Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Rampage Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2010
Price Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


RampageOne of the most exciting aspects of "Revenge of the Fallen" was its reintroduction of the Constructicons into the Transformers mainstream. Since "Energon", the group has only been seen here and there in comics, exclusive figures and so on, but to be brought out on the big screen was quite the sight to see.

Unlike the Constructicons of old however, these guys are more like "product lines", with each type of Constructicon having several counterparts roaming around in the film. Rampage is one character who appeared in both yellow and red colors. Indeed, his original deluxe class figure represented the yellow version while the more recent release represents the red version of the character. Now the Legends Class has brought about a new incarnation of Rampage in a nice, small portable form!

Robot Mode:
The first thing to note is that this Legends Class Rampage is not the same sculpt as the Legends Class Rampage that is included with the current Wal-Mart Exclusive Devastator figure. It is a completely different sculpt with different dimensons and a totally different transformation.

"Revenge of the Fallen" Rampage has a few distinct features that set him apart from other Transformers in the film. He has huge arms with claw hands, treads as "whip" weapons and his legs come together to form a "jackhammer" type mode (known affectionately as the "Skipjack" mode during production of the film). On either side of his chest are large pistons that are part of the mechanism that moves his legs in their "jumping" action. All these features are present on this figure, and quite prominant to boot (whereas some features such as the claws are downplayed on the other Legends version of Rampage). Indeed, Rampage's arms are huge compared to the rest of the figure, making up most of the height of the figure.

There are quite a few details in this little figure. The arms have a series of parts that are interconnected leading to his claws while non-functioning wheels link to those parts. The treads aren't extended outward, but instead are wrapped around the outer edges of the arms. The pistons on his torso are nicely sculpted, with the thick tubes at the ends connected by a thinner tube in the middle. This too is not a functional, moving piece but it looks fantastic. The legs are designed to be thin looking, forming the "jackhammer" type single leg or they can split to be separate legs. The ends are very thin however, so it's quite a challenge to get him standing on them (I bent them at the "ankles" for the pictures for maximum stability). Perhaps the best detailing is on the robot head, which has the crab-like face with mandibles and sharp crest on the top of the head. His eyes are angled downward, giving him an evil expression.

Rampage is cast in black and red plastic, showing that he represents the Rampage that fought Bumblebee in the film, and not the "other Rampage" that combined with the Constructicons to form Devastator. Silver and gold paint is used for detailing. Silver is mostly found on the upper body, specifically the area surrounding the head. The rest is on the front of the legs in a strip down the front. Gold is used on his eyes. Black paint is used for a Decepticon symbol on the front of his waist. The black plastic tis used on his treads and joints on the shoulders, giving some fantastic visual contrast.

There are eight points of articulation in this mode. The arms are on hinges, so instead of a ball joint that can swing up, the arm can swing outwards on one hinge, then forward on the other (which is really a function of the transformation). His waist can move forward and back, so if you have his legs connected together you can manually simulate his "jackhammer" jumping action.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Connect the two legs together.
  2. Swing the connected legs forward.
  3. Swing up the ankle joints to form the cabin of the vehicle mode.
  4. Swing the arms forward, then up and connect them to the center section.

Vehicle Mode:
Rampage's vehicle mode is based on a Caterpillar D11 bulldozer. There is a huge shovel in the front, two large pistons behind it, giant "claws" in the back and triangular shaped treads with a cabin section towards the back. In front of the cabin are tubes sticking out of the top of the vehicle with a barrier in the center. All these features are present in this figure but some are adjusted from the real life vehicle. The cabin for instance is set completely to the back while the claws on the back point upwards instead of down. There are also a couple details missing such as a small fence piece on the left side near the cabin section. Most of these differences are due to the transformation as well as licensing issues, but he looks close enough that you can identify who he's meant to be almost immediately.

In this mode, the balance of red and black plastic is about the same as the robot mode. Silver paint is found on the front of the shovel (inspired by details on the movie), the pistons behind it and on the windows of the cabin. Between the silver paint and plastic colors, Rampage looks really good.

The vehicle rolls on three tiny wheels, two on the back and one on the front. I wouldn't send this guy tearing through rocks and sand, but on a smooth surface he moves along just fine.

Final Thoughts:
I really dig this figure. Not to knock the version that combines into the Legends Class Devastator, but for a basic level figure it has great detail, good colors and I like the fact that they made the figure so you can do a more "normal" robot mode and the "Jackhammer" mode. Highly recommended!