"Revenge of the Fallen" Legends Class Bumblebee Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2009
Price Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


Text from Hasbrotoyshop.com:
Quick conversion BUMBLEBEE figure goes from robot mode to Camaro Concept mode in a flash! No matter which mode you choose for battle, this AUTOBOT ally is ready to roll out! Robot-to-vehicle figure converts to a sleek Camaro concept car in vehicle mode!

Bumblebee was the breakout character in the first Transformers live action movie. I remember standing at a toy aisle in Wal-Mart during the Christmas shopping season of 2007 seeing parent after parent getting turned away because all the Bumblebees were sold out. When asked where they could get one, the Wal-Mart employees were resigned to answering "Ebay". It's no surprise that the yellow 'bot is back in this movie, and as part of the first wave of Legends Class figures for "Revenge of the Fallen".

Robot Mode:
Unlike his 2007 counterparts, this Legends Class Bumblebee represents the updated version of the character, complete with his brand new Camaro form. This is not a retool of the previous figure, but is instead a whole new sculpt.

When you start reducing Transformers down to a certain scale, there is an inevitable simplfication of design that is bound to happen. In this case, Bumblebee winds up looking a lot like a Spychanger instead of a character from the movies, which often have lots of jagged edges and exposed machinery showing everywhere. Instead, most of his parts look very tight and together. The chest section is formed from the front of the car just like in the movie, but the front panels aren't out to the sides exposing machinery underneath. His legs are rather traditional "back of the car" chunky legs as opposed to the complex network of metal plates, gears and pistons seen in the movie. The only parts on this figure which align with the "exposed machinery/jagged armor" look of the movie are the arms, which feature (you guessed it) some angled shapes along with some meaty looking fists!

Some of the details from the movie are carried over to this smaller figure despite its simplified design. On his waist is the "bent license plate" in a V shape over a headlight-like piece. His knees have triangular shaped armor over them and his head sculpt has the insectoid look of the movie design complete with the "rebreather" type mouth and round eyes. The head sculpt is my favorite part since it integrates a lot of tiny detail including the central crest, the vents on the side of the head and indentations on the mouth piece.

Bumblebee is cast in yellow and black plastic, with yellow making up most of the color. His paint applications are done in black, red, silver, blue and gold. The yellow plastic is metallic, which really looks cool. From a distance there is a nice shine to the figure and close up you'll see the bits of metallic flake. The black plastic is used on parts such as his upper legs and shoulder joints. Black paint is used on details such as the stripes on his hood and the grille with gold filling in the Chevrolet symbol in the center of his chest. Red is used on both the head and right leg where it used to paint Autobot symbols onto the figure. I love the symbol on his forehead since it's so tiny yet placed perfectly. The blue color can be seen on the windows hanging off his back, but they'll be more prominant in his vehicle mode.

There are four points of articulation on this figure, his arms and legs. They are attached to ball joints, allowing for a wide range of movement.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Press the two lower legs together.
  2. Swing the chest piece up.
  3. Rotate the arms so they're pointed up.
  4. Swing each arm into the main body of the vehicle.
  5. Push the legs up.

Vehicle Mode:
Much of the new Camaro mode Bumblebee takes on in the movie resembles his form from the first film. There are some differences in the front, including a slightly more raised air intake on the hood and lights on the lower portion of the front that are shaped differently than the Bumblebee from the 2007 film. Having seen one of these cars up close recently, I can say confidently say that this little toy is a great representation of that vehicle. It even has smaller details such as the Chevrolet logo on top of a grid-like grille on the front to door handles on the sides. From the pointed front end to the curve that raises up to a small rear spoiler there's no mistaking what vehicle Bumblebee transforms into!

Most of the colors seen in the robot mode appear here. You get to see more blue thanks to the windshield and side windows. The black stripes painted on the robot chest continue here, running to the back of the vehicle. I was slightly surprised the red color wasn't used on the rear lights, but such negations are to be expected with Legends Class figures.

Final Thoughts:
Legends Class Bumblebee is a really neat little figure. To me he's sort of a Spychanger version of the character, and as much as I have an appreciation for the movie aesthetic, sometimes you want a streamlined looking figure. This figure gives you the best of both worlds. I would have liked a bit more paint in vehicle mode, but that's a minor complaint.s Recommended!