Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Autobot Skids Reviewed

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: July 2009
Price Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN - AUTOBOT SKIDS Roll out against DECEPTICON forces as you stage your own battles with this AUTOBOT SKIDS figure. Engage with the bad guys in robot mode, then quickly maneuver for robot-to-vehicle conversion and speed into action in Chevy Beat concept car mode! Add this fierce fighter to your collection and decide the fate of the Universe!

Autobot Skids is one of the Autobot "twin" brothers in "Revenge of the Fallen". With Mudflap having a Legends version, it only makes sense that Skids would be made into one as well.

Robot Mode:
The CGI model of Autobot Skids is a rather complex design. It has a ton of panels from the vehicle mode that break up and reveal a lot of machinery underneath. Such a design would be quite difficult to replicate in such a tiny toy at a relatively cheap price point so at best, Legends Skids is an interpretation of the movie design. He maintains four of the primary design aspects from the CGI model:

  1. The head design is accurate to the movie design, complete with his bit of "hair" on the top, asymmetrical eyes, buck teeth and "Gremlin" like ears.
  2. The front end of the vehicle mode forms the chest, though the panels are not broken up in any way to reveal machinery underneath.
  3. The arm designs are asymmetrical, with his right arm much larger than the left.
  4. There are several details on the legs that look like armor panels curved over machinery, making the legs the section that most utilizes the movie aesthetic. Also like the movie design, the wheels of the vehicle are set where the ankles are.

Skids differs a lot from the CGI model in that most of his parts are not "broken up" at all, everything is rather cohesive and more reminscent of a traditional Transformer. Also, his arm designs are very different from the movie. The shoulders do not have the wheel wells from the vehicle mode over them and his left hand looks more like a claw. The right arm is formed from a large section of the vehicle mode, with a big thumb-like detail but little else indicating it is a hand other than where it is positioned.

The primary plastic colors that make up Skids are metallic lime green and black. Green makes up most of the body with black used for parts like the wheels and upper arms. Paint applications are done up in silver, metallic light blue, black, light blue and red. The silver color is quite prominant and you'll find it on his legs, chest and face. The metallic light blue is largely seen on his right arm, where it is used to paint the vehicle mode windows. Black is found on his chest and back. The light blue, which differs from the metallic light blue is used on the eyes, quite impressive considering how tiny those details are. The red color contrasts quite a bit against the other colors on this figure. On the chest, there is a red Autobot symbol on top of the black panel. On the right arm there are red details on the vehicle mode tail lights which form part of the end of the hand.

Skids has nine points of articulation in this form, which is really nice for a Legends Class figure. This includes three points of articulation on each arm and the ability of his head to move up and down on a hinge.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the robot head down into the chest.
  2. Raise each arm up to the sides, then swing them to the center.
  3. Connect the two legs together.
  4. Swing the robot legs back.

Vehicle Mode:
One of the really nice aspects of the Legends Class of figures is the ability to replicate the vehicle modes of Transformers in a nice, compact scale. In that respect Skids definitely represents some find crafting. His design is almost picture perfect to the real life Chevrolet Beat he is based on. The front end angles down and then sweeps back at an upward angle with a high rear section, complete with a small spoiler hanging over the edge on the back. The front end has the Beat's characteristic grille broken up into three sections, a thin one on top, a thick one in the middle and a wide one on the bottom, all following an angle with a point in the center. The Beat's trademark headlights are also replicated here, starting at the front of the vehicle and wrapping around the sides. The rear section also has the tube shaped rear lights characteristic of the Beat. Overall the sculpt is quite impressive and I'm very happy with it.

Most of the vehicle mode is cast in metallic green plastic, the wheels are black. All the same paint colors from the robot mode carry through here, but the details wind up being consolidated. What you do get to see better in this form are the swirl shaped details on the side of the vehicle. While they are very close in design to the ones used on the Beat in "Revenge of the Fallen", they aren't exactly the same. The ones in the real life vehicle extend across the entire side of the vehicle. I believe most of this is due to the way it transforms. There's a joint in that spot so this keeps the paint pattern from crossing that joint.

Final Thoughts:
I really like this figure. It looks cool and I enjoy its simplified form of the complex movie design. It's only real problem is a super ugly robot head, but that's not so much the fault of the figure as someone with a really weird design sensibility at Paramount. If you enjoyed the character at all or just want a simple version of Skids to carry around in your pocket, this is the version for you. Recommended.