Revenge of the Fallen Fast Action Battler Devastation Blast Long Haul Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2009
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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Around the world, the AUTOBOTS battle in secret to destroy the evil forces of the DECEPTICONS. Little do they know than an even deeper threat is about to arise… LONG HAUL never talks, unless he’s going to complain about something. The other DECEPTICONS expect him to carry all their stuff, but he’d rather be fighting than transporting a bunch of missiles and laser cannons. He likes to let other robots’ gear bounce out of his truck bed, and then tell them it got “lost” on the way.

Based on the DECEPTICON movie character, this robot-to-vehicle figure features a devastation punch attack in robot mode and quick robot-to-dump truck conversion! Add this DECEPTICON bad guy to your collection and get ready to give the AUTOBOT forces a fight they won’t forget!

The Constructicons as portrayed in "Revenge of the Fallen" are quite different than their G1 predecessors. Instead of being true individuals, each one is more of a line model such as the G1 Seekers. Some differ in color (and perhaps name), but overall it is fair to say that these Constructicons are more "inspired by" the G1 team rather than being true representations of them. That said, the influences from the G1 team are undeniable, and one of the strongest is in the member known as Long Haul. In G1, Long Haul was a dump truck who transformed into a robot. In "Revenge of the Fallen" this Long Haul is also a dump truck that transforms into a robot.

Robot Mode:
I've become very used to seeing the "Fast Action Battlers" as chunky and somewhat "cutesy" versions of existing characters. Looking at Long Haul however, I was really surprised before I even took him out of the package. This guy is definitely sculpted with some exaggerated features, but overall he looks more like a simplified version of what a deluxe version of the figure would be like. His overall shape is bulky. He has large arms with two huge tires on the shoulders and two gigantic four fingered hands that look like they could smash down a building in one punch. The way his arms are designed, they raise high past his head height-wise giving him a constant "hunched over" appearance. Add to that the bulk of his torso and head (all cast as one solid piece) and he really does have a brutal appearance.

From my review of the first four "Fast Action Battlers" in this line, I knew that the designers had stepped up the detailing a couple notches from the ones made for the first movie. The head sculpt is fantastic, shaped like a dome with a mouth that seems covered by a rebreather type device. The head has lines cast etched into the top and sides and there are raised details that look like tubes on the sides running back horizontally. From the sides of his head there are raised sections of armor that angle downward to the waist with circle and rectangle details on them. Underneath that layer of detail are tubes on his chest and circular details in the center. On his shoulders are some nice circular details including small raised circles that look like bolts. The other details I love are his forearms, where his fingers are set in a very alien way, with two fingers in the middle and two thumbs on each hand. The fingers are shaped like claws along with circular details at the hinges on the thumbs and tubes on the forearms leading to the hands.

Long Haul is cast in a muted shade of neon green, olive green and grey plastic. The neon green makes up most of his body while the olive green makes up smaller parts such as his upper arms and thighs. His tires are cast in grey, and they are all quite visible in this form on his legs and arms. Grey is also used for smaller joints such as those connecting the arms to the main body. Paint details are done up in silver, green, grey, and orange. Silver is used for small detailing such as the circles on his chest, bits of his head and his elbow joints. Grey can be found on the vehicle mode parts on his lower legs. Orange details are used for small details like circles on his legs, triangular designs on his chest and a spray op on his right forearm which relates to his action figure (more on that in a moment). The green color is only used sparingly, specifically you can find it on the tube details on his chest. Long Haul has a very intricate color scheme for a figure that is meant for a younger age bracket, and I'm glad to see that. Just because a figure is simpler, it doesn't mean that the figure has to lack detail.

Long Haul has thirteen points of articulation. This includes five points of articulation on his left arm and four on his left. He also has waist articulation, which surprised me since part of he vehicle mode is on his back since you'd think it would partially block the waist from turning all the way but it really doesn't. His action feature centers around his right arm. Press the button on the very top of the arm and the forearm moves forward in a piston-like punching motion. Considering the way his hands are designed, this is a very appropriate action feature and it's a fun one to boot!

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the tires on the top of his arms forward.
  2. Turn each of the forearms in so his inner palms are facing back.
  3. Swing the flap on his back forward.
  4. Swing the arms back, they will move in unison.
  5. Move the wheels from the arms down and connect them to the main body using their pegs.
  6. Rotate the waist piece around.
  7. Swing up each lower leg to form the front of the vehicle and connect the two pieces together.

Vehicle Mode:
Long Haul's vehicle mode is based on a real life dump truck, the . The real life truck is a huge vehicle, and if you look at some of the sculpted details on this figure it will give you an idea just how large. The most telling are the ladders found on either side of the vehicle towards the front. If you can imagine that roughly to scale with a human being, its size becomes quite impressive. Other neat details include the raised armor sections running along the top portion of his dumping mechanism and if you look at the back, there is a panel angling down, as if the back door of that section was opened up to release whatever materials he is carrying. There are tiny details too. My favorite is the row of raised circles next to his ladders representing bolts.

In this form, Long Haul again shows mostly neon green plastic and grey plastic on the wheels. The olive green appears in the back since the robot arms are still visible. The details on the lower legs come together here in the form of silver and orange paint details. Silver is used for his windows, headlights and the Decepticon symbol to the left of his cabin section. Orange can be found on lights under the headlights and his grille is painted grey. A bit of grey is used for a spray op on the sides of the vehicle towards the middle, which looks cool and gives it a gritty "used" feel. On the rear wheels, neon green paint is used to paint the sides, which is a bit odd since the front wheels have no such detail.

Long Haul rolls on four of his six wheels, with the inner wheel staying static.

Final Thoughts:
Long Haul is a really cool figure, and the first representation of this character in toy form for this line. I love the way the sculpting and articulation for the Fast Action Battlers have been elevated, and that elevation is exemplified in this figure. Highly recommended.