"Timelines" Botcon 2015 Exclusive Battletrap Toy Review

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Burn Out General Information:
Release Date: June 18, 2015
Price Point: $409 (Boxed set with Packrat, Stepper, Megatron and Oilmaster), $509 for non-club members, loose sets were $309
Retailer: Fun Publications
Accessories: Missile launcher, Missiles x 2, Sword/rotor blades

The theme of Botcon 2015 is "Cybertron's Most Wanted". This doesn't just refer to the story where the boxed set had a group of criminals in it, it also refers to toys that represent characters that fans have wanted for a long time - with a new spin of course. One unexpected (and perhaps not necessarily "most wanted") choices in this set was Battletrap. This figure represents the former Duocon with a twist. Both of his vehicle modes are now part of one form making him a Triple Changer instead. The base figure for Battletrap is "Generations" Springer which was later used to create "Cloud" Hot Rodimus. Check out those reviews for a more detailed look at this base figure. This review will focus on the changes made for this release.

Battletrap was one of the figures included with the Botcon 2015 boxed set. The figure is in the armored car mode inside the box. Like all the Botcon sets since 2005, this set was packaged in a large box. The top/cover of the box features artwork that looks like someone's desk with several "Wanted" posters on it featuring the team of characters inside. Lift up the top and the figures themselves all sit in a large tray inside foam. Other materials such as the tech specs are underneath the foam.

Armored Car Mode:
G1 Battletrap was partly formed by a truck. This new incarnation of the character takes inspiration from that and makes the Armored Car Mode a 'stand in' for the truck from the G1 figure. From a conceptual point of view this works really well. This is not some sleek sports car. This vehicle has armor panels in the front, large headlights, wheels that look like they belong off road and even blasters sculpted into the sides. This is definitely a ground vehicle meant to be both fast (as suggested by spoiler sections in the back) while battling it out at the same time. In another coincidental, yet fun callback to G1 Battletrap, you can connect the missile launcher to the top of the vehicle. This calls back to the way you could connect G1 Battletrap's dual barreled weapon to the top of his truck mode.

This mode features colors inspired by G1 Battletrap's vehicle modes. The front has grey panels (with a very slight tinge of purple) while the rest of the vehicle mostly has dark blue plastic. The wheels are cast in black plastic. The cabin section features translucent purple plastic (which is also used for the headlights in the front). Blue paint is used on the cabin section which matches up very nicely with the blue plastic. Grey-purple paint is used on the middle section in the back. This color matches very nicely with the grey-purple plastic in the front. Silver is used on the rims, which really pops beautifully. In a fun nod to Battletrap's past, the sides of the spoiler say "DUO" on them, referring to his former status as a "Duocon". The finishing touch is a purple and black Decepticon on the front of the vehicle. This is a beautiful paint job and I appreciate that it takes inspiration but is not slavish to the original figure.

As mentioned above you can attach the missile launcher to the top of the vehicle. Thanks to the way the launcher is designed it can turn in a circle and move up and down. The sword can be stored underneath the vehicle (the handle is held in by the knee armor pieces) but it does wind up sticking out a bit too much for my comfort level.

Transformation to Helicopter Mode:

  1. Detach the missile launcher if attached.
  2. Rotate the spoiler sections forward.
  3. Swing the sections with the rear wheel wells out to the back.
  4. Pull the side armor panels out, then rotate them around and push them in to hide the front wheels.
  5. Swing the middle panels on the sides forward, revealing the horizontal stabilizer fins.
  6. Swing the side sections with the front wheel wells out.
  7. Swing the sections with the side windows down.
  8. Push the sides of the vehicle in.
  9. Swing the sections with the horizontal fins forward, tabbing them into the sides of the vehicle.
  10. Swing the top section of the vehicle up and forward.
  11. Attach the rotor to the top.
  12. Attach the missile launcher to the underside of the vehicle's front end.

Helicopter Mode:
G1 Battletrap's aerial vehicle mode half was a helicopter so this mold's helicopter form is perfect for the character. This form even has an angled front end that recalls G1 Battletrap. Even better? The way the missile launcher attaches to the front end of the helicopter is the same way G1 Battletrap's weapon attaches to the helicopter form. Of course, this is a much more impressive vehicle than its G1 counterpart including the sleek looking fins on the sides and back and how chunky some of the sections are (such as the front and sides) giving a sense of imposing power. I've always liked the look of this helicopter mode and it works great for Battletrap.

The colors in this mode are pretty much the same as the Armored Car mode. The newly revealed details are on the sides in the middle and back. The horizontal fins are painted the same grey used on the middle. The rear section has black and silver paint on the opposite side of each wheel well. There's not a ton of deco in this form, but thanks to the way the plastic is laid out there is enough break up of the colors that it does not look monotone.

In this mode you can detach the missile launcher in the front to utilize the landing gear underneath. The knee armor swings out to form the rear landing gear. On my copy of this figure the rotor cannot fit into the hold in the top as easily as it does on Springer and Rodimus. The fit is super tight so be careful. In front of that port is another 5mm port, allowing you to attach an additional weapon.

Transformation to Robot Mode (from Helicopter Mode):

  1. Detach the rotor and missile launchers and set them aside for now.
  2. Swing the sides of the vehicle out.
  3. Swing the panels with the horizontal fins out.
  4. Lift up the side windows.
  5. Swing the robot fists out, then swing the window sections back in place.
  6. Push the horizontal fin sections back against the forearms.
  7. Slide the grey armor panels on the back of the robot arms up.
  8. Swing the front landing gear out.
  9. Flip the helicopter over and swing the robot head up.
  10. Swing the front of the vehicle down to form the chest.
  11. Swing each arm up, pushing the tabs on the grey sections into the corresponding slots on the chest piece.
  12. Split the rear of the helicopter in the middle, and tilt the lower legs inward.
  13. Swing the back of the helicopter up to form the robot feet. Be sure to swing out the heel pieces too.
  14. Flatten the rear stabilizers against the back of the lower legs.
  15. Swing the panel on the lower part of the back up.
  16. Swing the center piece on the rotor blades down, then swing the blades up to form the sword.
  17. Attach a weapon to each hand.

Robot Mode:
This robot mode originally started as an updated version of Springer, so some of the details are pretty specific to him such as the design of the torso. However, thanks to some fun coincidence and a new head sculpt, the figure works very well as a new incarnation of Battletrap! The new head sculpt is a refined version of the head from G1 Battletrap's figure. It includes a small crest on top, a round helmet section with flat panels on the sides. The eyes are large "visor" style eyes and he has a nose and mouth like the G1 version. The head sculpt looks fantastic and if you told me it was originally meant to be part of this body sculpt I would believe you.

From the perspective of looking like G1 Battletrap, the chest having the front of the helicopter really does the trick. G1 Battletrap's torso was largely made up of the front of the helicopter, so this works out really well. Then his feet have the vehicle mode wheels on them which recalls the ground mode. From a sculpt perspective I can totally buy this as being a future representation of Battletrap.

This mode mostly shows off the dark blue plastic, with the shoulder armor and torso armor being grey. Grey paint applications are used on the shoulders and forearms. There are some other details borrowed from G1 Battletrap. For instance the waist area has pink squares with black outlines. This is a callback to the windows on G1 Battletrap's truck half. There are also yellow and purple details on the feet which call back to the front of the truck on G1 Battletrap. The center of the chest features a Decepticon symbol, just like the G1 figure. Even better? A small detail on the left side of the chest is painted black - but the equivalent detail on the right is not. Why? Because this black spot is calling back to G1 Battletrap's heat sensitive rub symbol which was located on the left side of his chest! I love little touches like this, especially when calling back to a G1 character.

All the articulation points on this figure are nice and tight, especially the ratchet joints on parts like the knees. If you want to make this figure look a bit more like his G1 counterpart, you can attach the helicopter rotors to the back, which looks great and appropriate.

Final Thoughts:
Botcon exclusive Battletrap is a very cool retool and redeco. I think the use of the Springer mold is creative and he winds up looking great with the new head and colors. I appreciate the nods to the original Battletrap with the new head sculpt and the deco. This figure will probably cost you somewhere between $50-70 USD on the after market nowadays, so keep that in mind if you are chasing this figure down.


  • New head sculpt looks great.
  • Colors are based on G1 Battletrap but go in their own direction and look great.
  • Joints are still nice and tight despite the base sculpt being used multiple times.
  • I like the creative idea of a Duocon "merging" all his forms into one body to be a Triple Changer.


  • Could use a tad more deco.
  • A healthy financial investment in today's aftermarket.