Revenge of the Fallen Scattorshot Toy Review

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Revenge of the Fallen

General Information:
Release Date: February 2010
Price Point: $7.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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SCATTORSHOT usually finds surprise attacks upsetting, if only because they interrupt whatever careful plans he’s laid out. Chaos bugs him like nothing else, and nothing is as chaotic as an unplanned battle. Still, he can’t help but laugh as DIVEBOMB helplessly dodges his fire. Little does he suspect, but a second DECEPTICON is sneaking up on him from behind.

Add another warrior to your action-packed robot battles with this heroic SCATTORSHOT figure. Start the excitement in robot mode and then convert him into antiaircraft truck vehicle so he can tear through the “streets” in pursuit of his enemies “above”! Ages 5 and up.

With characters such as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee taking center stage in the live action Transformers films, it's clear that the movie used Generation One as its inspiration for many characters. However, with its expansion of the "Revenge of the Fallen" line, the designers decided to start spreading out the sources of inspiration for new characters in the line including Cybertron. This time out, the character is Scattorshot, the handy and brave Autobot who would later serve as one of the key players in the Cybertron story.

Robot Mode:
Scattorshot's robot mode is not as direct of a homage to his "Cybertron" predecessor as say, Optimus Prime, but you can see where some of the influences come in. Like Cybertron Scattorshot, this one has two large weapons, but instead of being mounted on his back, these are attached to his arms. What you will find are two tubes that start from either side of his head and curve back onto his back armor. These pieces are visually reminscent of the missiles that are mounted on Cybertron's back. The chest design also has hints of influence from the Cybertron version in the form of panels that look like they could have formed the front of a vehicle mode, but split in half.

The proportions of this robot mode are interesting. The figure uses the general design seen in many movie figures of a wide upper body, large arms, a super thin waist/hip section which then lead to larger legs. The idea of exaggerating proportions brings visual emphasis to different parts which is a nice trick. In particular his arms are almost comically long, nearly reaching his ankles! His finer details also show some of the movie aesthetic. A lot of the concept of metal parts warping or bending to accomodate the robot mode. This includes the tubes that run up along side his head, the armor panels on his knees and parts that appear to be sections of an engine on his chest. The robot head has an intriguing design as well. The helmet section is round, with layers on the top and sides. His eyes are set in a narrow, mean look and his mouth is covered by a horizontal rebreather with some really intricate detailing in the middle and sides. Combined with other details such as ridges on his cannons, circles on his chest and waist and tubes on his inner arms, I am constantly astonished by the level of detail the designers manage to squeeze into each of these figures, especially at smaller scales such as the Scout Class. Scattorshot is definitely representative of this ability.

"Revenge of the Fallen" Scattorshot draws another influence from his "Cybertron" predecessor: his color scheme. His primary plastic colors are dark blue, silver, gold and black. The dark blue and silver alternate, forming the main parts of his body (for example, his upper arms and legs are silver while the forearms and lower legs are blue). The gold plastic is used for parts like his waist, shoulder joints and the guns on his arms. While darker in shade than Cybertron Scattorshot's colors, these are the same colors used on that incarnation of the character. Black can be found on the wheels and head. Paint decos are done in similar colors including silver, blue and gold. The face is painted gold, silver is used on details like Autobot symbols on his arms. While I'm usually a huge fan of lots of decos on a figure, somehow this one doesn't need them. The way the plastic colors are alternated work out very well and the paint decos are used in just the right places.

There are sixteen points of articulation on this figure. This includes two different ball joints on the legs and arms. His cannons can swivel around on his arms to face back or forward in an attack position. While the weapons have small handles that are meant to fit right into his partly open hands, they have hinges that allow them to swing upwards. With all the ball joints and even waist articulation, it's pretty awesome how posable this guy is.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the rear section of the vehicle up.
  2. Swing the panel with the arms down.
  3. Swing the lower legs back and connect them together.
  4. Connect the two silver pieces from the front of the vehicle together and swing them up.
  5. Swing out the panels on the lower portion of the forearms.
  6. Swing the robot hands in.
  7. Bend the arms at the elbow in and connect the side panels to the rear section of the vehicle.
  8. Swing the front portion of the vehicle up and connect it to the middle.
  9. Rotate the weapons around to point forward.

Vehicle Mode:
Cybertron Scattorshot's vehicle mode was a military inspired vehicle with weaponry, treads and armor. Much in the same vein, Scattorshot is also a very military style vehicle, but instead of a vehicle with treads, this is more of a pickup truck that looks like it's been retrofitted with extra armor and destructive capability. The basic frame looks like a pickup truck complete with a truck bed in the back and doors on the sides. However, running along the sides are beveled, square panels with large "X" marks on them, indicating armor panels. The front has a large, curved piece that looks like it can plow through obstacles and of course he has two guns mounted on the top of the vehicle. This is definitely not a vehicle built for peaceful missions!

Like the robot mode, there's quite a bit of detail in this form as well. There are raised, angled details on the front of his ramming mechanism that are often found on metal panels. The front grille has a cross design with four small sections that have vent lines. The sides have small details including rectangles, the sideview mirrors and handles. Lookin the truck bed and you'll find panels towards the back that look like the doors to storage compartments. In concert with the fantastic details on the guns, Scattorshot looks great in this form!

Like his Cybertron predecessor, Scattorshot is mostly blue in this mode. A bit of silver pokes out here and there on the back where the exhaust pipes stick out. The ramming mechanism in the front is cast in silver and the wheels are black. Black paint is used on the windows and gold is used for the raised panels on the sides. Silver paint is found on the sides of the wheels and on the front grille. The Autobot symbols that were on the robot arms are now on the sides, behind the side windows.

As you'd expect, the main "action" feature of this mode are the guns. They can rotate around from the front to the sides and back and they are able to angle up and down. They're also fun because they are separate pieces, allowing you to position each pointing at a different target.

Final Thoughts:
Scattorshot is a figure that embraces man of the best qualities of a Transformers figure including a cool homage, fantastic sculpted detail and really nicely designed posability. Highly recommended!