Revenge of the Fallen Robot Replicas Autobot Ratchet Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2009
Price Point: $11.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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AUTOBOT RATCHET has devoted his existence to the study of life in all its forms. The simple fact of life is, to his mind, the greatest testament to the majesty of the universe. He often finds himself entranced by the primitive wriggling of an amoeba, or the complex interaction of gears in his own hands. It is his love for life that led him to commit himself to its defense. Life is simply too beautiful to allow MEGATRON to waste it through his tyrannical excesses.

Recreate exciting movie scenes with this awesomely detailed figure – or just add him to your collection! For play or display, this trusty warrior is a must-have for AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON fans alike!

Fully poseable figure is movie-accurate to the finest detail! Figure does not convert.

Autobot Ratchet was one of the group of Autobots who arrived on Earth with Optimus Prime. Taking on the form of a Hummer emergency vehicle, he winds up being a perfect candidate for the "Robot Replicas" treatment. The Hummer is a very bulky vehicle, and the result is that most transformable toy versions of Ratchet wind up with a relatively bulk vehicle mode. In the movie however, the CGI model had much more humanoid proportions, but this involved a lot of panels from the vehicle mode folding and shifting in ways that would be cost prohibitive (if not downright near impossible) in a $20 figure.

In contrast to previous transformable versions of Ratchet, this figure is relatively thin with less rectangular and square shapes and more curved parts. His arms and legs in particular have curved parts, resembling the arms and legs of a human being. His chest is another bit of a "cheat" in the robot mode. If you compare its size to the armor parts on his shoulders, it's relatively small, but it looks more in line with the size of his arms and legs. The only parts which are a bit out of proportion are the feet, which are very long and wide in comparison to his legs, but that's fairly accurate to the CGI model. The smart part about shrinking some parts is that it brings visual emphasis to others. In this case, the shoulder armor formed from the front end of the Hummer really looks fantastic. Its curved shapes give him an almost regal appearance, especially in the front section where the armor angles down and then back up.

The detail level on this figure is quite intricate, and after having reviewed Megatron recently, it brings a huge contrast as to the difference in the aesthetic between the two. The details that draw my eye the most are those on the robot head. On the top of the helmet section he has raised brow sections that are right over his eyes. Leading from the top of his nose to the sides of the mouth are lines of metal "cage" like details and he has a nose and mouth on top of a prominant chin. This looks a lot more like the face shown in the Transformers film than the more blocky version on other toys of Ratchet. Like many of the Autobots, Ratchet looks like car panels that separated to reveal machinery underneath, and that is very much the case here. If you look at his chest, upper arms and legs, there are sections of detail including wires, hinges, tubes and more. Among the most interesting to me are details on his chest and waist that look like sections of a car engine (including rows of lines stacked on top one another on the sides and cylinders on his chest).

Where the vehicle mode parts collapse against the body, you see layers of armor and panels that are smooth, but no less interesting in design than his "exposed machinery" parts. I like the parts on his back, where you see exposed machinery and sculpted detail with thin armor panels crossing over it. His legs also seemed to be form from such panels, with hinges and curves leading to sharply angled armor panels on his lower legs.

Ratchet's right arm is sculpted with the lower arm in its weapon mode. This gun design is a carry over from the first movie and was also used for the Ratchet role play weapon released in 2007. What's interesting is that you'll notice the weapon angles up a little from the forearm, and a key scene in "Revenge of the Fallen" shows him using this weapon by not only having his arm transformed, but by using his other hand to support the weapon and help aim it. Thanks to his other hand being designed in an "open palm" position, this is a pose you can duplicate with this figure.

Ratchet is cast in neon green-yellow plastic. Black, gunmetal, gold, black, yellow, blue and red colors are all used for detailing. The red lines are all carry overs from the vehicle mode line details, including the "lifeline" designs on his arms. Gold can be found on one leg where the letters "CIAE" are imprinted on the lower, right leg. The gunmetal color is used mostly on the machinery sections such as his upper arms, parts of the legs, chest and face. Silver is used for smaller details such as the "cage" lines on his face. Yellow is used for the headlights and floodlights on his upper body while black is used on parts such as his feet. Overall the colors work very well together and despite the bright base color, he doesn't look garish at all.

There are twenty two points of articulation on this figure including five on each arm and leg. He does not have the 'chest articulation' of some of the other Robot Replicas in this line since most of the bulk of the upper body is in the shoulder armor. These parts are articulated on ball joints, but have limited mobility due to their bulk.

Final Thoughts:
Ratchet's not exactly the most popular character to come out of the movie line, but I do think he desreves to get a nice figure made of his robot mode that accurately portrays the CGI model, and this figure does the trick. I'm still a bit iffy on the price point, but if you're okay spending the cash, this is a really nice addition to the Robot Replicas line. Recommended!