Revenge of the Fallen Robot Replicas Ironhide Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2009
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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There's a thrill IRONHIDE gets when his targeting systems register a lock. Nothing matches it. He can feel his systems surge as he zeroes in on the target, checks his range, and fires. The world seems to slow down when he goes into battle. Plasma bursts scream away from him at half speed, leaving a shimmering trail of superheated air behind them. Incoming lasers slow to a crawl. Though he honestly does look forward to the end of the war, part of him hopes he never runs out of DECEPTICONS to hunt.

Recreate exciting movie scenes with this awesomely detailed figure or just add him to your collection! For play or display, this mighty leader is a must-have for AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON fans alike!

Fully poseable figure is movie-accurate to the finest detail! Figure does not convert.

Several characters from the first "Transformers" movie carry over into "Revenge of the Fallen". One of them is Ironhide, the tough talking Autobot who transforms into a pickup truck. Like Ratchet, Ironhide's robot mode involves a lot of panels and car parts folding in ways that are near impossible to achieve in a transforming figure at reaonsable cost. Because of this, all the transforming versions made of this figure thus far have only been able to represent approximations of his on screen robot mode. With the Robot Replicas version of this character, the designers were able to focus on the sculpt of the figure creating a very complex looking figure.

Ironhide's outline is one that just screams "rough and tough". His shoulders are broad, his arms are set outwards at an angle with large cannons attached to them and his legs lead to large feet that splay outwards at the feet. The overall effect is that Ironhide looks like he is constantly flexing his arms, ready for action and that form is replicated in this figure.

While Ironhide's vehicle mode is a very straight forward looking vehicle with smooth panels and sleek lines, the robot mode reveals a ton of complex mechanical details with car parts wrapped around certain parts of his body. The most obvious truck parts can be found on his shoulders, where the front halves of the car becomes shoulder armor. On his back is the top of the truck cabin along with its distinct line of lights across the top. His legs have several panels from the truck mode forming smooth panels on parts such as his the top of his upper legs and the sides of his ankles. Another interesting detail can be found on the back of his upper legs, where his rear tires from the vehicle mode seem to be integrated into his legs. The details are so intricate that even the wheels have ridges and lines etched into it and truck details such as cross hatched sections on the sides of the truck's front end can be seen on his shoulders.

Several of the key robot mode details from the CGI model are replicated here including:

  • The head sculpt is spot on, with the large crest on the top of his head and curved points on the sides. His face looks like a bull's face complete with a snout like nose and fierce, beady eyes.
  • The center of Ironhide's chest has a triangular piece sticking out in the center, complete with a smaller section on top and a notch in the middle.
  • The cannons on his arms are different from each other. The one on his right arm is shorter and has several missile/projectile designs sculpted around the edge of the barrel. The left arm cannon is made up of a large tube with vent lines running down the sides with a smaller tube mounted on top, resembling a targeting scope.
  • Ironhide's legs are a complex patchwork of angled lines, armor panels and tubes. While this would have been easy to 'fake" with random designs, the designers tried to follow the CGI model as much as possible down to where certain triangular bits are located (such as the ones by his knees).
  • The feet on this figure are very wide in porportion to the legs, with toe pieces reaching out to the front and back.

I'm very impressed by the sheer amount of detail on this figure. Aside from the aforementioned car part details, there are other very small details all over this figure. These include raised sections on his knuckles, a series of connected mechanical details on his waist and a series of "V" shaped details running down the center at his back, hinting at a spinal column of some sort.

Ironhide is cast in black plastic. Details are done in light blue, metallic blue, gold, silver, red and grey. Grey is used the most, which you'll find on his cannons, waist, chest and face. Light blue is used for his eyes and the ends of his cannon barrels. Metallic blue can be found on smaller details such as bands around his cannons and lines on his legs. Gold makes up similar small details, including the aforementioned knuckles and parts of his waist and feet. Silver is mostly found on the shoulder panels where it makes up the outline of the vehicle mode's headlights and grille. Finally, red is found on his right arm cannon and on the shoulder armor where it spells out "CMC" instead of "GMC", which is most likely a trademark issue than an error, but unless you stare at it you won't really notice it. I myself missed it until i held the figure really close and stared at it for this review. The effect works, giving you the impression that this is a robot that turns into a real life vehicle.

There are sixteen points of articulation on this figure. This includes four points of articulation on each leg and the new type of "chest" articulation where the chest is split into two halves that are mounted onto ball joints. This allows the shoulder armor on this figure to move in and out at a greater range than it normally would be able to. His arm and upper leg articulation is somewhat restricted due to the pose he is permanently in. For instance, he cannot straighten out his arms. They are generally stuck at a 90 degree angle.

Final Thoughts:
Ironhide is one powerful looking character, and he is complex in design at the same time. Despite the fact it cannot transform, I am happy that his robot mode was given the proper treatment in "Robot Replicas" form. Highly recommended.