Timelines Autotrooper Toy Review

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General Information:
Release Date: June 2011
Price Point: $89.00 (sold as a three pack)
Retailer: Botcon 2011 Exclusive Sounvenir (Limited to 1500 production run)
Accessories: Fist attachments x 2


The story for Botcon 2011's boxed set took place in the "Animated" universe, where several Transformers characters from previous generations are represented in new forms based on Derrick Wyatt's updated designs. For this particular set of troop builders, it was decided to create several of Cybertron's generic "police units", based upon the design of "Autorooper", a Transformer who has his origins in the Binaltech line where he transformed into a police vehicle as well.

The base sculpt for Autotrooper is based on the Toys R Us exclusive Ratchet and Ironhide figures released over the past couple of years. Check out those reviews for a detailed look at the sculpt. This review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

Vehicle Mode:
There were no modifications made to the sculpt for Autotrooper's vehicle mode. Given that, it is quite extraordinary how different he looks from Ironhide or Ratchet. The Fun Publications staff that work on the color schemes for these figures generally strive to apply more paint applications than retail releases of the base figures and in this case, not only are there lots of decos, but they work together to form a figure that is very distinctive from its predecessors.

Autotrooper is cast in white, black and translucent blue plastic. This sounds terribly plain, but when you take his paint scheme into account he winds up looking fantastic. To understand the paint scheme, you have to back track to the inspiration for this figure. Binaltech Autotrooper's deco was based on a Japanese police car, which has many distinguishing features, among them a black design on the hood that comes to a point in the middle. This design was also seen on Generation One Prowl. Following that tradition, Autotrooper is a Cybertronian police vehicle that takes design cues from Binaltech Autotrooper. With the plastic alone, the translucent blue looks fantastic against the white, and the black pieces in the back also contrast very nicely.

The most prominent of these design elements is found on the front of the vehicle, which is painted partly in black, coming to a point in the center. Black paint is used for several other details as well. This includes the panels that stick out a bit on the sides of the vehicle as well as smaller details such as three vertical lines on the sides of the vehicle and the circles on the sides of his tread section. In a very uncommon and impressive use of black paint, the line designs on the sides of the legs are filled in with black paint, adding some distinct detail. Silver paint is found on the top of the vehicle where it paints the rack that leads to the row of sculpted lights. A bold blue color is used for the headlights and panels on the side. This is a very strong, bold blue color and looks fantastic. The blue on the sides in particular look almost like windows on the side of his vehicle form for a section in the back that you can imagine containing unruly Cybertronians.

Red is the final color used in this form. Here it is used to paint (or stamp considering how well it's done) an Autobot symbol with lines around it preresenting the Cybertronian security forces. It looks very striking against the white plastic and is a wonderful design.

All four of the tread sections are nice and tight in this mode, which is good since it has to stand on them. The rear tread sections are held in place by pegs, but not the front, so the stability of the vehicle mode is good to see.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the hand attachments if they are clipped onto the fists.
  2. Rotate the panels on his arms so they point downward.
  3. Straighten the robot arms down the sides.
  4. Swing the robot arms back.
  5. Swing the robot head back.
  6. Lift the back panel up over the robot head.
  7. Swing each arm under the back panel and then tuck in the arms so the forearms are pointing downward.
  8. Attach the side panels from the arms to the pegs on the back panel.
  9. Tuck the forearms under the back panel.
  10. Swing up the chest plate with the headlights on them.
  11. Pull the curved pieces that were covered by the chest plate out to the sides.
  12. Swing the feet up into the back of the lower legs.
  13. Swing the lower leg section back, then move the legs out to the sides.
  14. Rotate the upper legs on the waist ball joints, then swing the lower legs in.
  15. Attach the lower leg sections to the pegs on the side of the vehicle.
  16. Attach the shock paddles to the two angled clips on the top of the vehicle so they form the back.

Robot Mode:
Autotrooper's robot mode features a new head sculpt, designed by Derrick Wyatt and based on the Binaltech Autotrooper head. It features a wide helmet section on top with visor eyes and a mouth plate, looking almost like a SWAT team mask and helmet. A pair of goggles are sculpted on the top of the head, looking like they are strapped there and could be pulled down (they don't actually move of course). It's a fierce and fantastic looking head sculpt that pays proper homage to its source character while bringing a fresh take on the design.

Autotrooper once again primarily features white plastic in robot mode. He also has translucent blue plastic on his chest from the "windshield" piece in vehicle mode. A bit more black plastic shows as well on his feet.

Most of the paint details that you see in this form were visible in vehicle mode including the side panels now on his shoulders (painted black and blue), the chest detailing and the black tread sections now found on his lower legs. Newly revealed details include an Autobot symbol (complete with the extra shapes around it) is found in the center of his chest. His head has black details painted on the goggles and on the sides of his mouth plate. Blue paint is used for his eyes and the lenses of the goggles. A bit of extra black paint is found on his shoulders in the form of two stripes on each.

All of Autotrooper's joints are tight and he has no problem standing or being posed. The right arm gimmick that allows the arm to extend and retract functions just fine and the hand attachments clip on without a problem. Given that this is the third time this sculpt has been release, it's good to see the tooling is still nice and intact.

Final Thoughts:
Autotrooper is a really fun troop builder pack. It's a great use of the character concept and despite being a redeco of a figure that has already come out twice, the deco and new head sculpt make it a fresh looking figure that belongs alongside any "Animated" display. Highly recommended for serious collectors willing to shell out some serious coin for a redeco/retool.