Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Ravage Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2010
Price Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


Ravage"Revenge of the Fallen" brought back many concepts from Generation One, among them was the ability for Soundwave to deploy troops from his own body by ejecting them from his chest. Most prominant in the film was Ravage, the feline-like Transformer who was sent to Earth to recover the shard of the Allspark. There has already been a deluxe scale figure of Ravage, but this is the first Legends Class iteration of the character.

Beast Mode:
Since the days of Generation One toy line sculpting has been a strong suit of the Transformers brand. The Ravage character is easily one of the more intricate looking Transformers in "Revenge of the Fallen". Instead of having lots of flat panels on his body, most of his body is an almost skeletal structure. He looks like someone took the skeleton of a big cat, slapped some armor on it with fierce weaponry and a brain. That look is replicated very well here. Ravage is hunched down in the front, his mouth set in a wide roar with a curved tail, almost like he is announcing himself before he pounces on an enemy. The detail level is fantastic down to the individual rib-like structures running down his body to the blades on the sides of his head and the back of his rear legs. Tiny details such as the teeth in his mouth and springs in his front legs are present as well. Even better, the dual weapons on the back of the body and the blade/weapons on his tail are sculpted on this figure as well, replicating the look of the on-screen CGI model very well.

Ravage is cast in dark silver plastic, looking very much like his CGI model. Paint applications are done in silver, black and gold. The gold color is used for his single eye, making it stand out brilliantly against the rest of the body. Silver is the most extensively used color, making up details such as the blades running along his spine as well as the blades on the back of his rear legs. Black is found on the left side, above the leg where a Decepticon symbol is displayed prominantly. This may not sound particularly colorful, and it's not meant to be. Ravage was all about stealth and this dark color scheme suits him perfectly.

There are twelve points of articulation on this figure, making him rather unusual for a Legends Class toy. This is due mostly to his legs, which have three points of articulation each and his tail. I was pleasantly surprised to see that his weapons are also on a hinge, allowing them to move up and down. The four main points of articulation on his legs are ball joints, so he has a good range of motion as well.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the front arms up.
  2. Swing the nosecone piece from the underside over the head.
  3. Swing the rear hip section down.
  4. Swing the tail up, tucking it on the underside of the vehicle.
  5. Splay the legs out to the sides.
  6. Bend the rear legs at the knees and swing them in, with the feet flat against the underside.
  7. Swing the front legs in.
  8. Raise the weapons on the back up.

Vehicle Mode:
When it comes to Ravage's alternate modes, for the most part they wind up being what fans like to call a "Because we say so" mode. Ravage's "re-entry" mode looks like some type of alien attack craft from some 50's science fiction B-Movie, and in some ways that's quite appropriate for a line about transforming, sentient robots from another planet. The front end is interesting as it is quite different than the deluxe figure, with a true nosecone and parts that could be seen as blasters or lights in the front. The rest of the form is pretty much just parts of the beast mode put in different positions, so there's not much to see. Let's just say this is not the mode you buy this figure for, but nor should you expect to based on how the character looks in the movie.

Most of the parts showing in this form are the beast mode parts. The only "new" part here is the nosecone, which has silver paint on the inset tubes (that could be lights or blasters).

There aren't many "action features" to speak of here. The weapons can move up and down and that's really it. While I don't mean to downplay the potential imaginative fun that one could have with this mode, older collectors may not be super thrilled with it, but I suspect kids won't care.

Final Thoughts:
Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the vehicle mode, Ravage is an awesome Legends Class figure. He looks perfect and size-wise, you can put him with your deluxe class Soundwave and it looks right. The level of detail in the sculpt is impressive and the colors are really nice. Highly recommended!