Revenge of the Fallen Fast Action Battler Electro Whip Jolt

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2009
Price Point: $10.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


"Revenge of the Fallen" will be introducing a ton of new characters into the movie universe roster. One of them is a new Autobot by the name of Jolt. While he shares the name with the Wal-Mart exclusive Decepticon of the same name from the 2007 Transformers Movie toy line, they're not meant to be the same character. At this time no official high resolution renderings of Jolt were readily available for me to compare this figure to, so it will largely be reviewed on its own merits and not so much its comparison to the CGI model. This character is reported to appear in the movie, though his role remains to be revealed.

Robot Mode:
Jolt has an interesting design layout that makes me super curious what he's going to look like on the big screen. In essence he uses a modified version of the old Transformers Go-Bot/Spychanger transformation, where the back of the car becomes the feet and the sides become the arms. The only difference here is that the hood of the car swings back instead of becoming the chest. While the transformation is simple, his design is actually rather complex and reflects the "movie aesthetic" of having lots of layers of armor and mechanical detail.

Let's start with the head design. Rather than the traditional rounded or squarish helmet around a face, this one is roughly triangular in shape, with a large crest rising high in the center and two antenna angling out in a vertical direction on the sides. He has a small mouth piece made up of a vertical piece over a triangular area on his face. The eyes are round rather than slits or rectangles, similar to Bumblebee's eyes in the movie. These pointed, triangular designs carry over to his torso and arms. Each of his arms have several pointed bits of armor with additional sculpted details such as tubing and pistons. Instead of regular five fingered hands, he has claw hands, which goes along with the sharp, jagged look of the character. One of my favorite details are the joints between his torso and shoulders where small fans are sculpted into the plastic. Great attention to detail! His chest has a layered look as well, with shapes including triangles and circles layered over a flat base. His legs have an interesting design where they angle forward a bit, and then back. There are tire details on his upper legs, which makes me wonder if his transformation involves the tires folding in and splitting somehow onto his legs in the movie. From the front view, the only thing that really betrays his alternate mode are his feet, which are the rear of the car split in two. The final detail on this figure that is like the cherry on top of the whipped cream in a sundae are the cannons mounted over his shoulders. Between these and his hand weapons (more on those later) Jolt is one heavily armed robot, and I look forward to seeing him in action!

Jolt is cast in four colors: dark blue, light metallic blue, black and silver. Most of the panels from the car mode are dark blue, but his chest also has dark blue elements. The metallic blue is used on his whip weapons and smalelr parts such as his shoulders and waist. Silver makes up his head, the arms and legs as well as his cannons. However, it is important to note there are two shades of silver. The arms and lower legs are darker than the cannons and his head for instance. I find this an interesting aesthetic choice since the colors are similar enough for the designers to have gotten away with using just one. Black is used for his wheels, which feature quite prominantly on his arms and legs in this form. Paint applications are done with black, light blue and red. The light blue is used sparingly, appearing on his chest and eyes. Black is used for the fake tires on his legs and the main parts of the eyes. Red is used for the Autobot symbol on his chest. Unfortunately, something must have happened at the factory level with mine because right out of the package a tiny bit of the red was rubbed off.

Jolt has ten points of articulation. This includes three points of articulation in each leg and his waist, which surprised me since I had thought the car bits on his back would have prevented waist articlation. Since his legs are set at a rather odd angle, his feet have to be angled as well in order for the figure to stand properly, so the three points on his legs are necessary to allow you to position them. His action feature is built right into his arms. Press the blue tabs on his arms and the metallic blue whips come shooting out from his claws! His arms are spring loaded so if you push them up they come swinging back down hard, simulating a whipping motion. It's a fun action feature, but moving the arms up and down and letting the ratchet joints set in position takes getting used to. Part of me keeps thinking I'm going to break the figure, but clearly this is how it was meant to operate.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Straighten out the figure if you have the waist turned.
  2. Straighten out the arms so they point downward.
  3. Push the feet together.
  4. Pushing the robot head down into the chest, swing the hood of the car forward and snap into place.
  5. Swing each arm down a bit and then push them into position.
  6. Swing up the rear window panels on the feet, and then fold the feet against the rest of the body and snap it into place.

Vehicle Mode:
Jolt transforms into a Chevrolet Volt, a car that Chevrolet is touting as a revolutionary new type of electric car that will need little to no gasoline to run. You can read up on this vehicle on Chevrolet's web site. It isn't unusual for General Motors to show off upcoming vehicles in their movies. In the first Transformers movie, Bumblebee transformed into a Chevrolet Camaro that had not even been released yet, with the idea being that seeing a major character featured as said vehicle will cause anticipation for those in the audience who wish to purchase the vehicle once it does come out.

The Volt has an elegant design reminscent of competitor cars such as the Honda Civic. It is a four door, but manages to look elegant at the same time. Much of this is in thanks to the smooth stylings of the smaller designs such as the headlights, front grille and sideview mirrors. Jolt has the same basic shape of the real life Volt, with its all curved bodies, betraying few hard angles in the design of the car. However, it is the smaller details which really "make" the car. The front end has two strips making up the grille with a raised pattern of rectangular shapes inside of them. The Chevrolet symbol features prominantly in the center of the grille as well. The headlights are shaped slightly differently than the ones shown on the Chevrolet web site. Whereas those have a slight angle at the bottom, Jolt's are more like strips that curve back against the front and sides of the vehicle. On the lower portion of the front, Jolt has L shaped lights and an additional grille that are both found on the real life Volt.

Being a Fast Action Battler, some details get a bit squashed on the vehicle mode at times, and in Jolt's case those would be the side view mirrors, which don't stick out quite as much as they should. They do however reflect the design of the real life vehicle down to the small point that comes out in front of each mirror and leads to a line that forms around the perimeter of the side windows. The rear section is a very well sculpted representation of the real life Volt. It has a spoiler looking design on the back that comes out over the back slightly. The rear lights are thin and wrap around the side to the back, ending on an angle. The center has a raised Chevrolet symbol in the middle and an additional thin strip of rear lights can be found flanking the license plate area.

Jolt is mostly dark blue and black in this form, with none of the silver robot mode parts showing. His front windshield is painted dark metallic silver while the side and rear windows are black. The front lights are done up in light blue, which makes a nice contrast to the dark blue plastic on the car. Silver is used for several parts including the front grille, wheels and side view mirrors. Red features prominantly on the back where it is used to paint the light strips on the back. Silver paint is also used in the back for the Chevrolet Volt logo which features a heavily stylized "V". On both the front and back, the Chevrolet logo is painted gold.

Overall I'm really happy with how the vehicle mode came out. It has the slightly chunky look of the Fast Action Battlers while still replicating crucial details of the real life vehicle. I think the Volt truly is a cool looking vehicle and if the FAB version of it looks this good, I anticipate the deluxe version will look absolutely smashing.

Final Thoughts:
Jolt has a fantastic design in robot mode, and his vehicle mode is based on a very cool looking car. I love the way he has shoulder cannons and the whip weapons in robot mode as well. Highly recommended!