Revenge of the Fallen Rollbar Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: May 2009
Price Point: $7.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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ROLLBAR is happiest when he’s following orders. He is uncomfortable with improvisation, and terrified of being put into a leadership position. Despite that, he is a highly skilled navigator, and has a keen mind for tactics, making him an invaluable asset to his commanders. He is extremely strong and tough, and though he prefers not to fight, he can be a challenge to DECEPTICONS many times his size.

Add this AUTOBOT defender to your collection! Convert from robot mode to delivery van in vehicle mode and recreate exciting movie scenes – or stage new battles of your own – right there in your living room!

A movie such as "Transformers" fits neatly into the science fiction/fantasy category, and whenever you set such a concept into a world that is meant to reflect our reality (to a degree) it helps to incude settings and objects that are familiar to the audience. The live action movie toy line has created many vehicles that are meant to refelct something you would run into in real life. The name Rollbar is actually a reuse of a name from Generation One that has since been repurposed a couple of times. In Generation One Rollbar was a jeep and the leader of the Throttlebots. This Rollbar is a Scout Class figure that is not a character who appears in the film, but he has the alternate form of an every day type of vehicle: a delivery truck.

Robot Mode:
Rollbar has a design that makes you wish that you could see the character in action in animation or CGI. It is appropriate that he is an Autobot as his form looks rather heroic and has hints of Optimus Prime influenced parts. His overall shape is a nice combination of bulky, strong looking parts and curved, sleek sections. His robot head has a central crest, mouthplate and discs on either side of his helmet section, all features that are reminscent of Optimus Prime. Unlike Prime however, he does not have any antennae sticking up and he has a rebreather detail on his chin with tubes leading out to the sides of his head. The chest has two panels on it that generally fold out, but if you fold them against the chest they have window details, looking very similar to Prime's chest windows.

The chest and shoulders are the really bulky parts of this figure. His chest is rather wide, an illusion enhanced by the flaps that swing out to the sides. His shoulder armor is rather large and extends out to the sides a bit over the actual arms. The two halves of his truck mode's rear section form armor on the back, which is thin and covers enough ground that it resembles a metallic cape, offering up a heroic look to the robot.

The more sleek portions of this figure can be found on the arms and legs. His arms are curved and strong looking, His forearms have armor pieces on the side that angle upwards to his elbow, giving them a nice gauntlet like appearance. His upper legs are rather small but they lead to curved lower legs that grow wider until you reach his feet. While relatively large, his feet are thin. I like this combination of thin and thick details combined with some curved sections. It helps keep the figure form looking bland by being composed of nothing but curves or right angles.

I've been collecting action figures long enough that by now you'd think I'd be used to nicely sculpted detail on smaller figures such as Rollbar, but to this day it still impresses me when I see a lot of thought put into the little details on a figure. On Rollbar he has a rather complex set of tech details on his torso including tubes and circles on his chest and an mid-body section that looks like a car engine flattened out complete with tubes and a raised block in the center. His legs use a bit of the movie aesthetic, with some tech details including tubes and machinery with layers of armor plating on top.

Rollbar's color scheme is really interesting. His primary plastic colors are light blue, dark blue and metallic grey - three colors that were used on the Beast Wars character Depth Charge. The grey is the primary color, making up mos tof the form including his backpanels, the hinge the panels swing on, the upper arms and legs as well as th emid-body. Dark blue makes up parts such as the lower arms and legs while the light blue makes up parts such as his chest panel and armor panels on his legs. Color details are painted in a few colors including silver, yellow, light blue and black (again, colors used on Depth Charge). The crest and rebreather on his head are painted yellow, and details behind his shoulders are painted yellow. His eyes are painted light blue and the mouthplate is silver. On the side of his left leg is a black Autobot symbol. These colors work together to further enhance the "Depth Charge" vibe I get from this figure, but part of me is quite sure I'm pulling this out of thin air and that it wasn't the intention of the designers to do this, but it's a happy coincidence if that's the case!

Rollbar has thirteen points of articulation, which is pretty good since he lacks waist articulation and most of those points of articulation are ball joints. You may have to swing his dark blue chest panels in against his chest to get the full articulation out of his arms however.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Straighten out the robot arms so they are down to the sides.
  2. Swing the blue panels against the chest.
  3. Swing the robot arms and the back panels forward.
  4. Hold on to the blue chest panel and swing it down. This will collapse the head into the front portion of the vehicle mode.
  5. Swing the light blue chest panel down on the center hinge.
  6. Swing the dark blue panels on the chest panel out to the sides.
  7. Connect the two arm sections together to form the back of the truck.
  8. Connect the robot feet to the back of the truck.
  9. Swing the dark blue chest panels into the sides, filling in the gap at the back of the vehicle on the sides.
  10. Swing the light blue panels on the wheels forward.

Vehicle Mode:
As mentioned above, Rollbar is a delivery truck in vehicle mode. He has a lot of the typical features of a delivery truck including a curved front end that goes almost at a right angle up to the windshield. The back section is mostly a large container, giving the vehicle a very box like appearance. It's a not a particularly sleek or "cool" vehicle mode in the traditional sense. What makes it cool in my eyes is how distinctive it is from the armies of tanks, planes, sports cars and futuristic vehicles that make up most of the Transformers line. While I love those types of vehicles, every now and then you want to see something different, and a delivery truck definitely qualifies. At the same time it is a vehicle you could see existing in the "real world" of the Transformers films. One of the the aspects of Generation One that made it a success was using vehicles that existed in real life. As a kid, it was neat imagining that the car or truck driving down the street could be a robot in disguise, and by using an every day vehicle like a delivery truck Rollbar taps into that part of the Transformers fan psyche.

While most of his vehicle mode is rather smooth in design there are some smaller details. The front grille is raised a bit, protecting the headlights while hinting at more lights with a row of circular designs in the center. On the sides are sideview mirrors and door handle details. Towards the back you'll find windows on both the sides and rear of the vehicle. One detail that is easy to miss in robot mode can easily be seen here by flipping the truck over. In the center is a design that looks like a circuit board, hinting at the robot in disguise beneath the armor of this truck.

The same primary colors from the robot mode carry over here, with the light blue taking a back seat as only a tiny bit of it can be seen at the back of the truck. Black plastic comes into play here with his six wheels. Dark blue paint is used for half of the vehicle and the grille and yellow appears again on the headlights and the side of the vehicle. Perhaps the most amusing detail is the large logo on the side of the truck. On the side is an orange bull head design with a yellow star behind it leading to a yellow stripe running alongside the truck. This logo is clearly inspired by the "Red Bull" brand of drinks that is very popular nowadays, and the colors of this character suddenly make more sense since dark blue and silver are signature colors of the Red Bull brand. While the official Red Bull logo has two red bulls on a yellow background, this has a single bull head, but the inspiration is clear. What I love about this detail is that it reflects something in real life but also something that is very popular now, making it a very timely detail.

Rollbar rolls on six wheels, which is cool since I'm so used to Transformers only rolling on four wheels (and sometimes small ones on the bottom at that). Having six functional wheels is a welcome touch.

Final Thoughts:
I have to admit the first time I saw preview pictures of Rollbar this detail alone (and his vehicle mode) had me tickled so much that the figure would have had to have been falling apart out of package for me to not like it. Clearly there was a sense of humor about this figure but at the same time he looks really cool and strong in robot mode. I also dig his rather unique transformation scheme. Highly recommended!