Robot Powered Machines: Megatron Toy Review

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Robot Powered Machines

General Information:
Release Date: July 2009
Price Point: $3.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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MEGATRON rules over the DECEPTICON army with absolute authority. Soon, he hopes to wield that same authority over the entire universe, and he will allow no one to stand in his way.

Roll into action with this detailed, cool tank vehicle! Flip it over to reveal the sinister MEGATRON character etched on the bottom!

RPM stands for "Robot Powered Machine", a new sub-line of Transformers. The concept introduces Hot Wheels/Matchbox sized cars that have super smooth axles that allow the vehicles to roll really well, especially around race tracks made for small toy cars. The concept harkens back to Generation 2, when a small line of Transformers known as "Gobots" were created. Like the RPM's, the Gobots were also made to resemble Hot Wheels/Matchbox style vehicles in size and function. While the Gobots had relatively simple transformations, the RPM's are primarily toy cars. Acknowledgement of their robot modes is done by having a raised, sculpted interpretation of the character's robot mode on the underside of the vehicle. The vehicles do not "transform" per se, but instead you stand the vehicle up and reveal the robot mode underneath.

Megatron is part of the "Combat" series. Other figures in this series include Autobot Ratchet, Ironhide and Long Haul.

Vehicle Mode:
Most of the RPM vehicles released so far try to use the vehicle mode portrayed in the movie as the base design. Since most of the vehicles are often based on real life cars, trucks and jets, the designers have a very strict template they can follow to design and sculpt the vehicle mode. In the case of Megatron however, he is based on a totally make believe, Cybertronian tank mode. The tank mode is very blocky and "condensed" looking, and not particulary "speedy" looking. To fit him into this line, the designers decided to change things up and created a tank-like vehicle that uses some more sleek aesthetics than the tank mode seen in the movie.

Megatron definitely carries over details of the movie'stank mode, the biggest one being the curved, detailed tank turret sitting on top of the vehicle. The aesthetic is pure Movie Megatron, with the cannon barrel designed with four claw like appendages in the front, curved armor on the sides and raised tech details on the turret section. The treads are also designed using the aesthetic from the movie, with thick, wide, textured treads. On the rear of the vehicle are several curved sections with round openings at the end representing the thrusters he used to fly in "Revenge of the Fallen".

On the other hand, there are some details that aren't exactly like the movie vehicle form. Among these are two huge curved, claw like armor sections in the front of the vehicle that are a bit longer and sleeker looking than the ones shown in the movie. My favorite detail in this mode however is the weird robot head in the front, right between the two front treads. The head is similar to the actual robot mode head, but the details look more splayed out to the sides, especially on the top of the head here there are two panels on either side of the central crest. It's a funky, cool little detail that looks great and reminds me of some of the wackier Hot Wheels cars that have been put out over the years including the Hot Wheels Beasts.

Megatron is cast in two shades of silver plastic. One is darker and the other lighter, both metallic. The vehicle is mostly painted a light metallic silver, matching the color seen on screen. Black paint is used on the treads and red is used on the eyes in the front of the vehicle.

Unlike most of the vehicles in this line, Megatron has an additional moving part - the tank turret. It can turn all the way around in a circle, but be warned it is made up of soft plastic and bends super easy.

Robot Mode:
The sculpted section underneath is designed in an interesting way. Megatron's rather hunched over posture is duplicated here. The legs angle forward a bit and then down to where the treads are. His arms are thin and down to his side. His right arm is set in the sword transformation and the left has his claw hand. I really love the sculpting on Megatron's head and main body. The intricate details of the skeletal body design and armor pieces look fantastic and I am really happy with how this came out.

Megatron is painted silver, with black treads and a black face. His eyes are painted red. Underneath Megatron is a raised, purple Decepticon symbol. The word "megatron" is underneath that symbol, painted in white in the Transformers movie font. The plastic piece that Megatron rests against is metallic brown, contrasting nicely with the silver of the robot form.

Final Thoughts:
Megatron really illustrates the potential of this line. Instead of slavishly creating a reproduction of the character from the movie this one takes the base design and moves it into a rather fun direction. If this line is your type of fun, this is definitely one of the most fun pieces in it so far. My only slight reservation is the super soft plastic on the turret that bends way too easily for my tastes. Recommended with that one reservation in mind.