Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class The Fallen Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: August 2009
Price Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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Roll out against AUTOBOT forces as you stage your own battles with this detailed DECEPTICON character figure. Engage with the good guys in robot mode, then quickly maneuver for robot-to-vehicle conversion and crush them in Cybertronian Destroyer mode! Add this DECEPTICON ally to your collection and fight for the fate of the Universe!

DECEPTICON villain figure converts from robot mode to Cybertronian Destroyer jet mode and back again! Ages 5 and up.

The titular character of "Revenge of the Fallen" already made his appearance as a Voyager Class figure, but on the other end of the spectrum he has entered the toy line as a Legends Class figure, adding some pint sized power to the Legends line up.

Robot Mode:
The Fallen's design is one of the most unusual of all Transformers introduced in the last five or six years. He is intended to represent an ancient Transformer, with a more alien design than we're used to seeing. There aren't car or jet parts hanging off of him all over. Instead, he looks almost like an ancient sculpture from Egypt come to life. The head sculpt is perhaps his most distinctive feature, with a long head with flaps on the side that have horizontal lines running along them giving him the appearance of ancient Egyptian sculptures with a head dress. His torso is rather lanky, with thin strips and tubes coming together with rectangular panels to form his upper body. His arms have several tubes and wires winding around them with the forearms showing off the armor details that form part of his vehicle mode. The hands are oval shaped with small raised bits on the edges representing his seven fingers on each hand. He even has the odd protrusions on either side of his waist which angle to the back.

The thicker parts of The Fallen are his legs, which are rather angular. The tops of his thighs have points on the top and his feet are clawed rather than flat panel which are common in Transformer design. The intricate tube and line details continue to go from the middle of his body to his feet and it really looks quite spectacular. I really appreciate the level of detail sculpted into a figure of this size and it's one of my favorite aspects of this figure.

The Fallen is cast in gunmetal grey plastic. This color makes up most of his robot form, which is about right since the on screen version didn't really have a whole lot of color going on. Paint details are done up in orange and red. The orange simulates the "fire" like energy eminating from parts such as his head and forearms. Red is used on his head (specifically on the eyes and nose) a swell as the top of his shoulders. My favorite paint applications here are the forearms, which have orange painted into very thin lines. This looks intricate and the orange contrasts wonderfully against the grey.

The Fallen has six points of articulation. Four of these points are ball joints, specifically the ankles and arms. Unfortunately, while this allows a great range of motion, the parts pop off fairly easily, so be careful if you're thrashing this figure around in battle because it's highly likely his arm or foot will go flying across the room. That said, his joints are tight and it's nice to see waist articulation, something not often found on Legends Class figures.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the aircraft cockpit on the back down.
  2. Swing the robot head back.
  3. Rotate his arms up and then swing them together and connect them.
  4. Rotate the robot legs up so they angle out to the sides, resting on the two protrusions from the waist.
  5. Rotate the feet so they face outward.

Vehicle Mode:
I've grown more and more fond of the vehicle modes in the Legends Class of figures, but most of the time they represent fairly flat vehicles that are jets, trucks or cars. In this case, The Fallen represents an ancient ship with a rather unusual look. While simple in sculpt and transformation, it is very cool to see how well this figure matches up to its larger counterpart in vehicle mode. The front end has a sharp looking nosecone complete with protrusions on either side of the end of the nosecone. Combined with the angled cockpit windows, this section looks a lot like a version of the Decepticon symbol. The rest of the vehicle is somewhat "V" shaped, with the legs splayed out in a V pattern and his arms forming a top section to the vehicle form. All the same details from the robot mode carry over to these parts, but now you get to see them together, visually enhancing the details such as the line details on the bar that connects the two robot arms.

The Fallen is still mostly gunmetal grey, but now his red paint details are more visible on the cockpit and on the top section of the vehicle towards the back. It's a simple color scheme, but it is visually striking.

Final Thoughts:
The Fallen is a cool Legends Class figure. He is very well sculpted and his colors are fantastic. If it weren't for his parts popping off, I'd be giving him a higher rating. Recommended.