"The Last Knight" Cybertron Toy Review

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The Last Knight

Cybertron General Information:
Release Date: June 2017
Price Point: $149.99
Retailer: Toys R Us Exclusive
Accessories: Omega Lock, two missiles, Cyber Key

Official photos above and text below in italics are from ToysRUs.com:
The Mission to Cybertron is on with this converting Cybertron planet figure, detailed with famous cities of Cybertron. This impressive, 11-inch-scale figure converts between robot, attack, defense, and planet modes. Activate lights, sounds, and weapon accessories with lock and key included in the pack. Mission to Cybertron figures feature glyph deco and cards that can be deciphered with the decoder available online at transformers.com/missiontocybertron.

Cybertron is a massive, converting planet forged from a mighty and legendary spark. Home to eons of Transformers, he rests in planet mode, until combat so colossal erupts that Cybertron awakens again.

The Transformers: The Last Knight 11 inch Action Figure - Converting Cybertron Planet Features:

  • Converting Cybertron Planet figure
  • Converts between robot, attack, defense, and planet modes
  • Converts in 18 steps
  • Lock and key that activate lights, sounds, and weapons
  • Decode glyph messages on figure and included mission cards online

In "The Last Knight" the Transformers homeworld of Cybertron plays a major role in the story. When planning the exclusive "Mission to Cybertron" figures for Toys R Us, it was natural for Cybertron itself to be represented somehow in the line. The answer? Repurpose the "Galaxy Force/Cybertron" Primus figure! This Supreme Class figure was given a new deco and repackaged as simply "Cybertron" instead of having the identify of "Primus". This is an interesting choice as it does make one wonder if Primus exists at all in the live action movie universe. In the film, Quintessa describes "Cybertron" as the enemy of Unicron, not Primus, so it is possible the being we know as Primus is simply known as Cybertron in this universe. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release. Check out my detailed "Galaxy Force" Primus review for my detailed look at this figure.

Cybertron is packaged in a large, rectangular box. Its design follows that of other figures in the line including familiar design elements such as the vertical "Transformers" logo on the right, the movie logo for "The Last Knight" in the middle towards the bottom and the "Mission to Cybertron" triangular logo on the left. The hex patterns seen on other "Mission to Cybertron" figures is found on this box as well. The figure is in robot mode inside a window. Next to the figure on the left side are photos of the alternate modes including the planet mode and attack mode. On top of the clear plastic window is a "Only at Toys R Us" sticker. I really like this packaging. It has a nice color palette and Cybertron itself looks great inside.

Cybertron includes two main accessories. Both are the same as the ones included with previous releases of this figure. One is a Cyber Key. For those unfamiliar, during the "Cybertron" series figures each had gimmicks that were activated by inserting a special "key". This would often trigger gimmicks like weapons or alternate modes. The keys were broken up into different types representing different Cybertronian colonies. Primus' was the "Cybertron Key" type since he is the home planet of the Transformers. Cybertron comes with the "Cybertron" type key which features an Autobot symbol sculpted in the middle. For this release the key is cast in translucent blue with no paint applications.

The other accessory is the "Omega Lock". This did not play any part in "The Last Knight", but it was the key to transforming the planet Cybertron into its robot form in the "Cybertron" series. On a more practical level, there are several features that require the Omega Lock on the Cybertron figure itself, so eliminating this would have involved re-engineering key aspects of the figure. The Omega Lock is mostly cast in dark blue plastic. The parts that stick out on the sides and the top (which resemble a "key") are soft, translucent blue. You will notice slots on four sides of this accessory. Each one is meant to accomodate a Planet Key. In "Cybertron", the idea was that one key from each main planet would be inserted to unlock Primus' transformation. You can still break out your "Cybertron" Planet Keys and insert them, but this figure only comes with one.

The other accessories are missiles that fit into the missile launchers used in every mode except the planet mode. These are cast in dark blue plastic.

Robot Mode:
The design of this robot mode is largely influenced by a hypothetical drawing of Primus' robot mode by artist Don Figueroa. If you are a fan of detailed sculpts, then this figure will please your optic sensors. Every inch of this figure is covered in sculpted details that look like machinery (such as tubes, dials and door panels). Other details look like lines that outline armor panels. Many sections also feature layered details such as his chest, shoulder and back armor. This feeds into the idea that with Cybertron unfolding into a robot, you are now getting a look into its inner workings. The head sculpt has shades of Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime's head designs which makes sense given their lineage to Primus (aka Cybertron) himself.

To say the new colors on this figure are striking is an understatement. Most of this figure is now cast in dark blue. However other key parts (including the torso, shoulders and thighs) are neon orange. Yet other parts are translucent blue plastic (both hard and soft plastic) while some solid light blue plastic is used on his hands. Before we even get into paint colors, the heavy contrast between the dark and light plastic colors plus the rather unconventional combination has led many to liken this figure to a "Generation 2" Primus, calling back to the days when loud, bright colors seemingly dominated the Transformers toy line. The "G2 Stunticons" released as part of "Combiner Wars" are examples of this aesthetic. I have to say I agree with this assessment, and in all honestly that is part of the appeal of the figure for me!

Paint applications on this figure are mostly used for smaller details. This includes black and yellow which are found together on the legs and the armor on his back. Additional black paint details can be found on the chest armor and arms. Two shades of blue are used on small details on the forearms, head, shoulders and waist. Orange paint is used on the face, contrasting heavily with the dark blue plastic. The torso has a light orange spray pattern in the middle. Now at this point you may be wondering "why orange of all colors?". Back in June, Hasbro held a Google Hangout where it was explained that the colors of this figure are based on how Cybertron looked in the original G1 cartoon, where energy seemed to be rising up from the center of the planet. This orange represents that energy and I think it looks awesome. It is not for everyone and I can totally understand how some may not like the colors at all.

There are a whopping thirty seven points of articulation on this figure. This includes nine in each hand since his fingers are articulated. Even among Masterpiece figures finger articulation is relatively rare in the Transformers toy line. Given the size and weight of the figure, most of the joints are ratchet joints which provides the figure with stability. He has no problem standing in this mode even with arms and legs posed.

Cybertron is a "Supreme Class" figure, a Class which is no longer produced. This Class of figure was sort of the "Titan Class" of its time, featuring tons of detail and fun action features in a large size figure. Cybertron has several action features. They include:

  • Two missile launchers which can swing over the shoulders, flanking the head. Each has a missile that can be launched by pressing the orange tabs at the base.
  • Attach the Cyber Key to the slot on the forearms and the dual barreled cannons on the forearms slide up and the cannons extend. Note: On previous releases of Primus, this gimmick is known to have a flaw where after a while, the cannons no longer stay secured when pushed down. This has happened to my "Galaxy Force" Primus, but this figure does not have that issue (so far).
  • The forearm cannons mentioned above each have Mini-Con ports on top, allowing you to attach Mini-Cons for additional firepower.
  • Attach the Omega Lock to the chest. When you slide it up (a function of transforming the figure into robot mode) the figure plays "laser" noises and the eyes light up red.
  • Attach the Omega Lock to the side of a leg and turn it. This will cause that entire piece to turn, revealing missile launchers and claw arms (you need to unfold them). This also causes a battery of weapons on the middle of the lower legs to reveal themselves! This is all very cool but be warned, the claw arms are cast in soft plastic, so despite having Mini-Con ports on them they really cannot stay extended with Mini-Cons attached.

Overall this is an excellent robot mode. The sculpt is fantastic, the ratchet joints all feel solid and there are plenty of fun action features.

Transformation to Planet Mode:

  • Collapse the arm cannons if raised.
  • Fold the claws back into the lower legs if extended.
  • Use the Omega Lock to rotate the leg cannons into their hidden positions.
  • Fold the fingers into a fist shape and push the hands into the lower arms.
  • Swing the front of the robot feet in.
  • Swing the missile launchers up and rotate them. Swing them into the planet sections on the back.
  • Straighten the arms and position them to the sides.
  • Straighten out the legs and connect them.
  • Insert the Omega Lock into the slot on the chest and push down. This pulls the head into the body, collapses the chest and shoulder armor.
  • Rotate the lower body around.
  • Fold the upper body over into the lower body section.
  • Swing up the blue knee armor pieces.
  • Fold the rear section of the planet down.
  • Insert the Omega Lock and push it forward to bring the two top sections of the planet mode together.

Planet Mode:
The designers of this figure deserve a lot of credit for not having the planet mode be an afterthought. First off, the Primus sculpt is a full planet instead of the "half planet" that Unicron was (though I love the Unicron figure too). Of course, this does not accurately represent how Cybertron looked in "The Last Knight", but frankly making a workable, transforming figure out of a planet that looks like huge chunks have been gouged out would be a minor miracle (and probably cost way too much to be worthwhile). Instead, this planet mode is largely influenced by how Cybertron looked in the Generation One cartoon.

In the G1 cartoon, Cybertron was largely made up of huge panels that formed an outer layer with buildings that rose up out of the planet's internal workings. Connecting these sections were highways and roads. This sculpt manages to replicate a lot of those features. There are lots of armor panels making up the surface of the planet, but every section from the top to the middle to the bottom of have cityscapes showing. For those curious, the famous city of Iacon is on this figure. If you look at the figure from the side with the Mini-Con peg in front, the city to the left is Iacon! On the other side is the Decepticon city of Kaon, based on its appearance in the old Dreamwave comic books where it resembled a dome sticking out of the ground.

Other cool details on this mode include the "Sonic Canyons" where the missile launchers are tucked into and lots of tiny details that resemble everything from tubes to vents to patterns that look almost like those found on a circuitboard. For those into detail, there is tons of eye candy on this mode.

This mode mostly shows off the dark blue plastic. While the original intent of the orange color was to simulate the "glowing energy" coming out of Cybertron's center, none of it really shows here. That's okay however. There are black, yellow and blue paint applications all over the planet mode that help break up the blue color. It also helps that a lot of the cone shaped structures sticking out on the sides are translucent blue. Along with some of the cities, this translucent blue helps to achieve the appearance of "glowing energy" on Cybertron. To tie this figure in with the "Mission to Cybertron" theme, you will find some Cybertronian glyphs on the front in yellow. Using a decoder card (given out at Toys R Us stores for free during the promotion and online) you can decipher the glyphs. These glyphs spell out (brace yourselves): "Cybertron". I know, I know, not particularly amazing, but this follows the same pattern as other "Mission to Cybertron" figures such as Deluxe Class Megatron.

This mode has seven Mini-Con ports. Four on top, one in front and two on the sides. These allow you to attach Mini-Cons. You can attach the Omega Lock on top, push back and swing out the missile launchers (though this plays more into the next mode).

Transformation to Defense Mode (from Planet Mode):

  1. Insert the Omega Lock and slide it forward. The top half of the planet will swing out and the missile launchers will deploy.
  2. On each missile launcher, rotate the sections with the non-firing rockets on top down, then swing the launchers forward.
  3. Swing up the front panel on the planet (it's the one with the Mini-Con port in the middle).
  4. Swing the robot knee armor pieces out.
  5. Swing the bottom half of the planet out and forward, straightening the legs out.
  6. Attach the Omega Lock to the side of each leg and turn them so the weapons inside the legs deploy.

*Note: When you attach the Omega Lock and slide that top planet halves out, a fun sound effect plays which sounds like some type of space age machine. This is the same sound effect used on the original Primus figure.

Defense Mode:
The "Defense Mode" has been called both a vehicle mode and battle station mode in the past. This time out the "Defense Mode" appears to be more of a battle station where smaller Transformers can hang out on him as he blazes away with weaponry. Now, let's be honest, someone on the design team back in 2004 was simply asked to figure out another mode beyond the planet, robot and "attack" modes and this is what they came up with. This definitely falls into the "user your imagination and have fun" category of modes (aka the "because we say so" mode category). You can use Mini-Con or even Legion Class figures on this mode as a base or maybe even a hovering attack vehicle.

This mode mostly shows off the dark blue, light blue, translucent blue, black and yellow colors. All these are carried over from the other modes so there are no newly revealed parts in this form. What you do get however is a little bit of the effect of the orange being "under" other parts such as the robot legs and arms so it looks like the insides of this mode are glowing with power.

Depending on how you count, Cybertron has over twenty weapons pointing forward in this mode. If you want to count the towers sticking out on the sides as weaponry that number goes through a lot! You can launch the missiles in this mode and attach seven Mini-Cons.

Transformation to Attack Mode (from Planet Mode):

  1. Attach the Omega Lock and slide it forward. The top halves of the planet will swing out along with the missile launchers.
  2. On each missile launcher, rotate the non-firing launcher parts up.
  3. Swing the back panel up.

Attack Mode:
The "Attack Mode" was once known as the "Spaceship Mode" when the figure was first released. However I'm guessing "Attack Mode" sounds more dynamic. It is also pretty accurate since this "ship" has giant missile launchers pointing forward. You can still attach Mini-Cons to it as well, adding to Cybertron's "attack power". This mode also fits into the "because we say so" category of modes, but there is definite play value in it and it looks kind of goofy yet fun at the same time.

Final Thoughts:
Cybertron is a really fantastic toy. There was a time I would have never imagined having a "Cybertron" toy that transformed into a giant robot, but here it is! The new colors are also fun and while they may not replicate the look of the planet from the original cartoon, the inspiration is there and the "G2" like appearance appeals to my quirkier tastes. Functionally I am happy that all of Primus' features were kept intact for this release. I am a bit wary of the arm cannons eventually being unable to lock in place but that is something only time will tell. On my Galaxy Force Primus this was not an issue when I reviewed the figure (and for the year or so I had him on display) so it occurred while he was in storage.

The biggest issue many fans have with this figure is the price. During its initial release (and as of August 2017) the price on this figure is $149.99 which is a huge pill to swallow for a non-Masterpiece style figure. Keep in mind that the original release in the United States retailed for around $50 USD. Even taking inflation into account, that would be $65 USD today. Now let's throw in the fact that it is an exclusive and contains electronics and more paint than your average Transformers figure nowadays and that price certainly goes up, but the $149.99 price tag is still high for many folks. I myself used a coupon and R Us Rewards credit to purchase this, bringing my out of pocket cost down to about $115 which is still fairly high.

If you liked the first release of this figure, and the colors chosen this time out appeal to you I would say this is a worthy addition to your collection. However pay attention to prices and discounts. Try not to pay full price for this if possible.


  • Excellent sculpt in all modes.
  • G2-esque color scheme is bright, dark and appealing all at the same time.
  • Lots of play features including the Omega Lock transforming parts, missile launchers and Mini-Con attachment points.
  • Retains the lights and sounds from previous releases.
  • Joints are still nice and tight.


  • Very expensive price point.
  • Possible issue with cannons on forearms not locking in place after a certain amount of time.