Hunt for the Decepticons Override Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: July 2010
Price Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None

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Race into action with this fearsome OVERRIDE figure! In robot mode, this fighter is as tough as they come. When it's time to chase down his enemies, convert him to street racer vehicle mode so he can "tear up the streets" in hot pursuit!

Sinister robot fighter figure converts from fierce robot mode to street racer vehicle mode -- and back again! Ages 5 and up.


It's a long standing Transformers tradition to take one base sculpt and turn it into a new character just by slapping a new color scheme on it, and that's exactly what Override is. This character addition to the "Revenge of the Fallen" cast of characters is a straight up redeco of Legends Class Sideways, so you'll want to check out that review for my original thoughts on the base sculpt.

Robot Mode:
I'm a firm believer that a straightforward redeco can be really awesome if done correctly. Generation One already showed this by managing to use several sculpts and redeco them into a variety of characters (most notably the Seeker Jets such as Starscream). In that spirit, I have to give kudos for the color selection on this figure. As a base figure, Sideways had a rather straightforward silver color dictated by his on screen appearance. For this character, there was no preconception of what colors he should be, so the designers had freedom to go with a different color scheme.

Override is cast in two plastic colors: blue and black. The blue is the more widely used color, featuring heavily on his arms, torso and upper legs. Indeed, the only robot mode parts cast in black are his lower legs and shoulder hinges. A bit more black plastic shows on his arms however thanks to the wheels from the robot mode hanging off of them. This proportion works however and gives him a very strong and bold appearance that I like a lot.

Bolstering the strong base plastic colors are metallic green, silver and red paint. The metallic green is an interesting surprise. It's not a color I would have thought would look good on the blue plastic, and yet there it is forming stripes on his chest and filling in robotic details on the legs. The metallic nature of the color definitely enhances it, and its brightness offers a great contrast to the darker blue plastic. On the same vein, the silver color used on the chest and head also add a dash of brightness to the figure. I'm also very fond of the use of silver to create an outline of a Decepticon symbol on the chest right in front of the face. Red is used sparingly. You'll find it on his eyes, continuing the tradition of Decepticons have red eyes. I appreciate small details like this because they could have easily just colored the whole head silver and have been done with it, but this extra bit of detail shows attention to the finer details.

Override's joints are tight and he manages to stand just fine, which can be an issue with figures that have odd proportions such as Override. With his smaller legs and larger arms, he could have easily been unable to stand if his joints were floppy but fortunately they're not.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the lower legs up against the thighs.
  2. Swing the robot chest up and fold the windshield panel down.
  3. Connect the robot legs together.
  4. Rotate the robot arms back and push them into the side.

Vehicle Mode:
Override's blue panels all come together to form the outer shell of the vehicle mode. The wheels now feature heavily, adding the black plastic into the mix. The metallic green stripes on the hood look fantastic here as a car detail, especially working in conjunction with the silver details on the grille and headlights. The Decepticon symbol also features prominently on the hood. In this mode you see a lot more silver in the form of the windows and windshield, offering a dazzling contrast to the blue plastic. The rear section has an engine section that is painted a dark, metallic grey. In terms of tone, it goes great with the other colors, adding a very dark color into the mix.

Final Thoughts:
Override is a fantastic example of a straight forward redeco. He is dramatically different from his predecessor both in colors and tone and looks great on his own. If you're into redecos at all, this guy is highly recommended!