Transformers Timelines Laserbeak Toy Review

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Transformers Timelines

General Information:
Release Year: September 2006
Retailer: Botcon 2006 Exclusive
Price: $45.99 (two pack souvenir with Buzzsaw)
Accessories: Energon blades x 2, Energon Star


During Beast Wars' second season fans learned that the Decepticons had lost the Great War and for the most part they had retired. However, some key figures remained in service of the Predacons and one of those characters was revealed to be Laserbeak in the Botcon 2006 set. Sold as a souvenir set, you had to attend the convention to purchase one of these limited pieces. Laserbeak was sold in a two pack with Buzzsaw, his fellow G1 bird Transformer. Both were redecos of Energon Divebomb. Check out his review for a detailed look at the sculpt. This review will cover the changes made to the figure for this release.

Beast Mode:
Divebomb's bird-based beast mode works perfectly as a new form for Laserbeak. While he is a beast, he is not mean to be a techno-organic, so his purely mechanical form suits Laserbeak very well. The plastic color switch is pretty simple. The white plastic on Divebomb has been substituted with red. The metallic black and light gold plastic has been replaced with flat black plastic. These two colors wer the base colors of the G1 Laserbeak so they were the ideal choice. The red chosen is a bit brighter than the dark metallic red on G1 Laserbeak, but there is little doubt who this character is supposed to be. The translucent green plastic on Divebomb has been replaced with translucent purple, the iconic Decepticon color.

The deco patterns on Laserbeak are similar those on Divebomb. Metallic gold is used on the beak and the cross hatch patterns of the wings. A light blue color is used to replace some of the gold details on Divebomb such as the X shaped pattern on his back (which becomes the robot chest), the ridges on his head and the circle around his Spark Crystal. Some grey coloring is used on the vents on the wings and the tech details on the neck. A bit of neon green is found on the vent details on the back of the beast mode. These green parts seem to take away from the uniform nature of the color distribution, but the result gives the appearance of energy glowing from thrusters in the back and works very well.

Like the translucent parts in the wings, the weapons and Energon Star are now translucent purple. All of Laserbeak's joints are as tight as Divebomb's so there seems to have been no mold degradation with this release.

Robot Mode:
Since so much of the robot mode is actually exposed in beast mode there are few color surprises here. The head uses the same color pattern as Divebomb. The head is cast in red, with black on the outside of the face. The mouthplate is painted blue and his eyes are metallic gold. The Spark Crystal used for this sculpt is still the Decepticon crystal but a Predacon symbol has been tampographed over it. This works perfectly since it reflects the nature of Laserbeak's affiliations both past and present.

Final Thoughts:
Laserbeak is a very striking piece. While he uses the same sculpt as Divebomb without retooling he looks like a completely different toy, and that makes a great redeco. Your only stopping point will be locating one and paying twice the original cost for them on the secondary market. This is definitely one for the hardcore fan. In that context this figure is highly recommended.