of the Fallen" toy line. The proportions of this vehicle lean towards giving most of the bulk to the drum that forms the middle to rear sections, which makes sense since this is the section that makes up most of the head and electronic gimmick for the toy. Still, most of the designs you would expect are present. This includes a curved, sleek front end that slopes downward, tall sideview mirrors, smokestacks and even a small notch for a Decepticon symbol at the front of the vehicle. Even the drum has some nice details on the sides including raised oval shaped plates that look bolted on. The back panel also has designs that represent where cement would "flow" if Mixmaster was a real working cement truck. I did kind of wish the front end had the "dog with Decepticon head" symbol used in the actual movie, but I suspect trademark issues were at work there.

Mixmaster is cast mostly in silver and gunmetal grey with black wheels. His windows are lavender colored and there are some silver decos on the sides. A small Decepticon symbol is found in the middle of the vehicle right above the grille. I was surprsed there weren't any Decepticon symbols on his drum (as this was shown prominantly in the movie), but I'm guessing the designers feared such details might scrape off if the drum was connected and disconnected to Scavenger repeatedly.

There's not much functionality to speak of. Mixmaster rolls on his wheels and that's about it. However, since he contains the electronics, they have a tendency to go off even if you just move him a little which can be both funny and annoying. Be warned.

Rampage is one of the Constructicons who has received multiple releases. In addition to the Legends Class figure, he had a Deluxe Class figure that was released in both yellow and red colors. This toy represents the character purely in his vehicle mode. He has many of the same design elements as the other figures. This includes a large blade (the shovel like piece) in the front, two huge hydraulic tubes behind it, a small driver's section and vertical panels that come up in the back. He even has the triangular shaped treads on the sides. If you're familiar with Rampage from his other figures, this will be instantly recognizable. There's a good amoung of detail on the figure too including small machinery details and vents on the sides and even round bolts on the wheel inside the treads.

The vehicle is cast mostly in a dull yellow color, with the treads cast in dark grey. Dark grey paint is used for the windows on the driver's section and a lighter grey is used for a beautiful faded pattern on the blade, giving it a worn and dirty look. Black paint is used on the front for hazard stripes complete with a Decepticon symbol in the middle. Underneath these details are the letters "AN-KA" and the numbers "11308". I'm not sure about the significance of these letters and numbers but in the past Hasbro designers have been known to use such letters and numbers to pay homage to friends and family members in some way. The final paint details are yellow ones on the sides of the treads, matching the yellow plastic color nicely.

Rampage rolls on two rods that connect the two treads on the underside of the vehicle. The blade can move up and down a little but not much, then again the purpose of the blade is to push things forward so this is hardly a terrible thing.

Scavenger is an interesting vehicle in that the design was also used for the character of Demolishor, who appeared in the film in both robot and vehicle modes, lending more weight to the idea that the Constructicons are a sub-group of Decepticons, many of whom share similar body designs. Being the one who makes up most of Devastator's body, Scavenger is huge compared to the other Constructions in this set, which matches his onscreen appearance as one of the larger Constructicons. Every section of Scavenger is covered with details. The ones I like the most are the intricate ones such as the tubes running along his shovel arm and the ones that help bring out his scale such as the ladders on the sides of the vehicle. His treads also have some really nice detail on the sides.

Scavenger is cast in red, black, gunmetal grey and off-white plastic. The red makes up most of the vehicle with the black making up parts like rails along the side of the vehicle. White is used on the inside sections such as the driver's cabin and part of the arm. While the treads look like they're cast in dark grey (almost black) they are actually painted that color. A lighter grey is used on the windows of the driver's section. There are bold white lines running across the sides of the vehicle. On the left side there is a rough line with the letter/number combination "THK-1139" which may be a tongue in cheek reference to THX-1138. Keep in mind ILM did do the special effects for the film! On the other side are more white lines, with the letters "SCVNGR" and a Decepticon symbol. Overall the vehicle looks great and imposing. It also represents the on-screen version rather well (not that we really got a great look at it in the movie).

In terms of functionality, each of Scavenger's tread sections have two small wheels on the bottom, allowing it to roll along. The shovel arm has three points of articulation and the shovel itself is big enough to fit Legends Class figures if you wanted to have Scavenger tossing around hapless Autobots!

When the Constructicons appeared on film in "Revenge of the Fallen", they were treated more as generic troops than a distinctive groups, so several Transformers seen in the movies shared Scrapper's body type. This even includes one Decepticon that popped up for a brief moment in "Dark of the Moon". However, between comments from Hasbro and a lot of poking around footage, it has been determined that Scrapper was part of Devastator and not one of the other Scrapper-like design robots running around the battlefield (which also means he met his end in "Revenge of the Fallen"). Scrapper is a front end loader vehicle. being one of Devastator's arms, he's a rather large one too, on par in size with Hightower. Much like his Generation One namesake, he features a large bucket loader in the front, arms that extend to the front of the vehicle, a single driver section and four large wheels. Smaller details give you a sense of the scale of this figure including a small stair case on either side in the back and rails on the sides. Other small details include exhaust pipes in the back and bolts on a panel found at the top of the driver section. He's a formidable looking vehicle to be sure.

Scrapper is cast in a similar yellow as Rampage, but his color is a bit lighter. The front engine section is gunmetal grey and his wheels are black. A bit of white paint is used to form stripes, the ltters "BG-E" and a Decepticon symbol on the front section. Grey is used to paint his windows and yellow is used on the sides of the wheels. The colors work well together and provide a type of color symmetry with Rampage.

Functionally speaking, Scrapper rolls on his four wheels and that's about it. His bucket cannot move up and down as part of it is locked to a piece that comes out from the bottom of the vehicle.

Final Thoughts:
The hardest part about evaluating this set is not so much "Is this a fun toy?" because it totally is. I admit I chuckle every time Devastator yells and his mouth opens wide. I've tossed Mudflap and Skids into his mouth a couple times for yucks and he looks quite intimidating next to most smaller figures. There's a good amount of detailing and I'm honestly surprised at how stable he is given the overall weight of the figure. However, the figure has to overcome what it is not. It is not a totally accurate version of the on-screen character (who was made up of 7-9 Constructicons depending on the scene) and the only robot mode is the combined form. For some, this is where their evaluation ends and that's fair. If you want a "Revenge of the Fallen" Devastator where each vehicle has an individual robot mode you're best off going for the Legends Class version. If you do want to find this figure, be warned the after market has made the price three to four times the original. You're best off hunting for an auction of a loose, but complete one (my uncle purchased one for my cousin for $50 this way). I do think this is a fun and good toy, but I can totally understand why it isn't everyone's cup of tea.