Revenge of the Fallen Sword Slash Starscream Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen
Fast Action Battlers

General Information:
Release Date: May 2009
Price Point: $12.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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Around the world, the AUTOBOTS battle in secret to destroy the evil forces of the DECEPTICONS. Little do they know that an even deeper threat is about to arise. Returning to Earth after ruling on CYBERTRON, STARSCREAM is ready to conquer. He brings new skill to the battle against the AUTOBOTS. The defenders of Earth should tremble in fear at the power of STARSCREAM! Awesome quick-change figure converts from robot mode to F-22 RAPTOR jet in vehicle mode and back again! Keep the enemy in site and use the snap-out battle blade to help defend DECEPTICON forces!

At the climax of the first Transformers film, the Decepticons were defeated and most of their numbers destroyed. One of the few to get away was Starscream, and when he returned in "Revenge of the Fallen" he had taken on a new deco while maintaining the same body form. As part of the first wave of Fast Action Battlers in the "Revenge of the Fallen" line the Fast Action Battler Starscream from the first movie line has been given a new deco and released as "Sword Slash Starscream". This review will focus on the changes made to the first figure for this release. Check out the reviews for the first Fast Action Battler Starscream and Ramjet for more details on this figure.

Robot Mode:
The first version of Fast Action Battler Starscream had a very light color scheme, but his plastic colors are now much darker. The beige plastic from the first figure has been replaced with grey plastic. The grey plastic has been replaced with brown. Interestingly, his sword is now cast in purple as opposed to the light grey from the first figure. The trigger for the right arm has also been cast in purple. This color looks a lot like energy is coursing through the weapon, contrasting nicely with colors that could be seen as dull.

Paint applications are done up in black, silver, metallic grey and red. With the first version of the figure, I was very impressed by the way the black paint was used for dry brushing and giving the look of worn and damaged parts. In this version, the black paint is used to represent Starscream's elaborate series of tattoos on the character as seen in the film. Most of these can be found on his chest and arms, but you'll also find intricate ones on the head. Some of the tatoos are also painted in silver, including some on his left shoulder and legs. Silver is also found on the torso and head, creating details such as the nosecone and Decepticon symbol on his chest. Some red is used on his arms to paint the wires there and his eyes, making them look particularly evil. I really have to say that this is one really impressive color scheme. It's well thought out and I am really amazed that the designers created such intricate color scheme on a Fast Action Battler figure. In particular the head deco impresses me the most.

All of Starscream's joints are still tight. The arm trigger mechanism still works just as well as the first version of the figure, as does the sword deploying trigger.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Make sure both arms are pointing straight down.
  2. Pull the cockpit chest piece down and angle it downward while pulling the rest of the figure forward. The jet pieces will condense together.
  3. Swing the cockpit piece up to lock the het mode in place.
  4. Swing the legs back.

Vehicle Mode:
The first version of Fast Action Battler Starscream was rather plain in vehicle mode. Sword Slash Starscream's vehicle mode however is anything but plain. Most of the plastic you see in this mode is grey, and his decos are primarily done in black. The tattoo patterns are really cool, and look like they came from the Allspark Cube itself. Part of what I love about this figure is the asymmetrical nature of the pattern. On the left side are some broad strokes going across the wing to the center along with some curved parts and symbols. The right side has angled and curved patterns as well. Overall, it looks like a fantastic blend of mystic symbols and parts of a circuit board.

Final Thoughts:
Generally I have a bit of a bias against recommending a figure that's already been released twice, especially if one of those times is as the same character. However, the deco on this figure is so impressive I heartily recommend it to any fan of the movie.