Revenge of the Fallen Night Blades Sideswipe Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: December 2009
Price Point: $12.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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Glowing with boosted power, SIDESWIPE is ready to bring the fight to the DECEPTICONS like never before. His blades hum with energy, and their edges are sharper than ever. Nothing in the world can keep him from victory!

Roll out against DECEPTICON forces as you stage your own battles with this NIGHT BLADES SIDESWIPE figure. Activate his sword accessory slashing action in robot mode and quickly maneuver for robot-to-vehicle conversion into Corvette Stingray concept car vehicle mode! Add this warrior to your collection and give the bad guys the fight of their lives! Ages 4 and up.

SideswipeSideswipe is one of the more prominant Autobots in "Revenge of the Fallen" not named Optimus Prime or Bumblebee so it's no surprise he gets a redeco of his Fast Action Battler incarnation. While this version did not appear on screen, his bio mentions some type of energy upgrade explaining away his new color deco. Night Blades Sideswipe is a redeco of the first Fast Action Battler Sideswipe so check out that review for a more detailed look at the figure. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this review.

Robot Mode:
Two of the plastic colors from the first Fast Action Battler Sideswipe have been replaced. The grey parts have been replaced with a dark metallic grey and the dark grey parts have been replaced with a light metalic blue color. The result is that in this mode, Sideswipe has more metallic blue parts showing than dark metallic grey. His legs, waist, head and the insides of his arms are all metallic blue. The panels with the blades on his arms and his chest are dark metallic grey. The wheels are still cast in black.

To represent his newfound energy, neon green is used on several small details including the exhaust pipes on his chest and the side panels on his arms. His license plate is painted black, with green used for an Autobot in the center with a cross pattern on either side. Surrounding those details are more green lines running both horizontal and vertical. Red paint is found on his chest, painting the rear lights of the vehicle mode. This red is a lighter shade than the one used on the first Fact Action Battler Sideswipe. Silver paint is found on his head and legs. The patterns are different than those on the first release, with a bit less silver paint on the thighs and head, allowing more of the plastic color underneath to show. You'll also find silver on his chest, where it colors in the Stingray symbol and on the sides of his arms on the wheels. Black paint is still found on his wheel feet at the bottom of his legs.

I do like this deco, but not more than the original. It's a neat alternate take on the character and the green is striking and really does give the sense of power glowing from inside Sideswipe's body. I also appreciate that the pattern is different than the one from the first version of the figure, something I tend to look for in a redeco.

All of Sideswipe's joints are still tight, and his action "slashing" feature on the right arm works well.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Push the foot pieces on the robot feet in.
  2. Rotate the blades on his arms around to form the sides of the car.
  3. Push the robot head down.
  4. Swing the panel on the back down over the spot where the robot head was.
  5. Swing the hood/grille piece out.
  6. Swing the robot legs up and tuck them into the underside of the car.
  7. Push each arm in at the shoulders and attach them to the front hood piece using the pegs and holes.

Vehicle Mode:
There is a dramatic difference between the first version of Sideswipe and this one in vehicle mode. The vehicle is mostly dark metalic grey, with none of the metallic blue plastic from the robot mode showing. His deco is quite different as well, and believe it or not, it's more detailed than the one on the first release (quite a surprise). The neon green color is found on all his windows and the headlights. On the sides, this color fades into the plastic, which looks really nice. A silver stripe starts on the hood of the car above the checkered flag symbol and runs all the way to the back down the center of the car. The green can also be found on the insides of the grille on the front end of the car. I was very surprised to see the checkered flag symbol on the hood of the car has a very intricate deco pattern, with a silver back ground and black on the right and red on the left, the actual colors of the logo in real life. It's quite intricate and impressive.

My only gripe with this figure has to do with the arm panels. On my first Fast Action Battler Sideswipe the panels lined up fairly well in vehicle mode. In this version, the panels just won't stay in place at all, leaving a rather ugly gap on the door section. I'm not sure if this is just my particular figure or a problem found throughout the line but I thought it worth mentioning.

Final Thoughts:
I had to knock the grade down for this figure not because of the colors, which I think look great, but rather the whole door panel issue, which is a bit frustrating to see. Recommended with reservations.