"Revenge of the Fallen" Fast Action Battler Photon Missile Jetfire Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: July 2009
Price Point: $12.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


Text from Hasbrotoyshop.com:
Around the world, the AUTOBOTS battle in secret to destroy the evil forces of the DECEPTICONS. Little do they know that an even deeper threat is about to arise… After remaining hidden for years, JETFIRE is ready to rejoin the fight! He realized the error of the DECEPTICON way a long time ago. Now, he fights alongside the AUTOBOTS, hoping to use his ancient strength to bring his former comrades to justice!

Based on the AUTOBOT movie character, this robot-to-vehicle figure features a launching photon missile in robot mode and quick robot-to-jet conversion! Add this AUTOBOT ally to your collection and get ready to destroy evil forces!

Jetfire is one of my favorite characters from "Revenge of the Fallen". His role as an ancient Transformer who has seen a lot and lived to tell about it appeals to me. I also enjoyed his cantankerous, grumpy old man schtick which I found far less annoying than Wheelie's leg humping. Was the fart joke a bit much? Sure, but overall at least Jetfire was a developed character who contributed significantly to the plot of the movie (and gave Optimus Prime one heck of a power boost to boot!). Being such a primary character, I was glad to see him among the characters given the Fast Action Battler treatment since it offers kids something a bit more complex than the Legends Class figure but not as big and unwieldly as the Leader Class figure.

Robot Mode:
When we meet Jetfire in "Revenge of the Fallen" he is no longer a young Cybertronian. Instead, he is at the end of his life cycle and he is worn out enough that parts are falling off of him and he needs a cane to stand and walk for large lengths of time. This gives the robot form a rather odd appearance. Instead of standing completely upright, he is mostly hunched over a bit, drawing emphasis to the chicken walker leg design he employs. With Fast Action Battler Jetfire, this overall shape is conveyed by offering up a figure with some fairly odd proportions and an unusual design. While his upper body is, for the most part fairly normal with the head, chest and arms all relatively proportional to each other (his shoulders are a bit small), his lower body has his legs set super wide apart. Combined with the chicken walker leg design where his thighs stick out forward and his lower leg angles back as the ankles swing the feet forward. This gives him the appearance of squatting, as if his old legs aren't quite strong enough to hold him up. It certainly looks odd, but I think with the Fast Action Battlers you can get away with some design exaggerations, this just happens to be his.

I've really been impressed the detail work on the Fast Action Battlers for "Revenge of the Fallen" and Jetfire is no exception. His head has some nice detailing including his segmented mouthplate, the frills on the side of his head and even the bits of cockpit window details found on the top of his head. His chest has Y and L shaped pieces that look like support beams of some type while his arms have details that look like tubes and wires. His legs are also designed nicely, especially the lower legs which have springs, hinges, wires and more sculpted into them.

Jetfire has eleven points of articulation in this form. This includes two points of articulation on each arm and three on each leg. His head can also tilt up and down. As a robot, he wields two weapons. A gatling gun/missile launcher is cast into the right arm. You push the lever on the side of the launcher to fire the flame shaped missile. As you fire the missile, you'll note that the barrel of the cannon turns a bit, giving some extra "Mech Alive" like action. What's neat is that you can keep pushing the lever on the side even without the missile to create a spinning "firing" effect with the barrel. On Jetfire's other arm is another "flame missile" weapon, but instead of being in a launcher, it's actually one sculpted piece with his cane! Swing the flame detail forward and he winds up wielding his cane in a forward pointing position. It's rather short so it won't reach the floor, but I enjoy seeing the distinctive character detail acknowledged in some form.

Two primary plastic colors are used for this figure: dark grey and black. The black plastic seems to have a nice matte type finish on it, giving it a bit of a shine with some texture. The grey plastic is metallic in nature, giving it a good shine when you hold it under a light. The black makes up most of the jet pieces as well as his chest, and arms. The grey makes up parts like his lower legs, missiles, head and waist. In robot mode, most of his paint applications are done in gold with some blue and silver. The gold is found on large sections of his legs and smaller pieces on the chest. It is also used for smaller detailing on parts like the circles on his chest and a couple lines on his head. In another nice touch, his robot eyes and the windows of the cockpit details on his head are painted metallic blue. The paint job on his eyes is a bit sloppy, going out of the lines a bit, but I had to hold he figure pretty close before I even noticed it so I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. One of the nicest details on this figure is the scratched out, silver Decepticon symbol on the top of his head. It looks cool and it's a reminder of the character's allegiance change in the movie.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the robot head up.
  2. Push the lower robot legs into the groove on the upper legs.
  3. Swing the chest piece down over the waist piece.
  4. Swing back each arm and clip it into place against the slots underneath each wing.
  5. Swing the booster sections back and clip them against the curved armor part next to the wings.
  6. Swing the cockpit piece forward.
  7. Swing out the ends of his wings and swing the vertical stabilizers up.

Vehicle Mode:
In general, the Fast Action Battler aesthetic presents proportions that some liken to the Japanese "super deformed" style, though not quite as extreme. With Sideswipe for instance the vehicle mode was shortened a bit and made a bit chunkier so it's easier to handle. In essence, that's what was done to Jetfire. Proportionally speaking, his long cockpit and neck have been shrunken down significantly. His cockpit section as well as the boosters on his wings look a bit pudgier than one would expect as well. The overall effect is that Jetfire actually looks rather cute in this form. He truly does look like a compact version of the character more in this form than the robot mode.

While his overal shape may be cute, that doesn't mean the figure isn't detailed. Indents along the length of the cockpit show dividing lines and his cockpit has some designs that make the edges look like eyes set in a narrow stare. The back sections have raised sections that look grille like and the rear of his boosters have details sculpted into the back representing fan blades. The flame details from the missiles in robot mode now show as flames coming out of the back of the vehicle, which is a nice little touch.

In this form Jetfire's black plastic dominates, with very little of the robot mode's grey visible. The windows of the cockpit are painted metallic blue while the stripe details on the back of the jet are painted red. Also painted in red are the numbers 17972 along with a Decepticon symbol with wings on each vertical stabilizer.

Final Thoughts:
There is no doubt that Jetfire looks funky in robot mode. That wide stance is a bit off-putting, and with his somewhat narrow shoulders to boot, he does look a bit odd. However, I think he is well sculpted, nicely painted and fun to play with. His transformation is a nice one and I am won over by the cuteness of the vehicle mode. If you want a super accurate version of the character, go for the Robot Replicas or Leader Class version. If you want a fun looking representation of the character with play value for less than $50, this is the one for you. Recommended with a few points taken off for the odd eye paint job and the somewhat odd proportions.