Transformers Timelines Buzzsaw Toy Review

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Transformers Timelines

General Information:
Release Year: September 2006
Retailer: Botcon 2006 Exclusive
Price: $45.99 (two pack souvenir with Buzzsaw)
Accessories: Energon blades x 2, Energon Star


During Beast Wars' second season fans learned that the Decepticons had lost the Great War and for the most part they had retired. However, some key figures remained in service of the Predacons and one of those characters was revealed to be Buzzsaw in the Botcon 2006 set. Sold as a souvenir set, you had to attend the convention to purchase one of these limited pieces. Buzzsaw was sold in a two pack with Laserbeak, his fellow G1 bird Transformer. Both were redecos of Energon Divebomb. Check out his review for a detailed look at the sculpt. This review will cover the changes made to the figure for this release.

Beast Mode:
Buzzsaw is cast in two primary plastic colors: metallic gold and black. His weapons and Energon Star have been cast in translucent purple, the perfect color for a classic Decepticon. He uses the same pattern of paint applications as Laserbeak, just using different colors. On the head the beak and the crest ridges are black. A line of blue is found on the brow above the eyes. The turbines in the wings are also painted black. Grey paint is used on the tech details in the neck area as well as the air intakes on the wings. The sections on the wings with cross hatch details are painted orange, a color that works very well against gold. Finally the vents at the back of the beast mode are painted neon green, giving them the appearance of thrusters lit up with energy.

The Energon weapons and Star still hold tightly to the figure so there is no loosening of parts due to the sculpt being used a few times already.

Robot Mode:
It may be a one off issue, but the hinge joint that connects the lower body to the upper body is a bit more loose on my Buzzsaw figure than the ones found on Divebomb or even Laserbeak. The lower body on mind easily detaches during transformation, although if you snap it back together everything seems just fine. It doesn't always happen, but this is worth noting.

The robot mode uses the same colors from the beast mode for the chest and head details. The head has black on the area around the face. The face is blue (the same blue found on the beast mode head). The chest uses blue again for the X shaped pattern and the cross hatch and tech details are colored grey. The Spark Crystal in his chest is a Decepticon symbol cast with translucent purple, but a Predacon symbol tampograph has been printed on top of it. It is neat how the symbols wind up representing Buzzsaw's dual affiliation in the era or the Beast Wars.

Final Thoughts:
Buzzsaw's colors work very well on this figure. The gold and black are of course requisite colors, but the use of unexpected colors such as the blue and orange help add a lot of appeal to the figure. This is primarily recommended for hardcore completists since the cost of this item is not for the light spender.