Hunt for the Decepticons Oil Pan Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: August 2009
Price Point: $7.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


The Scout Class of movie figures have always served as a spot to introduce characters into the universe who did not appear in the film at a relatively low cost. Earlier in the summer, Brakedown was released as one of these "expanded universe" type characters while serving as a Generation One homage as well. As part of the late summer 2010 wave of Scout Class figures, the Brakedown sculpt has been given a new deco and identity as Oil Pan. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this review. Take a look at my Brakedown review for a more detailed look at the sculpt.

Robot Mode:
Oil Pan has a very different color palette than Brakedown. Brakedown was mostly white, a rather blank canvas with some colors contrasting against it. Oil Pan is mostly orange, a color not often used on Transformers. The orange replaces the white parts on Brakedown. The smaller parts such as the hands and legs are a mix of black and violet plastic. The violet color is one of those colors you don't often see on Transformers. Usually you'll see a solid or metallic purple or just a solid blue color. I find this an interesting choice of colors. If you just told me that you were putting orange and violet together I probably wouldn't think that was a good mix, but when you see the colors they really work well. It helps that many of the parts alternate the black into the mix. For instance, the elbows and forearms are violet, but the hands are black.

The paint colors used on this figure are white, red, black and purple. White is the most oft used color, found on the arms, thighs, face and chest. The white details look great. As I've mentioned in past reviews, the paint application patterns are different than those on Brakedown. This gives Oil Pan some more detailing since the white paints parts that aren't painted on Brakedown. The red color is found on his chest, where it is used to paint the rear section of the vehicle. It is also used to paint his eyes, continuing the theme of Decepticons having red eyes. Glossy black paint is found on the chest and shoulders, contrasting nicely against the orange plastic. Right in the center of his chest is a Decepticon symbol painted in purple. I really like this color scheme, partly because it's so different than your typical Transformers color scheme (especially in the movie series) and it differs a lot from its predecessor.

There are no significant sculpt changes on this figure, it's a straight redeco of Brakedown. However, I was surprised by how much more loose the arm joints on the figure are compared to Brakedown. The legs are still tight and solid, but the arms move a bit too easily, but they're by no means floppy. The sculpt is perfectly posable.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  • Push each robot foot up.
  • Swing each forearm section up against the upper arm, making sure to connect the panels of the vehicle mode door.
  • Rotate the lower legs so his feet face each other, then connect the two sections together.
  • Swing the blue piece connected to the black hinged section in the middle of the body up.
  • Swing the robot head back.
  • Swing the panel on his back forward on top of the section where the head was.
  • Rotate the windshield panel so it faces forward and push it down in the middle.
  • Swing the hip/waist section so the legs point forward, bringing the front section of the car up.
  • Rotate the robot arms up and then swing the panels forward, locking them into place using the clips towards the front.

    Vehicle Mode:
    The robot mode doesn't exactly hide the orange plastic on Oil Pan, but the vehicle mode really screams orange. All the orange panels come together really nicely and after looking at it I was really impressed that the shade of orange chosen isn't visually overwhelming. The wheels are cast in black of course. The windows are all painted glossy black, the same that you'll find on the back of the car (which was on the chest of the robot mode). One of my favorite paint applications is found on the rear half of the vehicle on the part with the layered vent details. This section is painted gunmetal grey and it looks awesome against the orange base. White paint is used on the sides, forming an detail that starts low towards the front of the car and slopes upwards towards the back. It's a really slick looking detail that fits in perfectly with the vehicle. Silver paint is used for the headlights and the sides of the wheels. The details from the chest in robot mode wind up on the rear of the vehicle here, giving him red rear lights with a Decepticon symbol "license plate". It's not much of a way to disguise yourself, but it does look cool!

    Final Thoughts:
    Oil Pan is an awesome redeco of Brakedown. He uses an unusual color scheme and makes it work while distinguishing itself very well from Brakedown. If you're into redecos at all, this one is highly recommended!