"The Last Knight" Deluxe Autobot Drift Toy Review

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The Last Knight

Drift General Information:
Release Date: May 2017
Price Point: $19.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, K-Mart, Target etc.)
Accessories: Swords x 2, Short Swords x 2

Official images above and text below in italics are from Amazon.com:
This Premier Edition Deluxe Transformers lineup showcases some of the iconic characters from Transformers: The Last Knight. Deluxe figures stand at a 5.5-inch-scale with movie-inspired detail, packaging, and weapon accessories that make them perfect for Transformers fans and collectors.

Awesome Features and Accessories
Whether he is in robot or sports car mode, Autobot Drift channels his ancient samurai training to fight against Decepticons with his Autobot comrades.

Imagine gearing up for fast-paced action with the skilled warrior Autobot Drift. Convert this Autobot Drift figure from robot mode to sports car mode in 10 steps. This Premier Edition Deluxe figure can be positioned in exciting, battle-ready poses and features 4 samurai sword accessories.

Masterful Autobot Swordsman
Autobot Drift is a true martial artist in combat. Against his enemies, he wields legendary warrior skills with a mastery no one can match. He remains cool and collected in the heat of battle by channeling ancient samurai discipline. When the exact moment arrives to attack, he draws his razor sharp sword to strike down Decepticons in a fraction of a second.

Autobot Drift was introduced in "Age of Extinction" as a new member of Optimus Prime's team. This Samurai based character made quite a splash as a sword wielding warrior who tried to project calm but also had a temper. The character returned in "The Last Knight" featuring a new vehicle mode. This Deluxe Class figure is a heavy retool and redeco of "Age of Extinction" Drift so check out that review to see the original version of this figure. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Autobot Drift is a Deluxe Class "Premier Edition" figures. The "Premier Edition" label separates this sub-line from the other parts of the series such as the Knight Armor Turbo Changers. This also meant the price point for the Deluxes went up for this line, averaging $19.99 at most retailers (though there was word Walmart dropped the price temporarily to around $16 when the figures were first released). The packaging was one of the methods Hasbro used to make the figure look like a premium item.

Instead of being carded, Drift is in a plastic tray inside a box. The figure is packaged in robot mode. The box itself basically wraps around the tray. On the right hand side (if you are facing the box) is the vertical "Transformers" logo. Above that is the "Premier Edition" logo. On the left is Drift's package art, which actually wraps around to the side of the package. The top features artwork of Autobots in a group shot. The back shows the figure in both modes touting an 10 step transformation. On the left are his cosells: Steelbane and Sqweeks who are also in this wave.

"The Last Knight" Drift comes with the same sword accessories as the "Age of Extinction" version. This includes two large swords and two small swords. The swords are sculpted with broad blades that have mechanical details towards the bottom. The top of each blade is angled. Each sword features a 5mm peg on the side of the crossguards. This allows the swords to attach to the space behind the head for storage.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Drift is mostly made up of the same parts as the "Age of Extinction" version. This includes parts like the head, arms and legs. However, several parts are new. These include:

  • The chest is now a "fake chest" (instead of actually being part of the vehicle mode) which looks like it is partly formed by the front end of the vehicle mode. The details on it include the grille of the car and the Mercedes Benz logo.
  • The panels that form the armor on his upper arms are technically new parts, but the insides have the same armor sculpt as the "Age of Extinction" version.
  • The wheel wells connected to the legs are new pieces, representing wheel wells from the Mercedes Benz vehicle mode (and not the Bugatti he transformed into in "Age of Extinction").

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this retooling is that the way the car "shell" parts are arranged the robot parts have been flipped upside down so the front of the car is now formed from the legs instead of the other way around.

In a dramatic change of color palette, Drift is now mostly black and red plastic with some smokey grey translucent parts on his back. Most of his robot parts are red, with smaller parts and armor panels cast in black. In the movie the CG model distributed the black a bit more among the red parts but this is a good approximation of how he looked in the film. Silver paint is used on the chest along with some black. The face is painted gold to match up with his on-screen appearance.

Just like the "Age of Extinction" version of this figure there are nineteen points of articulation in this form. Unfortunately the hip joint is loose compared to the original figure. If you pick up the figure and move it back and forth a bit the legs wind up swinging back and forth easily at the hips. This also affects how steady the figure is on its feet. You may have to move the legs around a bit to pose the figure but it can be done. The swords can be held in the hands or stored behind the head on the back.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the weapons and set them aside.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing the feet up against the lower legs.
  4. Push the lower legs together.
  5. Swing the panels on the arms out, then line them up with the front wheel wells and connect them together to form the sides of the vehicle.
  6. Rotate the back piece around.
  7. Pull the top of the vehicle mode up, then swing it forward. Swing the hood piece forward.
  8. Push the hood piece and cabin cover sections down.
  9. Swing the rear cover piece down.
  10. The short swords can be stored under the cabin cover while the long swords can connect to the robot feet.

Vehicle Mode:
Trading up his exotic Bugatti vehicle mode, "The Last Knight" Drift transforms into a Mercedes AMG GT R. You can see photos of the real life vehicle used in filming from my set visit and Paramount's "Super Fan Day" back in March of 2017. Since this is a licensed vehicle form the designers did a great job in replicating many of the real life features of the Mercedes AMG GT R. These include:

  • The front end is longer than the back end.
  • The front section is curved and features the distinct grille found on the Mercedes along with the Mercedes logo in the middle.
  • The section under the grille curves and sticks out a bit at the edges.
  • The top of the hood section near the windshield has two distinct vent sections with cross hatch patterns.
  • The sections behind the front wheel wells feature an indentation with a design that sweeps back towards the rear of the car.
  • A circle representing the gas tank cover can be found behind the doors on the sides.
  • The rear of the vehicle has thin rear lights that curve around the edges and a small Mercedes logo in the center.
  • The sideview mirrors are roughly oval in shape and connected to the sides of the vehicle via small rods.
  • The spoiler is curved and angles downward towards the rear window.

Overall the sculpt is absolutely fantastic. it does an amazing job of representing the real life vehicle down to many of the smallest details. The main issue I have had is that the panels do not hold together well. As I was photographing this, every time I picked the figure up a panel would shift here and there. The robot mode was fairly compressed but the slightest movement made panels fall out of alignment. It was very frustrating.

This mode is mostly made up of black plastic. The cabin section is cast in smokey grey plastic. Black paint is used on the top and edges. Silver paint is used on the front end. The wheels are cast in red with the tire parts painted black. Along the lower edge of the sides are red lines of paint similar to those on the real life vehicle. The headlights are painted light blue and finally the top of the cabin section has a silver Autobot symbol on it. These details look great, but sadly many details were let out. This includes red edges on the front end of the vehicle and red detailing on the back. In fact, much to my surprise, the entire rear section is unpainted which I had not expected. With this being a "Premier" edition figure and a licensed vehicle form at that, I had expected more paint applications.

Final Thoughts:
The main saving grace of this figure is the level of detail carried over from the previous version of the figure and the vehicle mode sculpt. However the loose hips in robot mode and the missing paint applications were very disappointing. Between this version and the original I would definitely go with the original if you can find it. If you can get this figure on sale and really want to complete your set of "The Last Knight" Autobots then this may be worth adding to your collection.


  • Thorough retooling works very well, especially for the vehicle mode.
  • Deco in robot mode is a good representation of the on screen character.
  • Good level of articulation.


  • Hips are loose.
  • Entire back section in vehicle mode is unpainted.
  • Panels in vehicle mode do not hold together well.